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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was inspired by the original Pokemon team generator, so I decided to write this program, it's a bit of an upgrade. However, I did write the program from scratch and did not borrow any code from the original.

Okay, so my program can search for a Pokemon or team based on:
+ Primary or secondary typing
+ Region
+ Gender
+ Evolutionary stage
+ Competitive battling tier, according to this site

Also, the program now shows details about attacks:
+ Type
+ Power
+ Accuracy
+ Physical / Special / Status
+ PP
+ Effects

Don't just think of this program as just a generator, its also provides move-sets and strategies from this site.

My program also has update options, so when the tier change or new strategies get added, the program will up to date.

I wrote this program just for kicks, so I take no credit for the strategies/listing, all the credit goes to people at this site.

Here is the download link: (jar) Old Version

And here are some pictures:

Okay, i've noticed a problem if you use Winzip to extract the files. Winzip does not see that the files are contained in folders. However, winrar works just fine.

If you insist on extracting with winzip, then you must create a folder called "data" and place "Attacks", "base stats", "data", "strategies", and "tier" in this folder. then you must create a folder called "lib" and place "appframework-1.0.3.jar" and "swing-worker-1.1.jar" in this folder and everything will work fine.

The New 5th Generation Generator:

This version searches by all parameters as the older generator, plus:
+ Abilities
+ Learned Attacks
+ Attacks in Smogon Movesets!

If you want to download this version, it can be found here: New Version. Keep in mind it is a jar file, so you will need the java runtime environment to use it; however, most people already have this installed; if you don't, it can be found here.

Let me know what you think!
Yeah, it does look great. I'll give it a check, see how it is. From the screen prints, seems really good. Hope this person becomes active again to update us on all of this and to correct a few things that have now become Uber, etc. Though, doesn't the post mention it updates with stuff that happens on Smogon? If so, shouldn't Salamence have automatically changed to Uber status on this program if it's supposedly suppose to update itself?

~ Aether Nexus
My money says he's scraping the web site and maybe the site changed part of its structure at some point (even slightly changing structure could break a scraper).
First and foremost, I would like to apologize to everyone that used my program because I should have been doing updates and stuff. But, thanks for the kind sentiments. I kinda forgot about this after a few weeks of no one noticing. I promise to start working on it again as soon as my college exams are over (after next week).

@Seven Deadly Sins I wrote it in java and if you want the source code, I'll give it to you.

@AceAlcadeias if you update the tiers, then salamance will show up as a uber.
Hurray, s/he responded back! This program has a chance at life again! Though, quick question: say once I load the team in the 6 slots, does this generate a load file of the team to load into Pokemon Lab/Shoddy? Isn't that what this program is for? I mean, if you load the team, then what?

I haven't messed around with the program too much, but I thought that's what this type of program was for -- to generate Pokemon files for PokeLab/Shoddy using the sets on Smogon and/or tweaking the Pokemon if that's not exactly the set you want to use.

~ Aether Nexus
Hi, The Lion! Great software.

I would just like to suggest some things:
1. Editable Sets / Custom Sets
2. Allow a feature wherein you can select Pokemon individually, not randomly generated
3. Allow export to text

just some points you may want to consider. Great work! Good luck on the exams!
I'd just like to note that team generating for Poke-Lab is hilariously simple, since Poke-Lab team files are hand-editable XML. For example:

<pokemon species="Skarmory">
	<move pp-up="3">Brave Bird</move>
	<move pp-up="3">Roost</move>
	<move pp-up="3">Spikes</move>
	<move pp-up="3">Whirlwind</move>
	<stat name="HP" iv="31" ev="252" />
	<stat name="Atk" iv="31" ev="0" />
	<stat name="Def" iv="31" ev="4" />
	<stat name="Spd" iv="31" ev="0" />
	<stat name="SpAtk" iv="31" ev="0" />
	<stat name="SpDef" iv="31" ev="252" />
The format is fairly self-explanatory, I assume.

Also, I wouldn't mind taking a look at the source.
@Aether Nexus, He. and i initially did not include the option to export to shoddy/lab file because you could do the from the main smogon page. I made it to just generate and make teams for "fun."

@Seven Deadly Sins, that looks ridiculously easy.

@neorazor, i plan on implementing 1 and 2, maybe 3 for the lab thing.

Generation 5 has been a pain for this program, so.... After my college midterms are over (end of next week ), I am going to scrap the entire program and rewrite it from scratch. This is necessary if I plan to include generation 5.

Also, a few people have said that they had problems with the jar, so I am considering writing the program in c++. But I guarantee you i will include learned attacks/tm attacks/egg moves, not only smogon movesets.
well, i tried it on windows and linux (ubuntu and clones of it) and it worked fine. i doubt that it would work on your phone though, but you can try.
why would you want to use it on your phone? You wouldn't be able to use it anyways since no simulator works on a phone (though that would be cool)
So, I am debating what to keep in the new version and what to throw out, so let me know what you like and what you don't like from the original.


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When I open the 5th gen team generator in winrar I can't find the actual application to use the program can anyone help

EDIT: Ok i got it to work but now the Generate button literally does nothing for me, do you know the problem
I wouldn't mind the option to limit generations (for those of us who aren't playing 5th gen yet) and tiers. Maybe add your own version of the strengths/weakness chart as well as movesets? o3o Oh, and maybe add the ability to insert select pokemon in slots (for example if I want a team centered around my raichu, I could add it to the list and then begin searching instead of randomizing until I get it). o3o This way, if a person's just looking for the last slot for his team, he/she can just insert all the pokemon that he/she has in his/her team and then generate ideas for the final slot.

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