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Pokemon Showdown: The RPG will be a pokemon based Tabletop styled game where the battles are held on pokemonshowdown.com and the overworld exploration is in a thread on here. It is recommended that any who join this game be at least somewhat good at pokemon, or else completing the game will be quite difficult as I will be using competitive sets for your opponents, though only within the realms of the pokemon you have available to you.

I have never run an RPG campaign before or played in an RPG related to pokemon, so this will be a bit of a test run at first. To make things easier on me, each pokemon may hold any item rather than having you find items and use only items you find, and each pokemon will be considered it's own entity without evolutions. Each pokemon will also be at a set level 100, which means this game contains no grinding, though there will be a sense of progression as only rather bad pokemon will be available at the start and I will slowly introduce better and better pokemon as the game progresses.
As for moves, each pokemon you obtain can have four moves which are chosen at the start of the day, these moves may be swapped out the next day. Moves will mostly only affect combat, but they can also be used outside of combat if you can come up with clever ways of using them. ;P

The game will use pokeballs and pokemon themselves as the currency and rewards. There are a limited number of pokeballs given to each player throughout the game (with more being received every time the player defeats a gym leader or completes another major event) but more can be obtained by helping out NPCs.

Pokemon themselves will appear randomly throughout the game and you must choose which pokemon are worth capturing with your limited supply of pokeballs. Some pokemon will also be hidden or obtained by helping NPCs, so be sure to explore each area thoroughly.

The game as a whole will be both a co-operative game and a competitive one, as each player will need to work together and use the combined powers of their pokemon to progress through the game, however all players will go to a tournament at the end and fight each other to crown a winner, and players must fight each other at many points in the game to compete for a prize. (either pokeballs or powerful pokemon) Players may also choose to stay together or split up, and may trade with any player they are currently next to.

The story will be typical Pokemon story, with four players competing in the pokemon challenge, to defeat all 8 gym leaders and become the champion. I have created a fairly large world to explore however, and there may be a plot twist or two for this seemingly basic pokemon story...

Any who are interested may post here, I am looking for four players of around equal pokemon battling skill to play in this game. If you have any questions feel free to ask as well!
Shuckles my hero, gemoftheday, alobblob, and mastadi, you four will be competing in my pokemon challenge. :) Start by posting in the Game Time thread. We can keep this thread open as an OOC discussion. Btw, I completely randomized the pokemon in each ball, but I made sure they were all rather lousy pokemon to make things fair. The reason I made it randomized was because that way you will have to trade and capture to get pokemon you want, because your starter will just be some crappy pokemon I threw in there. :P

Oh, and I tried to start this on Gamefaqs before deciding to migrate it here. Alobblob was on Gamefaqs, and already had chosen his pokemon, which is why I had him just automatically take Gabite.
Keep in mind that pokemon do not evolve in this RPG, so it will never be a Garchomp. But yeah I made my cutoff point at pokemon that are viable in NU. Anything that isn't even potentially usable in NU (i.e. Delibird, Unown) isn't even in the game.

I should clarify, a day is an in-game day, which ends at the end of every gym battle or other major event. So you won't get to change your moves tomorrow.

Also while I won't allow you to leave Professor Oak's lab until gemoftheday receives his starter, after that everyone moves at their own pace. So if you want to keep up with the other players you'd best check back often. I'll be checking the forum at least twice a day to respond.
Okay, I'll remember that. :) Anyway, at certain points in the game (usually one per day, though some days may not have one) there will be a small tournament between the four of you to compete for a pokemon. So you'll need to find a time to battle each other and then post the replay in the main thread. Gemoftheday will fight Mastadi, and alobblob will fight shuckles, with the winners of both battles fighting each other and the winner receiving Magmar.

Speaking of Magmar, certain pokemon will do certain things if they are sent out. Magmar for example has a tendency of destroying breakable objects with his flaming body and fierce temperament. I will warn you of any special conditions of pokemon in bold.
Sport had lost internet connection. Its fixed now. I can play whenever.

I live in the GMT timezone, if that helps you set up a time

On a completely unrelated note; how come this isn't listed in the games list?

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