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Oh ok 61% is probably higher than my shot out team winrate, so I'll try that. One more thing: Is it worth skill swapping Buzzwole?
Don't use a skill swapper on Buzzwole, Demolish is a really good ability. Beast Power is just a weaker version of Unity Power, which already is a rather mediocre ability (at least in my opinion). The only Ultra Beast I swapped is Nihilego, and I did it just because I desperately needed a poison-type burst damager.
Yeah, Nihilego I swapped, the others even Guzzlord stayed the same and they seem to do fine even if Kart's ability doesn't come up much but Demolish is really nice on Buzz. Caught Pheromosa and maxed Hammering Streak. Now to spend my day earning some coins (smart me....was so concentrated on MG, forgot about weekend Meowth)
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Eh...I once forgot to play one or two Sunday Meowth matches after unlocking them with a jewel...not to mention the times I mistakenly chose Mega Mewtwo X or forgot to buy M+5...Shuffle is a somewhat ripetitive game, so it's easy to go into autopilot mode and mess something up.
As for this week's results, I've maxed Hammering Streak on Metagross too and also got Tyrantrum's Block Shot to SL5. Now I'm farming coins to prepare for S-Tyranitar, just in case I decide to farm it. Do you guys think it's worth the effort?
Wow I didn't have the hearts/time to max Hammering Streak, only managed to get it to SL4. Might throw some cookies on it if I really need to for any reason. If only it costed 1 heart instead...
I was going to say, I never use Shiny Tyranitar in its normal form, but I might give it a Shot (see what I did there?) if the stage is easy to grab a few levels.

Also, I'm sitting on 78 MSUs so I'm considering giving them to Shiny Metagross, but I guess Hammering Streak is a better ability? idk.
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Interestingly.....I didn't have winking Chimchar or Blissey, so I picked those up this week. Zygarde Complete is probably too expensive to bother so I'm going to continue Diancie at least till 200 and then not sure which I'll pick up after that.
I don't really have anything to work on this week, so Blissey for SM2 farming it shall be. Chimchar is a luxury I can hit on next lap, or I could skll swap and grind Flareon if I need a Fire type instead. Honestly just kind of biding time until Zygarde Escalation comes back for Typeless Combo farming. I'm taking that one to SL5 if possible, hope it's not the kind where every post-end stage is that boss again.
Post-300 stages are just like 300, so it's imperative to max TC before getting to that point. That shouldn't be a problem, however, if one is willing to decline angry skips, as maxing a 150 skill point ability with 25/25/25 drop rate requires on average 200 plays.
Honestly I thought after they stopped updating the game it would be more chill. Nope, because of the 24 week cycle, you're still essentially rushed to try to complete/max everything within the week or wait 24 weeks before it comes back. Like I said before it's better with competitions and EBs because the rewards are more or less the same, but PSB farming is such a pain. I consider myself more than casual (in that I don't ever let my hearts go to max when I'm awake and not at work), but even then I've had to pop a jewel or two on NHNs to max some skills.

What do you guys think? I know complaining won't do anything because GS is unlikely to ever touch the game again unless there are major bugs, but maybe I'm just overreacting a little here? Or just a little too OCD about having to max out all the useful skills every week?
It can get frustrating at times especially when you're getting zero drops (Cradily has yet to drop anything when I'm burning hearts between Blissey runs) but at least I can focus more on something each week and know I won't fall further behind on the levels because it's not going past 700.

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