Programming Pokemon Team Builder and Team Creator (Excel)

I wasn't exactly sure where to put this. This seemed like thee best place to place it. If there is a better place, I would very much appreciate it if a Mod moved this to a more fitting place. Thank you.



The Team Builder allows you to pick a team of six pokemon, and then it lists your teams overall weakness and strengths in a large chart above your pokemon team.

The Creator allows you to create a team quickly and then when you switch to the "Formatted" worksheet, your team is made and you can easily copy and paste it. Your team will be formatted to be like this:

I'll try to post some pictures of these later.
Please make me aware of any mistakes, or anything else I could do to make these files better.


Sorry for being very vague about the Team Builder.
It lists type weaknesses. Like for example, it will list how many of your pokemon are 2x weak to Fire. Or it will list how many of your pokemon are only affected by Ghost by 1/4 damage. That sort of stuff. You can easily see all of it in the chart.

By the way, forgot to mention this, but if anyone uses the data in the Team Builder for their own purposes, please give me credit. I filled in all that data by myself. It took me a very long time, so I would appreciate it the credit. Thank you.

EDIT (screenshots):
Pokemon Team Builder screenshots:

Pokemon Team Creator Screenshots:

For those of you who are still new of Microsoft Excel, here is a picture on how to navigate between worksheets:

EDIT (09-06-09):

Pokemon Creator Version 1.1:
Thanks to a suggestion made by RB Golbat of, I have added a simple Stats calculator on the main page of the Pokemon creator. It's located right below where you type in the Pokemon's IV's and EV's. It's just one simple row in the Excel file that gives you a quick look at your final stats (at the level you've selected) of your pokemon in the order HP-Attack-Defense-Special Attack-Special Defense-Speed. Also added was the ability to select multiples of 4 in the cells meant for EV's through a dropw-down list. Base Stats of the pokemon are also shown, right above the pokemon's IV's.

Pokemon Creator 1.1:

EDIT (10-14-09):

Some minor changes to the Pokemon Team Creator and I added some color to the Pokemon Team Builder. I also made it so that if the numbers in any cells in the 400% and 200% columns in the type chart are 2/3 (respectively) or higher, than those cells are highlighted in a darker color.

Pokemon Team Creator 1.1:

Pokemon Team Builder 1.1:


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Somewhere on the team creator page it should show what the Pokemon's stats are with nature, IV, and EVs. Makes it easier to hit magic numbers.
Q: How is this different than this?
Exact same idea. In fact, I had the idea of making the Pokemon Team Builder in Excel from using Marriland's Pokemon Team Builder. The differences:

-Mines is down loadable
-Mine lacks color or images
-Mine is an Excel file, not a program/app

By the way. Pokemon Team Creator 1.1 added to the first post!

Some minor changes. Pokemon Team Builder 1.1 added. It now features colored columns. And when you have 2/3 or more in a cell in the 400%/200% (respectively) columns, those cells will be highlighted in a darker color.

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