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That makes five Abilities with misleading/incomplete descriptions, which honestly leads me to believe that there are more out there. The -Ate abilities are still under debate as to whether there multipliers have been nerfed to 1.2x, or if they stayed at 1.3x. But either way, neither of those multipliers are NOT what I'd consider a "little boost", as their descriptions say. A part of me thinks that it's worth testing every ability out in strange scenarios just to make sure no stones have been left unturned.
Which 5??


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I didn't fully understand what '"Self" KO' is supposed to mean, but I can confirm that Power of Alchemy does activate if your ally KO's itself with Memento or Explosion. For example, if a Prankster Whimsicott used Memento, its partner A-Muk would get Prankster after it faints.
yeah looks like someone added that to the OP fsr... thanks for clearing it up.

Also to everyone deciding to lose their shit over these discoveriess in this thread, stop with that no one wants to wade through your shitty one-liners and meme posts to find the info they're looking for.
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I'm trying to think of stuff that sounds feasible, like Dancer having any hidden interactions at all (hint: there are none), but god it's hard to think of stuff as absolutely out of the box as this crap we've been discovering.
See if Scald has an increased burn chance in sunlight. I always used that as my troll hypothetical, but apparently we can't rule out anything anymore...

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^Spoilers, that was probably made in response to my post about that mechanic earlier.

Does Thunder Wave get 100% accuracy when used by an electric type, in the same vein toxic works with poison types?
No, it doesn't.

Edit: Same is true for fire types and WoW
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Well, asking once again as far as out of the box stuff is concerned, but does Burn also lower Special Attack instead of just Attack?
I can't test Cresselia (which is disappointingly the most likely of these three) but the other two are busts.
I instead thought it is the least likely, and yet it would add an actually good flavour of story integration, given that Cresselia is the one who can lift Darkrai's curse according to the lore. Back in Battle Spot I was always miffed at how these pesky Void Smeargles ruins even my Cresselia.

True enough though, they can modify the data on this specific move to fail on certain specific Pokemon (with specific "Pokedex number" identifier), I think. But still unlikely....


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Not sure if this has been posted yet but King's Shield attack drop now happens even if the user is immune to the contact move. This is according to Phillip Beatty on Twitter.

Video'd it first properly crediting UltiMario: PhillyBeatzU gets his info from researchers without crediting.

Are Dark types immune to Prankster-boosted Nature Power, Copycat and Mirror Move ?
Yes. Immune to any move summoned by a Prankster-boosted move. Tested with Nature Power and Assist specifically.
Well with all this random boosts I figure why not ask. Does Illuminate give any Accuracy boost / reduction now?

Also, what happens if a Dark Prankster pokemon uses Skill Swap on a non-Dark pokemon that uses Thunder Wave, do you become immune to the attack immediately?
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Run Away - maybe it protects from trapping and/or switch-out Pursuit?

Does Suction Caps increase the odds for fishing up items (Pearls and such, but on the Poni Island there are supposedly Bottle Caps to fish up) or maybe Compound Eyes does (it increases the odds of finding Pokémon holding items)?

Where would be the best places to EV-train specific stats? I assume SOS chaining a specific mon would be the way to go.


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Well with all this random boosts I figure why not ask. Does Illuminate give any Accuracy boost / reduction now?
Checked user's acc by using Thunder Wave many, many, many times. Roughly an 87% certainty that Illuminate does not effect the user's accuracy. After god knows how many attempts on 100 Acc moves, I haven't gotten a miss, so I'm not seeing anything there either. On a whim, I can also confirm it doesn't provide a Dark Void immunity, I guess...

Run Away - maybe it protects from trapping and/or switch-out Pursuit?
This is about the 25th time its been asked- no, it doesn't. This should probably be added to OP so people stop asking.
Does Mudsdale's Stamina activate when hit by spread moves (yours or your opponent's) in a double battle? Also it is in fact only damaging attacks that activate it, yes?
How does Dancer ability work in double battles, if the user copied a foe-targeting move?
i.e. If Oricorio copied feather dance/fiery dance, will it target at random, or specifically the original dancer?
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Does Berserk activate to self damage in confusion?
If Berserk is traded to a ghost type, will curse trigger Berserk when it brings down the HP below half?
If Drampa's HP is brought just below half by status/Pain Split, and then hit by another move, will Berserk activate ?
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More Prankster!

If a Dark Type uses a status move into a Pokemon with Prankster using Magic Coat, the Dark Type will be unaffected by the reflected move.

I'm so glad I went through the trouble to think about that interaction and test it. It'll come up in Challenge Cup 1 or 2 times in the next 3 years (probably an overestimate if anything) and it will make me feel validated.

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