Pokerus in X Y survey

How did you obtain Pokerus?

  • I encountered a wild Pokemon or hatched a Pokemon with Pokerus.

    Votes: 34 27.0%
  • I received a Pokemon with Pokerus through Wonder Trade

    Votes: 55 43.7%
  • I received a Pokemon with Pokerus through the GTS

    Votes: 17 13.5%
  • I received a Pokemon with Pokerus from a friend or from a 1 on 1 trade

    Votes: 31 24.6%
  • I sent over a Gen V Pokemon with Pokerus through Pokebank

    Votes: 10 7.9%
  • I have not obtained Pokerus

    Votes: 11 8.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 2 1.6%

  • Total voters
While we're waiting (and waiting) for Pokebank to be released, I realized that X/Y represents a unique chance to study how Pokerus gets transmitted and spread.

As a reminder, Pokerus is a EV-doubling condition with a 1/21,845 chance of being found in an encountered Pokemon (either encountered or hatched). Pokerus is about one third as likely as encountering a shiny in the wild. With X and Y being (for the most part) isolated from previous generations, the Pokerus rate should not be affected too much by tons of people having Pokerus from Gen IV and Gen V. From personal experience, it usually took less than ten GTS trades to get a Pokemon with Pokerus, which I would then use to infect my trade fodder Pokemon, and continue the spread.

In addition to the survey at the top, I'm curious about a couple of things: If you have Pokerus, do you infect Pokemon and send them out by Wonder Trade? Post them on GTS? Hold on to them? How long did it take for you to get Pokerus? If you answer "other" in the survey, please give your answer in the thread.
Let's see what becomes of this.
The funny thing is that I've found Pokerus on wild Pokemon before but I've never found a shiny other than the red Gyarados from the Lake of Rage.

Yes i take advantage every time and start to infect everything in my box and then wonder trade or GTS trade them away.
I've hatched a Riolu with Pokerus. I was traded a Japanese Torchic (non-HA, unfortunately) with Pokerus via GTS. I've also been wonder traded some pokemon with pokerus.

But, until XY, I had not gotten anything with pokerus.

cant say

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I think the only time I've actually found Pokerus myself was in Sapphire when something I caught that got sent to my box (very sure it was a Zigzagoon) and I noticed it much later. I was real young at the time and someone from school said to me that if you make your pc boxes themed (like giving one a forest background, naming it that) and putting the right pokemon in them they will get Pokerus because they'll like being in that box. Obviously it didn't work..

The next time I got it was when doing a Magnemite chain for Join Avenue in White 2, I received a level 100 Magnemite with the virus! And of course it didn't take long on Wonder Trade to get me some Pokerus. I usually infect my breeding rejects with it so hopefully that's helped a few people out


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In 6th grade, I received some Pokemon from my friend (They might've been hacked, though I'm not completely sure) that had Pokerus. The Pokerus was no longer active on them, but I didn't really know what EVs were back then so I really had no idea what Pokerus even did anyway. I thought the smiley faces on their summary screens were totally cute though!
I first encountered Pokerus on a second playthrough of HGSS, around the second to third badge. I was pretty surprised when I looked up how rare it was; I'd only encountered one shiny before then!

In XY I received a Wonder Trade Vivillon with Pokerus. I infected my IV-bred mons and a few of my 3 IV non-HA bulbasaur spitbacks to send back out via WT.
I regularly encounter Pokerus in the games, but got my recent one-day Pokerus Virus via a WonderTraded Froakie.
I usually delete games with Pokerus because I have enough in storage from older games and now with Wondertrade you always get some Pokerus Pokemon after like 10-20 trades, I give Pokerus to a lot of my TradeIns as well
But in my second or third run-through I had a very odd occurrence:
Restricting myself to not battle wild Pokemon I had a longer stay at BattleChateau, only battling InGame Trainer owned Pokemon... and got Pokerus?!?
Did that happen to someone as well, or did an official site ever mention that it only happens with wild Pokemon?
I mean its not practical to know this as the probability to get it from one of the maybe 100 trainers in game is still quite low but wtf happened there?
The first time I ever gotten Pokerus was from playing Pokemon Diamond, encountered from the wild. But at the time, I didn't know until I went to the Pokemon Center and Nurse Joy told me that one of my pokemon had the virus. I was freaking out until she said it was a good thing. So I went straight towards the internet and did my research on it.

So now that I knew what it was and what it does, I was hoping to run into another wild with the virus. In Black I caught a Jigglypuff, then went straight into the center to heal up my pokemon as well check her out. I gotten lucky to catch a pokemon with the pokerus. So I used her to spread the virus around.

