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Your opponent's rating can be a vital piece of information, and now you can look it up with a simple click of a button!

This is my first adventure into Javascript, and I wanted to do something simple (or at least seemed simple) that hadn't been done before, or at least has not been publicly posted. This extension gets both you and your opponent's rating during a battle for the tier you are playing in. All you need to do is click on the extension icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and both of your ratings will pop up within a second or two. This is helpful to determine how good your opponent may or may not be, as well as reminding you of where exactly you stand on the ladder in case you didn't see the ratings change at the end of the battle or they timed out.

It works consistently, but very occasionally it grabs the wrong piece of the HTML of the ratings page and spits out nonsense. No idea how to fix that in the code, but a page refresh takes care of the issue. Also, unregistered users cause it to fail even if they have ratings data because throws 404's when trying to get an unregistered user's page for whatever reason. Your browser displays the page just fine but it still throws the 404. If anyone knows what is up with that please tell me!

EDIT: The extension has been uploaded to the Google Chrome store after hearing about user's problems with Chrome automatically uninstalling this extension. The link at the top of the OP has been updated. It's free obviously.

EDIT: Version 1.1 is out with a fix to the problem of unregistered users causing the extension to fail. Now all users should have their rating properly returned.
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