Policies on Personal Information, Doxxing, and Harassment

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Don't post people's personal information without their consent. This includes photos, facebook profiles, the facebook profiles of their friends/family, phone numbers, pretty much anything, and especially anything AT ALL on facebook.

On the other side of things, don't share your personal information unless you're entirely ok with it becoming public information. Just because we expect people not to share it doesn't mean they won't. Once it touches the internet, it's never going away.
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An incident recently came up where a user was harassing another (underage) user in Discord PM, and as a result the offending user was banned. Shortly thereafter, a different situation found its way into my inbox this morning, where a user was being inexplicably and unnecessary rude to another user (both entirely removed from the first situation). The offending user was rightfully infracted.

The social interaction on this site runs on a rather wide variety of mediums, across the forums, PS and Discord. With that comes a web of private messages, power structures, and different environments. And with all that comes a whole host of other issues, two-faced users who show a different persona in private, and users who gain power and abuse it. Senior Staff would like to continue to make this site a great place to play pokemon and develop relationships.

So... if you see something, say something. If a moderator is abusing their powers, let someone (preferably a Super Moderator or Admin) know. If a user is harassing you in PM, take a screenshot and let someone know. No user on this site, especially one in a position of authority, is untouchable, and no user is immune to the consequences of their actions.


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Updated Policy on Doxxing

We at Smogon recognize that many of our users are on friendly terms with each other offsite, whether that be in another Internet community, on a social media website like Facebook, or in real life. While we understand that during the natural progression of friendship personal information is bound to be exchanged, we caution our users to be selective with whom they share their information. Even if you trust the person not to spread your information or likeness to everyone, chances are they'll still show someone. Can you trust that unknown variable not to spread it around? If the answer is no, don't share.

That said, there's been an uptick in malicious doxxing attempts and attacks against users within our community, and we're going to take a harder and more uniform stance on it. Starting now, this is our policy on doxxing. This policy applies to all domains of Smogon.com and its affiliate websites Pokemon Showdown and Discord.

  • Users who purposefully post or link privileged information about another user without permission in an attempt to harm, discredit, embarrass, or otherwise identify that user will receive a permanent, 4-point Malicious Doxxing warning, which will ban them from our websites. No exceptions.
  • Users who accidentally post or link privileged information about another user without permission not knowing the information wasn't shareable (such as revealing a name on the Smogon Discord) will receive a stern, verbal warning. Further slip-ups may result in actual warning points against their account.
(Privileged information can be defined as names, addresses, photographs, or other personal details that may identify a person and that are not widely accessible.)

Lastly, as much as Smogon is committed to safeguarding its users' information, we cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from anyone getting hold of information that you've shared with another user. Be smart.
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