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Does this mean the third version/Legendary wil focus on the present?
Bold of you to assume they're still doing third versions.

Oh, so he had made two male pregnancy animations? :psysly:

While Toby was originally brought in to make the music for Little Town Hero, he was also asked if he could make something for Sword & Shield, which he did which was then used as Leon's Battle Tower theme. Now whether it was as a joke or Toby wanted this music to be used in something more impactful, it's revealed that the music track he made for Sword & Shield wasn't an original piece but rather something he made before... for a male pregnancy animation in order to troll a rude bigot. I don't know if Toby knew it was going to be used for Leon's Battle Tower battle or if GF knew the music was used previously elsewhere.

The joke being is that I'm implying he made a second male pregnancy animation and this new music track is from that.

Besides, we already have a "in lore" explanation for extinct pokemon being revived due to fossils, so even if Hisuian forms were extinct, they could always just use the "btw it got revived by fossils kappa" reasoning.
A feel like something akin to this would be the main method of bringing in not only Hisuian Pokemon but other Regional Variants. But rather be it them reviving fossils I more see it the scientists experimenting with energy waves or something and can turn an Egg into a different variant before it hatches or evolve a Pokemon into its Regional Variant evo. And while at first you have to go to the scientists lab to get the change done, after a certain amount or doing one of each Regional Variant in the game you're given a "Mobile Emitter" which you can turn on & off and choose what energy waves you want active (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Hisui, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Galar, etc.) so that Eggs and Prevos you have automatically hatch/evolve into their Regional Variant.

And a secondary equally viable way would be via whatever mechanic is used to catch the legendaries.. Ultrarifts in USUM and the Tundra Dens (which are basically caused by ultrarifts as well) were both a decent "in lore" reason to explain how pokemon non-native of that place got there.
While also not a bad idea, it would really depend on what's going on in the games. If there's some kind of dimensional/reality warping shenanigans then, yeah, that can be used as a quick way to include Regional Variants without all the messiness above. But if there isn't something like that I'm not sure if just suddenly randomly throwing in Ultra Warpholes around would always fit and not feel like a lazy copout. Like I'd rather just take the NPCs who would trade you Regional Variants for their "normal' catchable versions as at least they could potentially be made interesting characters even if this is the only thing they do.

people see "chonk" and "smol" and think its chasing memes, which make it worse
Though I'll also defend it that, while the names are possibly pronounced as such, while the memes have no reason to be pronounced like that the Pokemon names do. Lechonk is "Lechon" (name of a suckling pig meal) + "Honk" (a noise which, while normally associated with geese, also could be a noise a pig/hog makes) and therefore instead of reading it as Le-Chonk maybe be officially pronounced "Lech-(H)onk". Smoliv is "Small" + "Olive", in terms of Pokemon names its actually logical. While done so very much with the meme possibly in line, they didn't just take the meme and made it the Pokemon's name, instead they just saw the opportunity to do that. If there's any "problem" with this I would actually say it's having two of these Pokemon in revealed at the same time. I doubt all the Pokemon are going to have memes partially in their names, its just unfortunate it happened this way which gives players who hate these kind of names a double dose of it.

Another perspective, are these names any different from Oddish, Gloom, Paras, Diglett, Meowth, Persian, Mankey, Poliwag, Abra (Kadabra & Alakazam), Geodude, Golem, Ponyta, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Farfetch'd, Seel, Muk, Gastly, Onix, Drowzee, Hypno, Krabby, Electrode, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, Lickitung, Lickilicky, Koffing & Weezing, Chansey, Kangaskhan, Staryu & Starmie, Mr. Mime, Mime Jr, Mime Sr, Jynx, Pinsir, Snorlax, ArticUNO, ZapDOS, MolTRES. And all of these are just Gen I families, may I need remind you of some of Gen V names which also were also quirky? :blobwizard:

By the way, I wonder what those screens could possibly mean. Maybe they show Pokemon swarms currently present in the area, or perhaps bounties? Or they are just advertisements, yeah that’s probably it…
Well at least this one looks to be an advertisement for what looks to be a brand of sandals, but the Poke Kiosks (what I'm calling them for now) look like they have the potential of providing announcements like how the Unova Route Gates did. I could see maybe you needing to go to your nearest one during the main game because you're told there's breaking news being broadcast from the Kiosk. Outside of that maybe there will be a spot where you can stand and watch the monitors for the various ads and maybe shows their showing, sort of like the TVs in most houses in Gen IV. It could also be used as a bulletin board for new side quests to potentially appear, a trainer sending out a help request or mentioning or a special event happening someplace. Plenty of potential... but just as much they can waste, as these could just be Pokemon Center (& Marts) replacements and nothing more with some nice psuedo-ads to give it an authentic feeling.

