Pokemon UU RMT, number 2 (I have a few problems I think)

Hey again, I've been using shoddy to test out a new UU team, and while a great improvement from my last one(http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51126 many thanks to the few people that had helped me), I still seem to be suffering some minor issues, which will be explained below.
(Changes will be made in a bold color more than likely similar to this one)

This appears to be my team at first glance:

And now begins my indepth view:

Spiritomb@Leftovers (No clever nickname here~)
252 HP l 140 ATK l 116 SP.DEF
~Pain Split
~Sucker Punch

Ah, my favorite lead next to using Crobat. He's like my own little rain on an otherwise cloudy day. Due to Spiritomb's immunities he is able to shut down Ambipom and other fake out leads. Most Ambipom will use taunt first, then U-turn away. Pursuit is usually a 2HKO (while he flees that is). Sucker punch helps spiral my opponent into there own little void of despair as I attack first (it does some pretty nice damage actually). Will-o-wisp burns switch ins, and helps wear down physical attackers. Pain split is useful because it helps keep me alive, and when using it against pokemon with a lot of hit points it brings them down quite a bit. It also helps wear down our new favorite fire pokemon, even though I get 2hKO'd.

Unfortunately I have no pokemon on this team at this very moment who can absorb sleep status, meaning if Smearlge spores me I am in a pretty bad position, and I usually cant risk as switch because of being spore'd again.

Im tempted to switch to a Spite version, where I can absorb sleep status with sleep talk.

Claydol@Leftovers (No nickname here either~)
252 HP l 112 SP.ATK l 144 SP.DEF
~Rapid Spin

~Stealth Rock
~Earth Power
~Ice Beam

Rapid spin warrants use, especially when you run into those annoying Spike teams. Stealth rock has a natural slot so I can help injure pokemon on the switch in. Earth Power makes good stab and can help against pokemon like Steelix, since his Defense is too high to for anyone on this team to effectively make use of a super effective physical attack. Ice Beam helps injure opposing ground pokemon, and pokemon Like Honchcrow or Swellow on the switch.

This pokemon is great, don't get me wrong, he also helps out with Drapion due to being able to switch into Earth Quake/Earth Power/other ground attacks, but he does not have the resistances or defence that Regirock/Registeel have. But his immunities may warrant use of him over them, depending what you have to say.

Roserade@Choice Scarf (oh look at that no nickname)
Natural Cure
4 HP l 252 SPE l 252 SP.ATK
~Sleep Powder
~Sludge Bomb
~Leaf Storm
~Hidden Power(Ice)

This guy makes an excellent revenge killer due to his awesome speed and Choice Scarf. Leaf Storm makes a powerful stab move for a hit and run. Sleep powder will stun the pokemon currently out of the switch in, giving me ample opportunity to switch in Drapion and set up. Shadow ball is also nice for hitting ghosts for super effective damage. Sludge bomb helps me take out the pokemon that don't resist it, and shaymin.

Sludge bomb hurts me a lot if they switch into Registeel or someone that resists it. Leaf Storm is great, but it hurts that I have to swtich after using it. Sleep Powder's shaky accuracy can put me in a really bad position. Hidden Power Ice is great because I can injure opposing Grass/Poison types (heres looking at you Venasuar) for super effective damage, something sludgebomb dosen't take care of.

But it is a very useful pokemon, especially if I predict which move to use at that time, but I wouldnt mind someone just as fast, and just as capable of hitting pokemon with the same type of coverage.

Clefable@Toxic Orb
Magic Guard
252 HP l 4 DEF l 252 SP.DEF
~Thunder Wave

Clefable is a great pokemon, beyond compare. I originally has siesmic Toss, but Facade and Toxic Orb do more damage. Thunder Wave a pokemon as soon as you see them, and I usually get them trying to set up/using substitue/stealth rock, all of which are an advantage because I can now use Encore and switch out to Drapion who absolutely has to have atleast one swords dance to be effective.

Softboiled is a good instant recovery, and can help me wait until the opponent is stunned before I make the switch or attack. Over all I love Clefable <:

Blaziken@Life orb
236 ATK l 252 SP.ATK l 20 SPE
~Super Power
~Vacuum Wave
~Fire Blast
~Hidden Power Electric

I can thank HeYsUp for this set, it works quite a bit better than my previous one. Vacuum Wave gives me priority, and still takes advantage of the high Sp.Atk stat. Super Power is good to hit pokemon that resists/take nuetral damage from Fire Blast. Fire blast will seriously injure anyone regardless of resistance however, but it also has shaky accuracy. Hidden power (electric) will hit all water/bird pokemon (prime exampled being Milotic, Blastoise, or Swellow) for super effective damage.

Drapion@Shuca Berry
252 ATK l 252 SPE l 4 HP
~Swords Dance
~Night Slash
~Poison Jab

Drapion makes an excellent late game sweeper. Swords Dance two stab moves are going to run through any team. Poison Jab means I can hit Shaymin and other pure grass types. Night Slash is for stab, and has a naturally high Critical Hit Ratio, which means I can take advantage of sniper. Most people would suggest Scope Lens as the item, and thanks to Lemminwinks MKII, I was given the suggestion for a much more useful item, Shuca Berry. I can survive Shaymin's Earth power, and strike back with super effective stab'd Posion Jab. Earthquake covers steels and opposing fire types.

