Pokemon Showdown is no longer down

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edit: PS should be back up - refresh the error page if you see one

original title: POKEMON SHOWDOWN IS DOWN - will be up in a few hours

So yeah, PS is down due to extra-high server load. In other words, we've gotten more popular than the server can handle. Other than the server being down, this is a good thing! :)

Anyway, it'll be back up within a few hours; I've gotten a CDN involved and PS will be back up once its DNS propagates. Thanks for your patience!
Our playerbase is too awesome for us to hold :(
It is important to note that the net awesomeness divided by the number of users ends up being a rather low awsomeness level per user :(


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If PS keeps gaining popularity at this rate my computer won't be able to handle it, 70% of my ladder losses are already caused by my computer freezing... yay :|
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