Eiscue also appears on one of the screens in the snowy area Poke...kiosk? Along with an airplane ad, which will surely not fuel rumors that you can take a plane to Kalos in the postgame :P No sign of a local Pokekiosk mon yet.
Hm, what's that trainer silhouette screen? Doesn't look like an advertisement.

Based on the school theory, maybe they're more of teaching professors or something more story involved.
That would certainly be an interesting idea, I mean it looks like the beginning of the game is gonna center around two Pokemon Schools. Being the schools look more fancy and have their own emblems, I'm gonna predict the Schools are also going to be where the Professor Labs are with the Professors being the principles of their respective schools: Sada for the Scarlet Orange, Turo for the Violet Grapes. So with that each facility will thus likely have more teachers/lab assistants, maybe throwing in a bonus Professor either as a colleague of the principle Professor or a former mentor of theirs (if they want to stick to the past & future theme, Sada would have the former mentor (possibly retired) and Turo would be either a younger colleague or pupil that just became a Professor).

when i see Pawmi evolve into a mysteriously very round electric animal my eyes will glow red and i begin my slow pilgramige to burn down gamefreak for replacing kotorra again, thsi time with an exceptionally round mouse
Funny enough, I was actually thinking that maybe they would just have Pawmi evolve into Kotorra, it having been redesigned into a Pikaclone. "IT WAS THE ONLY WAY! After 20 years of being passed over and over, Kotorra itself fell into an unreleased state, something drastic needed to be done to save it. It needed the Pikaclone operation... Arceus forgive us...".

I had thoughts over the past several months that some overlap would be there, just due to being developed pretty close to each other, but actually seeing the footage today I suspect that a lot of LA's stuff won't be here at all. Probably SV started development earlier and LA a little later, but both forked off SWSH as a starting point so LA acted as a sand box.

Though, at the very least, it seems they're partially keeping the "battle in the spot where you initiate" concept? So that's nice.

e: Or more specifically, I suspect that LA kind of required a lot of different focus going on so they could have more freedom to rebuild systems like that. But SV has to be a more standard game that has a lot more going on around it, so reusing as much from SWSH as possible is a time cutting measure.
*Sigh* Maybe it could be added in as DLC and then be carried into future games...

Not sure if anyone else said this before me, but I’d bet money that lechonk is going to evolve into a truffle hog. It’s round, it’s face looks like it’s covered in dirt, and there’s a lot of description about lechonk’s smell and its love for quality ingredients.
I've heard the same theory elsewhere like from Lockstin who also suggest it becoming Normal/Ground, and I agree sounds plausible. I wonder if that means it could also learn Spore as truffles are a fungus...

Lastly for this post, it's been discussed elsewhere but I don't think it's been brought up in this thread that there is a sunflower or sunflora in the view of the windmill stadium. It'd be a bit disappointing if it's just a regular ol' sunflora, but maybe it'll pull an ursaluna and get an interesting evo.
Well it's in a flowerpot so I would assume it's a normal sunflower... UNLESS its a Sunflora Evo (or maybe a Regional Variant)! Like, the original Sunflora design didn't have feet, was just a sunflower growing out of the ground, would be funny if they went back to that design for the evo.

And of course everyone is doing the Akira motorcycle pose, lol.

bold thoughts to assume you'll be able to do sick drifts on the cycle lizards and they wont just go forward and do normal turns
Eh, Koraidon looks like a motormon that would do sick drifts just to show off. Meanwhile Miraidon would probably just do a fancy aerial maneuver or do a hovering 540 spin.

come forth blue eyes white dragon
You can just call it Reshiram.

Also Yusei would be summoning Stardust Dragon.

Into exile, I must go. Failed, I have...
1. That's a Star Wars quote.
2. If you're going anywhere it would be TO THE SHADOW REALM! Jimbo...

Something weird/interesting: for what I assume is the trainer school, there are two logos, one appears to depict an orange and the other grapes. Wonder if that’ll tie into anything...
Orange and grapes Pokemon? The schools need mascots after all.

Black 3 and White 3 please.
Me too, buddy, me too...

