Pokemon: The New First Gen (Submissions for new Pokemon Over, Except costumes)

What if Damp Gave a 1 time immunity to fire type moves? And then it gets an immunity to water type moves, which would restore damp?
(On Hit with Fire Move)
******'s Damp
****** Absorbs the Heat!
****** lost its moisture!
(Hit with Water when moisture lost)
******'s Damp
****** absorbs the water to restore its moisture!
Only a question, will this Fire inmunity restore in a switch? I'm guessing it won't, to take advantage of the double interchangeable inmunities
Since my Costume Golem had been removed does to "Whole Kanto and Alola Lines" (not applied to Pikachu line since only Raichu had Alola form), I will re-reserve Bug Costume, this time used by Lapras, Bug/Water Lapras.

Water Beetle Lapras
- Bug / Water
Item - Compound Goggles
Abilities - Compound Eyes | Hydration | Brute Force
HP - 130
Atk - 105
Def - 90
SpA - 75
SpD - 90
Spe - 70
BST - 555

New Moves - Sword Dance, Leech Life, Megahorn, Stone Edge, Earthquake
Design - Lapras wears a black and blue colored beetle armor, with the horn serves as a helmet. Its eyes are covered by blue goggles.
Competitive - Golisopod and Araquanid are interesting Water/Bug-type that unfortunately had setbacks to prevent them from being viable in OU; the former got an Ability it would only benefit of reusing First Impression and nothing else, and the latter, despite a powerful Ability in the form of Water Bubble, had subpar HP and overall base stats, which hinder its uses. Water Beetle Lapras will be both viable in term of both base stats and Abilities.

Water Beetle Lapras's Attack is weaker than Golisopod, but got Dragon Dance to compensate its low Speed, and is already faster than both Golisopod and Araquanid. While the former had better Physical bulk and the latter a better Special bulk, Water Beetle Lapras is balanced between both bulks, while boasting much higher HP.

Now let's drop comparison and focus on Water Beetle Lapras itself; Compound Eyes will allow Lapras to not miss with Megahorn and Stone Edge. Hydration allows it to not worry about Burn, Paralysis or prolonged Sleep during the rain. However, Brute Force may stand out, as it converts all of its Special Moves into Physical Moves, which means it can use Surf as a stronger Waterfall and a more accurate Aqua Tail, or Hydro Pump for its strongest 'Physical" Water move, and while lacking Aqua Jet, Ice Shard can substitute it against Flying-type threats. It can even still use Freeze-Dry in Brute Force variants to get rid of opposing Water-types, such as Suicune, (Mega-)Swampert, Mega Blastoise, (Mega-)Gyarados and Toxapex (even more so for the upcoming Laurel Wreath Costume form).

It is still vulnerable to Electric-type, and Flying-type can be painful without Stone Edge or Brute Forcified Ice Beam/Freeze-Dry. Rock is not all that painful, as Water STAB can get rid of them, unless if it is Rock/Water or Rock/Grass... or a Shell Smashed Juggler Torterra. It is also still slow and be worn down by Burn or Toxic without Hydration and rain.
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I shall notice that there are Abilities on Harmo Pokémon, Costumed Pokémon and some new Mega Evolution that are yet to be described. And I don't like it, since those who do check the spreadsheet would become confused with missing Abilities.

Edit: The Costume Combat side project is now open! You'll find it on the Pet Mod main page. =)
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