Data Pokemon Sun/Moon Battle Mechanics Research

The wording for Queenly Majesty was pretty different from Dazzling's on the website. Does Queenly Majesty block negate priority moves that don't target an ally, such as Protect, Helping Hand, etc?
Since only half of one of my previous questions was answered, does Misty Terrain block mental status conditions? (Infatuation, Taunt, Torment, Disable, Encore, Cursed Body) I'm curious to see if the coverage got expanded outside of confusion.
I saw that Multitypes updated description says that Arceus can now use Z-Crystals to change types, does he still get a power boost from using Z-Crystals like he would from using Plates?
Does Hail offer any sort of defensive boost to Ice types, similar to Sandstorm and a Special Defensive boost for Rock types?

Doesn't seem like Pixilate got that nerf I was reading about, has the same flavour text as Galvanize. Only seems liquid Void is the only type changing ability doesn't mention any move boost.
Don´t know if it has been asked already, but does Z-Growth under the sun give you +3 or +4 spatk?Wondering if the sun on itself adds only 1 or if it actually doubles the buff

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