I also wonder if Nemona is going to pick one, as that is the standard for rivals. If so, I wonder which one she’ll go with. The one that is strong against yours or the one that is weak against yours? And will there be a second rival/friend who picks the other? Or will it go unused, or to another character like Leon in S/S or Kukui in Gen 7?
This actually feels like an instance where either only the player picks a Starter or there's two unseen NPC friends/classmates. Nemona looks to maybe be a senior student, maybe her story involving this being her last year in the school and graduating.

CAUGHT UP! (YEEEEAAAAH!) BUT it's late now so gonna wait tomorrow to post my thoughts on the actual stuff.
Bold of you to assume they're still doing third versions.
The future of third versions is unclear, but third legendaries have been going strong since Hoenn. Rayquaza, Giratina, Kyurem, Zygarde, Necrozma, Eternatus...

It is not at all bold to assume there will be an as-yet unrevealed legendary with some connection to Koraidon and Miraidon that is important to the lore and maybe plot.
The future of third versions is unclear, but third legendaries have been going strong since Hoenn. Rayquaza, Giratina, Kyurem, Zygarde, Necrozma, Eternatus...

It is not at all bold to assume there will be an as-yet unrevealed legendary with some connection to Koraidon and Miraidon that is important to the lore and maybe plot.
If the legendaries look like past and future bikes and there’s a third legendary Pokémon then it will look like a modern-day tricycle. I’m calling it now. Mystery solved.
Plot twist she's the protagonist from Legend Arceus that came here to fuck up the Future from the Past being herself from the Present

ok maybe that's a tad too far
Bro, every single Fire Starter ends up in 2 legs despite some of them starting in 4. Fuecoco already started in 2 and has the shape of a carnivorous dinosaur, he has no hope.
Plot twist he'll be a flying type
lets bet shall we? if he ends up on all fours, you have to change your profile picture into a puffle.
idk why but puffles give me seriously bad vibes.

Re: Nemona, it feels like a win-win for me no matter what the significance of her name is. If she's a genuine secret villain, it'll be interesting because that's something that hasn't really been done with a rival/peer character before, but I'd also be happy if it's mostly an emotional thing (i.e. it ties into some personal struggles or insecurities and we get some honest-to-god character development) or even if it's just a neat unique name with no hidden meaning.
The Nemona discussion had me check the professors and rival names in italian.

The Rival is just called Nemi, which is from the latin Nemo which means... you guessed it... "noone / nobody"

They had to go a bit more clever for the professors

"Turum" is basically fu-turum, easy guess.
"Olim" is a bit more creative as it's an ancient italian saying for "once upon a time"

Also incidentally, for some reason in the italian dialogues they don't have "Professor" in their name box.
Though it may just be to not have to write the entire "Professoressa Olim" for the feminine which may have not fit in the box.
If we do get antagonist professors, I can only see it being because either a) they cause something inadvertently or have a Kamado-esque story line and are not portrayed as villians, or b) the opposite version's prof is the antagonist (and maybe not even a prof in your version) but yours is on the up and up. Just because I am not sure GF is willing to portray an authority figure like the professor as a direct antagonist in a game played by lots of young kids. Can't be putting the idea in kids' heads that your teacher might be evil.
Bro, every single Fire Starter ends up in 2 legs despite some of them starting in 4. Fuecoco already started in 2 and has the shape of a carnivorous dinosaur, he has no hope.
I thought we already figured this out, Fuecoco will end up with no legs because it evolves into a snake, clearly.

And on the note of completely off-the-wall predictions, LeChonk will evolve into Normal/Flying.
Can't be putting the idea in kids' heads that your teacher might be evil.
Eh, I doubt it. There's JRPGs that have teachers as evil or worse.
Sure Pokemon is aimed at young kids mainly, but it's not exactly foreign to expose complicate real world matters during their plots (sometimes even going a tad TOO deep and philosophic like in the case of gen 5).

I don't exclude the "other professor is the bad guy" possibility, it'd not be too dissimilar from the ORAS situation where one Team is the good guys that realizes they were going to risk fucking up the world, and the other instead actually almost fucks up the world.

Though however, I am more on the line of thinking it's just going to be something akin to what they did with the version-specific gyms in SwSh: the other professor will still be there but will have a supporting or minor role in the plot instead.
And on the note of completely off-the-wall predictions, LeChonk will evolve into Normal/Flying.

