Pokemon Scarlet & Violet - 18th Nov 2022! **OFFICIAL INFO ONLY**


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It was long overdue, but I'm happy we finally know more about SV!

So the region's name is Paldea. I love the ring to it, it's a nice name!

And the Gen 9 super mechanic is called Terastal. So it seems the mon is gem-ified in appearance and gains a "Tera"-type, this will be something. And they're doing Raid Battles for them like they did with Dynamax it would seem lol.

Three different paths including the traditional Gym Challenge. This will be interesting.

Also you can ride Koraidon and Miraidon, that is DOPE!

Looking forward to Gen 9!
Paldea Wooper: Very cute
Fidough: Cute, cant wait to see what bread it evolves into, absolutely thought it was a regional yamper lol

I really want to shoutout the lizards for looking so cute when they're just chilling around. They're like big dogs! I love them.

Koraidon getting wheel sacks but still just running on its legs is sending me, however.
To be fair, Terazing doesn't look remotely as busted as Dynamax or even Z-moves are.

A boost to a single type of attack is nice and all, and type swapping is interesting, but type swapping also comes with a downside of losing stabs.

Es, the trailer had a Water type Gardevoir... and Gardevoir doesnt learn any water type move.
I see it as their chance to rework Hidden Power & make it become the Tera type of the Pokémon. Maybe add a physical or more powerful damage.


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Honestly I was neither underwhelmed nor overwhelmed by this. No whelm. Very little whelm. Minimal whelm.

Visually, nothing here was impressive. I didn't see anything that looked noticeably better than SwSh or PLA.

Was hoping we'd get a bit more information about Koraidon and Miraidon; the bit we got was cool, particularly since it looks like they'll be there from the start...? Hmm. Would have been nice to know their types but iirc that tends to be revealed late for mascots.

RE the new gimmick... eh. It does seem more complex and potentially a lot more interesting than Dynamax - I can imagine it being an absolute mindscrew if you can potentially turn your Pokemon into one of several other types. But it's kind of hard to be THAT interested in it when we already know it's probably just for these games.

The "two other storylines" teaser was intriguing, I expect one of them might revolve around some sort of non-battling feature akin to Contests or Musicals.

Also I loved the trolling of people who want voice acting by putting narration in the trailer but being at pains to point out "yeah this isn't actually in the game though". Classic.

But there's nothing that's really making me desperate to rush out and buy either game yet. Just not feeling the hype.

EDIT: Paldea's a cool region name though, and I like the art for it a lot. Always one of my favourite parts of any prerelease; poring over the map and trying to make out details.


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Mixed reactions to the Presents overall, although I can't say I was surprised by any of the information. The whole school theme feels kind of weird to me still, not because of the gameplay or anything but just because I'm currently in college right now and it feels like a reality check to some extent. The new Pokémon seem pretty enjoyable, actually, and I like the decision they made for the Legendary bike mount to be available early. Feeling 50/50 so far on the new characters, and I think the Tera mechanic has potential. I think that covers everything. Oh, and Wooper exists.

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