Now with Pokemon Bank out, I transferred one of my pokemon from my pc that had the virus in Black and he is now in my pc in my Pokemon Y.
Well now that Pokebank has been officially released, I would expect everyone who didn't get Pokerus to ship over a 5th Gen 'Mon. I know I am. While the sample size is way too small (and the source perhaps a bit biased,) the results certainly are intriguing. Heading into this, I would've predicted very few people to have obtained Pokerus naturally since it's rarer than shininess and there's no notification if a wild Pokemon does have Pokerus. Also, I thought Wonder Trade would mostly be breeding kickbacks and lvl 3 Weedles, neither of which would be especially likely to be infected out of the goodness of the trader's heart. Interesting results.
I only got Pokerus in White and White 2. In White, I was given a Japanese Haxorus, which, luckily, had Pokerus. In White 2, my Samurott somehow got it while I was leveling it up against wild Pokemon. After getting it on Samurott, I stored each Pokemon with it in a special section for my Pokemon with the "virus" to pertain it (doesn't go away when stored), then pulled them out the next day for more training. One day, I forgot, and it went away. Too bad it's a one-time only thing...
In gen 6 my boyfriend caught Pokerus from a random wild Pokemon and then traded it to me, so that's how I got it. In past gens I've actually caught it from wild Pokemon twice: the first time in Diamond (ironically while chaining for a shiny I didn't find) and the second in a gen 5 game.

I haven't been infecting Pokemon that I Wonder Trade because it'd take too long...
I´d like to repost my question and add the purpose of this question:

Has someone ever gotten Pokerus from a In game Trainer battle?
If that is really possible and not just me fantasizing, we might be able to RNG for Pokerus at least in the Generation 5 games, where RNG is already possible.

There are different kinds of Pokerus which differ in the amount of days they last. RNG manipulation might give us a consistent way to more reliably get long living Pokerus(up to four days I think).
I´m currently having One-Day Pokerus in Pokemon Y and no way to transfer my Three-Day Pokerus from HeartGold, since I did not buy Gen5 games yet.

Maybe we can add a new question for this thread:
Which Pokerus-species did you get? (How long does it last?)


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I was one of the lucky ones that got Pokerus through Wonder Trade! n_n Wasn't even aiming for getting one that way, either...was kind of just wonder trading for shits and giggles, really.
I randomly traded a bidoof over w-trade and luckily got a 5iv Adamant fletchling w/ Pokerus and gale wings!! I wonder if it was somehow a misclick on the other persons part though since not only the fletchling was perfect but it also had Pokerus.
My first encounter with Pokerus was way back in Sapphire. It's been so long that I've forgotten what pokemon I'd run into or which of my pokes got the virus. I had no idea what Pokerus was or what it did; indeed, I was barely even paying attention to what I was doing, until I realized that the pokecenter nurse's dialogue was longer than usual, and by then it was too late for me to find out why. It wasn't until Generation FIVE that I learned what I'd missed, and how all that crap worked.

...Oh wait, this is way off topic.

So far, I haven't found any Infected pokemon on X or Y yet, although I PokeBanked all my important pokemon from my Gen 4 and 5 games so I could start new playthroughs on them, thus giving me about a PC box's worth of pokemon cured of Pokerus... Yeah, I didn't spread it around all that much.
The first time I ever got PokeRus was in Pokemon Crystal. I was eight years old and freaked out because my Pokemon were sick and shut off the game without saving.

So it goes.
Actually, in years of study I have read through many books on Pokémon medicine and virology. For this reason, I have what I call the flu-common cold-x Pokémon Human Theory. Let me explain the FCCxPHT:
The common cold, when it was more like a strain of the flu, managed to adapt to a common cold level of danger, and then into a harmless virus called x. When two x viruses met, they became a benefit to the Pokémon's body, doubling all benefits during this time period of infection. The FCCxPHT is a possibility, and that can not, will not, and may not be denied.

In all seriousness, Pokérus is rare, yet I always encounter it early-game. I saw a shiny Corsola once; I had never seen a Corsola before, knew they were competitively worthless, and didn't catch it. What is Pokérus though, and why does GF talk so mysteriously about it?
I actually found Pokérus on a wild shiny Charmeleon♀. I really didn't expect that.

I traded her to someone in exchange for Ditto Safari privileges. That person was really, really grateful.
I actually found Pokérus on a wild shiny Charmeleon♀. I really didn't expect that.

I traded her to someone in exchange for Ditto Safari privileges. That person was really, really grateful.
Could you elaborate on that some more please? It's Kind've confusing when you say that you found it on a wild shiny Charmeleon, and impossible.

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