Also, on the TV Tropes WMG page for Scarlet and Violet, one of the predictions for new Pokémon is a regional variant of Porygon based on cubism. This probably won't happen, but part of me wants it to so Bulbapedia can impode into chaos as they have to write new policies to stop people from pre-emptively putting "PokéSpanish Porygon will likely never appear in the anime" on relevant pages.
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Just because I am not sure GF is willing to portray an authority figure like the professor as a direct antagonist in a game played by lots of young kids. Can't be putting the idea in kids' heads that your teacher might be evil.
Sun and Moon (2016) revolved around a disfunctional family, composed by 2 siblings with very apparent problems whose mother, far from being an ideal mom, was portrayed as the villain (and crazy, may I add). The entirety of the plot could be labbeled as "children fighting against their mother -evil- desires".

I'm sure they don't care about that.
One of the most obvious past/future conflicts would be another oblique climate change reference, a la Gens 6 and 8.

In XY, Lysandre is sort of an eco-fascist? Like his concern is that there are too many people and not enough of them are dedicating themselves to helping others and protecting the environment. SS is a mess plot-wise, but Rose's motivations are essentially that he's proactively trying to avoid an energy crisis that's looming on the horizon as a result of humanity's accelerating development.

SV could sort of marry these two ideas in a less dumb way. Maybe Team Turo's villain philosophy is to develop and advance as quickly as possible, using science and technology to innovate a solution that no one can even imagine right now (i.e. the 'design and construct the parachute as you're falling' approach). Villainous Team Sada, on the other hand, might want to reset and unwind the parts of humanity's development that are causing harm to the environment/ecosystem/whatever, but to untenable extremes.

I kinda doubt they'll do this for a couple of reasons though:
1) I have no idea how the legendaries would factor into this
2) it would require the Pokemon world to be portrayed as something less than the usual perfect utopia

XY and SS kinda dodged issue 2 by having the antagonist be portrayed as unreasonably fixated on a problem that didn't really exist (or at least not right now). I really hope they don't take that approach ever again.
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2nd Trailer:


So going to do my usual casual watch-through & timestamping of the trailer followed by a deeper dive into the website. So first the trailer:

0:07: So, on the same path where our house is, it leads down to a big two-story house. The house looks to be painted violet (though that could just be shadow as I think we see the house later again close-up and it's mostly white with colored roofs), matching the player's clothes meaning this is in Violet version. The house looks important, so maybe its the Professor's house/lab?

  • The path next to the "Pokemon Kiosk" is a different location as the path is a paved road instead of a dirt & cobble path. Going to guess it's probably the Route right next to the cobble path, likely where a fork we saw transitions into. Pretty much they just wanted to give us a nice look at the Pokemon Kiosk which we'll be seeing throughout the trailer.
  • Since the site oddly doesn't mention anything about the Kiosk I'll quickly discuss them now. If they are indeed the replacements for the Pokemon Centers and Marts, I actually like the idea. Well, to an extent, because I would still want there to be Pokemon Centers as we know them. Starting with Gen VII I and many others noticed GF had become a bit Pokemon Center happy; you couldn't go a Route before running by another Pokemon Center. And it just felt odd, especially aesthetic wise, it's like that joke where there's two Starbucks built at two ends of the same block. However, if instead of every location having a Pokemon Center some are replaced by these "quick" Kiosks, I think that would be a good solution. Not everywhere needs a Pokemon Center, so just have these quick ones which only provide the basic services of healing & buying supplies (in theory the Pokemon Center also offered rooms and a cafeteria for Trainers as seen in the anime, though obviously we don't need to see those in the game itself).
  • But that is the question, are these Kiosks the "only" Pokemon Centers/Marts in the game? If so, I'm mixed on that. On one hand would feel a bit disappointing as it would take away from some world building, but on the other hand would make gameplay feel quicker without needing to enter a building (and they could always just have the NPCs that would normally be in the Center just hanging around the Kiosk, in some shows we do see it also having some tables and benches).
  • With the player being in a school uniform, one can infer there are actively attending school, likely a Trainer School cause this is Pokemon. And this seems to be it, and its color & design is of course version exclusive like the school uniform and Professors. Notably each school has an emblem, Scarlet has a stylized orange (if they want to keep to the version color likely a Blood Orange, a species of Orange which one species specifically grows in Spain) or tangerine while Violet is a more detailed drawing of bunch of grapes with a foliage border around it; I like they did that, they could have had both been stylized fruit but they chose to also give them different art styles.
  • I have small hope that maybe they could make it so that the Schools are at different ends of the peninsula meaning the starting location is different between the versions. However what's more likely is just a palette swap, though if that's the case does that mean the other version's school doesn't exist or is there a second "school" location located later in the game where the other version's gets placed?
  • Also should we be expecting Pokemon based on an Orange and Grapes? I mean, the schools need a mascot.
  • So a nice shot of the "wild area" we'll call for now. The game is open world so I'm going to assume we'll be able to explore this area. There's a few notable things I already see: bottom left there looks to be remains of a building/structure, in the middle on the beach area there's a tower (possibly a lighthouse?), and in the far back is a mountain with a waterfall (which we see the Legendaries standing atop of at the end of the video).
  • The landscape also interests me, it's very hilly with some obvious higher elevated platforms. They look inaccessible unless you can climb them, which is generally a skill they don't give to the players. With past games needing us to use an HM to Rock Climb and the recent Legends: Arcues specifically giving us a PokeRide that climbs cliffs, is this a hint there's going to be something similar? For people who like exploring a fun thing to do is going back to an older location when you get a new skill (such as Suring) to see if there's anything new to get or even a new place you can now access. If this location is just a small sample of what the entire region is like it leaves plenty of exploration opportunities!
0:24: It looks like you're given the Starter in front of the big house, leading further credence it's the Professor's home/lab?