EDIT: I apologize, I missed a rule, I have updated this post. I'm sorry for the trouble.
EDIT: April 20th; updates after trying out the suggestions added to the team as well as updated descriptions.
I apologize, I missed that. I updated the post with the new team member, well not really new, I had him before this post, I just don't like him that much.

If your team is having some trouble with Shaymin, I'd suggest an alternative Drapion build with Shuca Berry over Scope Lens and Cross Poison / Poison Jab over Ice Fang to lure and kill it. I'd recommend Poison Jab as it has a chance of OHKOing offensive Altaria after a Swords Dance with Stealth Rock factored in, and defensive variants aren't a threat to Drapion. You lose the greater crit rate of Scope Lens, but in my experience it is very unreliable and you shouldn't be too reliant on crits with Drapion anyway.

Mismagius shouldn't be a problem for Clefable on this team. It has Encore to lock it into a move which allows you to switch easily to Spiritomb or Drapion to either take it out or set up on it respectively. Might I also suggest Facade + Toxic Orb over Seismic Toss + Leftovers on it? That way you can more easily deal with SubSeed Shaymins, whilst Steels and Rocks can be exploited by Encoring a certain move and switching to the relevant Pokemon to take advantage, Blaziken and Drapion especially.

I'd prefer HP Ice over Shadow Ball on Roserade to revenge kill Rock Polish Torterras and DD Altarias among other things. You don't need the extra coverage against Mismagius as half your team checks it incredibly well as it is.

Hope at least some of this helps.
Actually, that helps me quite a bit. Thanks Lemmi.

I would update the post with your suggestions, but unfortunately I am unable to try them out over shoddy, for some reason, it just won't work for me. I keep getting the "Official Server [150/100]" default. It wont let me connect and thats the only one there.

Now, I need help with another thing. Blaziken really bugs me, idk why, he just does. Should I replace him with Magmortar? I have a higher Sp.Atk, more speed and a better Sp.Def, and his normal attack stat is still good on him. I just have a slighlty smaller HP and DEF.

Would this be a good moveset to run over Blaziken?

Magmortar@Expert Belt
84 ATK l 252 SP.ATK l 172 SPE
~Lava Plume
~Thunder Bolt
~Hidden Power (Ice)/Focus Blast
~Cross Chop/Earthquake

I used to use something similiar this moveset, quite a long time ago though. Lava Plume still causes damage and has a 30% percent burn as opposed to Flamethrowers 10% (although there is a 15 point base difference). HP Ice may could possibly be replaced with focus blast, because according to the suggestion above me, Roselia may be better at using HP Ice (although it dosen't hurt to have both using it). Cross Chop could be replaced with Earthquake for accuracy and slighlty more coverage, but I dont know. Thunderbolt is self explanitory.

Also I like how expert belt will still do the damage effectively, without the recoil (assuming its super effective).

Now if I do add him to this team I may need to replace one of Claydol's moves with rapid spin because Stealth Rock is now a threat to this team. It will more than likely be toxic. And maybe replace shadow ball with ice beam, but I still don't know exactly.

What do you guys think?
Hey there.

As a note on your Shoddy, try hitting advanced and typing in shoddybattle.smogon.com on port 50000. That will connect you to the Smogon Server.

The problem with using Magmortar is that it is more of a pure wall breaker, while Blaziken can sweep as well. To use Magmortar, you really need a sweeper that can take advantage of having the walls removed. Your team really lacks that. The Wall Breaking Blaziken can sweep also with Vacuum Wave for fast opponents and its more powerful moves for slower ones. So I suggest you keep Blaziken.

On Drapion I would use Cross Poison/Poison Jab over Ice Fang with a Life Orb. That gives you a boost in sweeping while not being so dependent on crits. I agree with using HP Ice over Shadow Ball. It is a great complement to the other moves and allows you to take on Altaria and Torterra after they have set up.
Well firstly, try this Blaziken, its really alot better than the one you are using even though it looks similar.

Blaziken@Life orb
236 ATK l 252 SP.ATK l 20 SPE
~Super Power
~Vacuum Wave
~Fire Blast
~Hidden Power Electric

This Blaziken can 2HKO everything in the metagame game except for Hariyama and Altaria IIRC. 20 Speed is all thats needed, the Extra SpA and HP Electric really help against Waters.

If you want an easier to use Mixed Sweeper, use Nidoking:

Nidoking @ Life orb
252 ATK l 252 SP.ATK l 4 SPE
~Ice Beam
~Earth Power / Fire Blast / Sucker Punch

Nidoking is fast enough to outspeed the walls in UU, is immune to most status and 2HKOes them. Tbolt hits waters, Ice Beam hits Grass / Altaria. Earth Power always OHKOes Steelix and Fire Blast also does, but hits Shaymin harder on the switch. Sucker Punch is a nice priority attack though.

The main advantage is it's ability to switch into all status and Rock attacks of the walls, thus making it easier to use.

I hope that helps a bit.
All of you guys's suggestions have helped me out quite a bit <:

I have updated the descriptions on the first post with proper credit going to those who suggest it.

Any other suggestions? Obvious threats?

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