  • We'll talk about Nemona later, just want to point out what she says here. "Are you these three's Trainer?". Sounds like she's asking if the player is the trainer of all the Starters. While I don't think that's the case, is an odd thing for her to ask. It makes it sound like the player is the only one there, in front of the big house still, with the Starters, a bit odd. Did the player just come upon the Starters playing by themselves in the front courtyard?
  • Anyway, I imagine not soon after the person who gives you the Starter comes out. THOUGH, a fun idea would be letting the player use all 3 Starters in the first battle just to see how each one plays before making a final decision.
  • Also, no voice acting. *SIGH*
0:34: Note this battle isn't taking place in front of the big house/possibly Professor's place. Though Nemona mentions this is our first battle, so seems like between getting our Starter and our first battle we move quite a bit of distance. Either this place is right around the corner of the big house or whoever gives us our Starter (Professor or otherwise) asks Nemona to show us the ropes and she takes us here (maybe to also give us a lesson on the Kiosks right after the battle is over?).

0:45: So this is a weird cut. Throughout this entire section we see Nemona only her the Scarlet uniform no matter whether she's battling the girl (which is being played in Scarlet version) or the boy (which is being played in Violet version). HOWEVER, on the site we do see that Nemona does have a Violet uniform, which makes sense because she's supposed to be a senior student at the same school. I imagine they probably got footage of all the Starters battling her in each version and narrowed it down to the ones seen, but this would mean they used footage of the Violet boy sending out Fuecoco yet then switched to Scarlet girl's perspective of Fuecoco's attack hitting Nemona's Pawmi. Weird.

0:48: Good to see ya "Science is amazing!" guy! Wouldn't be a start of a Pokemon game without you.

0:52: So soft confirmation Following Pokemon are in the game. They have it turned off for most of the trailer though the part at 1:59 I feel is enough to confirm it.

  • Alright, not showing only the 4-player co-op but also some customization options (hey GF, can we have more skin color options that just white, tannish, and just dark enough to be considered black? Like maybe have a slider of 10 hues between white and black). Also looks like we have slight variations of the school uniform: normal shirt, shirt with suspenders, shorts, pants, and a whole batch of hats (and hair styles).
  • As for the 4-player co-op, well I would say these players failed at it as the main point of co-op is to be playing together, not going off to your own corner of the map. Seriously GF, what is this supposed to be showing us about co-op? What they're doing is something they can do on their own, the main point of co-op is that you're travelling TOGETHER. :facepalm:
1:05: So just before encountering Smoliv I just noticed what looked to be a whirlwind forming in the grassy patch in the right-side background, barely being covered by the tree. Is this the return of BW's Phenomena?

1:15: Critical Captures are still here. Though what I would like to know can I just toss a Poke Ball at a Pokemon in the Wild or do I need to engage it in battle? Come on GF, stop hiding the question you know that we want answered, and if its because you know we won't like the answer then why didn't you put the thing we'd like to have in the game?



1:28: Great peripheral vision there kid, you'd only have noticed me sooner had I actually kicked you in the head. Also why does this Youngster look like he's about to climb the Matterhorn to play the alphorn?

  • This is probably our best shot of the Pokemon Kiosk and I have a question. The red banner is the Pokemon Center (hi Nurse Joy! We can just barely make your pink hair out from here), the blue banner is the PokeMart, but what's the green banner? Is that gonna be our Jack replacement? Actually, I just noticed something, there's no PCs! Are we going completely PC-less (or did they merge the use of the PC with the Jack replacement?)?
  • Also, several pages back someone asked the question about the adverts on the above monitors possibly having any significance. I mentioned some possibilities they COULD do with them, but now seeing them in action... or rather, inaction... I don't have high hopes them being nothing more but decoration. They aren't moving or changing, they're completely static. They do show some different adverts at the very least, but is that because they do change and the camera just want focused on them long enough or did they just give each Koisk its own set of adverts to make them feel different from one another?
  • Also, it must suck working in the Koisk in the cold part of the region, unless they have crystal clear windows.
1:39: So Trades are now done via psychic link propulsion. You see kids, that's the power of going to school. And a Bagon for a Larvitar, not a bad trade.

1:45: HOLY MILTANKS THAT VENONAT IS HUGE! It would put an Alpha Venonat to shame! Either that or the perspective it REALLY wonky if it's making Venonat and the player that big of a perspective size difference.

1:48: I see no one cleans the shorelines of whatever region this is. "Eh, those wooden boxes are empty and will decompose naturally". I'm talking about the Toxapex.

  • So, I'm not quite sure what these are showing. Going one by one:
  • The Battlefield: Note the stairs, this is on a raised platform. A raised platform surrounded by flower patches, overseen by a windmill, and a potted sunflower (I guess it could be a Sunflora if they want to do that joke) on the ground. The Poke Ball sigil looks to be made of stained glass. Finally there's two logos which look like a Pokeball sailboat. Like I'm sure it's supposed to be something else, maybe that mountain peak the Legendary is seen on, but without context we can only guess that maybe this is a Grass-type Gym (the logo being the one representing this region's Pokemon League?)?
  • The Flags: Two crossed flags with flames and a loosely pieced together star. I don't know, is this supposed to be something important GF we're going to go "oh wow I can't believe they showed us that in the trailer"? :blobshrug:
  • Quarry Tower: So the first shot we get of it is in the quarry where something is digging around, hits a dug up mound, and explode; then the second shot is a tower which I'm not sure if a building or a structure or a giant drill?
  • GF, this isn't impressing us. We have NO idea what you're showing us. And they don't look like visually interesting either so it's not wowing us with spectacle. I'm guessing they have importance if you're showing us them, but this is a situation where the importance is likely very contextual we get nothing seeing these. You might as well have just showed us Groudon rising out of the water.
2:09: So is this long crack in the ground going to be in the game? Could be an interesting place to explore, especially if it has connections to the Legendaries.

2:29: Hm, that's interesting, when they showed Koraidon they played drums and for Miraidon they played some synthesized strings; nice subtle way to keep with the past and future theme (you know, aside one looking like a prehistoric iguana and the other a robot jet serpent). Also like the subtle smile Koraidon gives mainly because it feels like it's doing it just because Miraidon can't, lol.

2:59: Hm, more crystal structure stuff, though this time looks like a natural formation (well, as natural as it can be shifting around) rather then stained glass. The reason I'm pointing this out is because the Japanese logo for the games features a crystal star in the place previous games have placed important objects like the Mega Evo symbol, Red/Blue Orb, Z-Crystal, Necrozma's Prism, and the Galar League logo. Crystals seem like they're going to play a part in the plot if they're pushing it that much.

Well, that's my watch-through of the trailer. Now a quick look around the site and some "indepth" opinions about the new characters and Pokemon.

* The Professors, Sada & Turo:
As many have said, version exclusive professors are an interesting idea; and to assure its widely accepted they made them sexy. :psysly:

So Sada is dressed like a cave woman (she even has fangs!) and names from various languages comes from a word meaning "past". Meanwhile Turo just walked out of a scifi movie and appropriately his various names come from words meaning "future". So you'd think they wouldn't have anything in common. Well, you're wrong, because despite their different aesthetics they both share a research specialty: Certain lore passed down in the region (which they have made sure not to name, but we've talked about the possibilities of why in previous posts). While that certainly sounds up Sada's alley, Turo you'd think would be more interested in something like observing & predicting changes in Pokemon behavior or how new technology can be used alongside Pokemon. Now obviously them saying "certain" could be where the differences lie, like the lore Sada is looking for concerns historical records and accounts while the lore Turo is looking for are prophecies and evidence of repeating patterns; similar yet matching their theme.

Oh, and possibly bigger surprise: they're not named after trees! Well, they clearly can't be trusted, they're surely leading the villain team! Well, to be fair, we got closest to I think we ever would to an "evil" Champion via the Pokemon League Chairman last gen, maybe they will go full-on with making a well established character type into the main baddies. Afterall, their theme and appearance matches the Legendary of the version they're in... and that's all I can really say about that. Hm, what powers would Koraidon and Miraidon have? :blobthinking:

* Nemona: Well I didn't really have much to say about Nemona... and then the little tidbit about her name was revealed. Well good news is that she doesn't have an "X" in her name so she's not a Xehanort vessel. Joking aside, and thinking about what purpose would she have for not wanting her real name known, two things come to mind:

(1.) If both schools are in the game, and they make the school competitive with one another, maybe she's actually a student from the other school that was sent to spy on that school's Professor, teachers, and students. We'd need to learn much more about the schools before I'm more willing to put any more thought into this idea.

(2.) If the Professor is the leader of the villain group, maybe she's a spy sent to keep an eye on him and gather evidence. A spy for who? Well, at the moment only two possibilities: Either for the other Professor (thus we got ourselves a two warring villain team scenario) or she's a member of the International Police. WILD THEORY TIME: Hmm, she's "sunny and energetic", loves Pokemon battles she has undisputed skills in, not good at throwing Poke Balls, and she's possibly hiding her name... calling it now, she's Emma. Interpol suspects the Professors are up to something shady but to get anywhere close they need a spy in the Trainer School they teach at (because the writers have been reading the "Spy Family" manga). With little options, Looker contact Emma and sends her in undercover, the only catch is she can't use the Expansion Suit which is why she sucks at throwing Poke Balls. It's as sure as Lillie being a Nihilego (actually that sort of just happened in the anime, lol)).

Only other thing I gotta say is that, if Nemona is the friendly rival from the same school we attend, if they do have the other school in the game I hope they give us a rival from there.

It's cute, though I'll admit I'm kind of more enjoying the memes of it becoming a green Incineroar (or concerns of it becoming one). Huh, It's category is "Grass Cat", I'm sure that's a nickname for marijuana somewhere. Yes, I'm really reaching for the pothead jokes, though being it has a leaf design that looks like it can you blame me? Otherwise it just sounds like a typical attention-seeking cat that can just so happen photosynthesize. Mentions a potential Signature Move via kneading, though as of right now it just sounds like a fancier Sweet Scent.

Fuecoco: MA BOI! What? I'm a Fire-type fan. It's just a happy little fire croc, OH, it's a crocodile! Just assumed it was a dino cause it was bipedal. Well, at least if they're going to make the final forms bipedal may as well put it up front with the Basic Stage. Also it actually does have flames, the hairs on its head, could have fooled me. So its scale absorbs heat which it uses to power-up its flames, sounds just like Flash Fire (Hidden Ability?).

Quaxly: "Ducking Pokemon", really? That's it? Alright. and yeah, yeah, it looks like Donald Duck; though funny enough its dex entry makes it sound like its the exact opposite, lol. So it creates a glossy gel that repels water & grime and has powerful kicks, two traits that have potential for a Signature Move, maybe a Water-type version of Trop Kick called Gloss Kick. Well at least knowing its a good kicker I feel assured saying it sounds like a Physical Attacker, I have no clue for the other two.

Pawmi: Oh, wow, we're getting the Pikaclone early! And Pikaclone is right as it seems to be based on a mouse, moreso than Pikachu even! So it's character trait pretty much just comes down to: thick fur which store electricity. Yet despite that it doesn't get Thick Fur Coat, instead it gets Natural Cure? How odd, like I suppose it does mention when nervous it rubs its fur to discharge which I guess calms it down, but didn't take that to meaning it can cures status ailments. Looking at the other Natural Cure Pokemon it feels like the fluffy mouse in the room. Some people have mentioned it looks too basic to not get an evolution and I would agree; I'm so sick and tired of them trying to catch lightning again thus being afraid to give the Pikaclones evolutions. LET THEM EVOLVE! It's not like having Raichu has done anything negative to Pikachu's popularity; if you get lucky and another Pikaclone's base form is successful just focus on that, otherwise let them have a chance to become better (heck, for all you know the evo of a Pikaclone might be the one that capture's that lightning again).

Lechonk: Well someone has blew up all over the internet! Looks like we have the successor to Wooloo here, another Normal-type barn animal (oh jeez, is that now gonna be a new subgroup? Hey GF, if you're gonna do that at the very least make one a Calf that when female evolves into Miltank and male evolves into Tauros). But back to Lechonk, its descriptions are rather surprising for this hog ball is apparently all muscle because its constantly sniffing out for the best grasses and berries to eat. So this is why everyone is saying its a truffle hog, I can see it, maybe it'll evolve into a Normal/Ground or maybe even Normal/Grass; being truffles are a type of fungus maybe it'll luck out and get Spore. Going to guess high HP & Defense, good Attack, decent Special stats, and low Speed; good early game Pokemon. Some Pig.

Smoliv: So didn't mention it for the other two, but for some reason the feel that Nemora's use of a Pawmi, Lechonk, and Smoliv is so important it takes up one of their description spaces: Who cares? Like, maybe fine for the one which is considered her "ace" which I'm going to guess is Pawmi, but for all three of the new com mons, two which you didn't show her using in the trailer. Whatever, so what does this small olive have to offer? Apparently bitter olive oil that makes you flinch, so Grass-type Air Slash (or maybe Gras-type Scald but flinching instead of burning)? Sounds like a horrible idea? Well, to be honest, looking at Smoliv, I kind of think he wants you to hate it. Don't know why it's Grass/Normal, seems VERY plantlike to me, maybe when it evolves into the next Grass-type waifu that makes virgin olive oil it'll come to fruition.

Legendaries, Koraidon and Miraidon: And finally we've come to the end, of course ending if with the Legendaries which we know nothing about. Well, except one thing:

POKEMON BATTLES ON MOTORCYCLES! (Man, this image is old, not sure if the original artist is still around but hopefully someone redraws this)

So, yeah, they're motorcycles. Well, Koraidon is, Miraidon is more a jet bike. Interesting choice, especially in a game where the themes are past and future. Does their Legendary power have to do with them being motorbikes, or are those just unrelated things? I'm going to guess as some point we're going to get to ride on their backs, like Miraidon even has a designated seat for someone to sit. Koraidon meanwhile looks like it's going to be a rougher ride, I don't even know how it's supposed to work. Miraidon hovers and has jet propulsion, no mystery, but what does Koraidon do? Like, does that wheel-looking throat sack actually spin around like a wheel? Or does it so something like vibrate very fast and/or release a grease that which makes it easier for it to slide around?

Now, don't get me wrong, they're both cool designs, but also confusing in that one element I wanna know how they work. Anyway, Koraidon is obviously the Physical one and Miraidon the Special, but let's get down to the dirty argument: Types. Now, a lot are saying both will be dragons, but let me remind you some wise words from a dragon master:

So, controversial decision, I don't think they'll be Dragon-type. Instead, I'm going to go for Fighting/Fire for Koraidon and Steel/Psychic for Miraidon. "WHAT? Don't we have enough of those type combinations?". Doesn't change I think those Types are plausible even if a bit "been there, done that". My reasoning: Koraidon looks like a tribal warrior with that head crest thus Fighting. As for Fire, well, if it's gonna be a motorcycle it needs SOMETHING to propel itself with so maybe it lights itself on fire or something, gets some engine combustion going. Miraidon being part Steel is obvious, but you may be wondering why Psychic instead of Electric? Well, if it's suppose to represent the future, I think it running its power on something a bit more fantastical than plain electricity makes sense, and the only Type that I feel matches that is the Psychic-type.

And with that I'm don... BONUS! So, possibly hearing my complaints about the English version having boring logos, Scarlet & Violet's box art is getting an extra treat with a fancy border based on their Legendary:

Nice, right? Well, I can't help but notice something about these borders, and it has nothing to do with the parts based on the Legendaries (which look very nice, but not the first thing to catch my eye). No, it's those four symbols at the corners, each the same on both logos. They surely can't be random, they're too intricately designed for that.
  • The top left looks like some kind of angle equation, similar to one seen on the Professors' whiteboard.
  • Top right looks like a symbol that an ancient civilization would use to represent the concept of "repeating/neverending cycles".
  • Bottom left is the easiest to recognize, it's the Poke Ball sigil, though instead of round it's hexagonal.
  • Finally bottom right looks like... like... a very curly shoe... looks it's late and I'm tired. It honestly just looks like a fancy letter to me.
So with that thought I bid you a goodnight!
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