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i dont do us eng so centre it is

Hello, this is the subforum that deals with the ASB Policy and whatnot. There are a few simple rules you should follow so make sure not to break them or else feel the wrath of the mods... :(


On Posting Threads

It is up to the ASB Council to post discussion and voting threads on Policy matters. ASB Moderators, while having the power to do that, will refrain from posting threads unless they are also members of the council. The ASB Council will be in charge of managing all general policy discussion Threads will generally have one of two tags:
  • Discussion: Focused discussion threads on the specific policy issue.
  • Voting: Threads where the ASB Council conducts a vote.
Discussion threads will be made whenever a member of the Council (or exceptionally a Moderator) thinks the subject is worth a deeper discussion. This is subjective. It is recommended, although not obligatory, that the subject is posted first on the ASB Feedback thread and/or brought up on IRC as a means to measure the interest of the community on the matter. Voting threads will only be made when a discussion thread on an issue has been resolved to a point where there is nothing else to discuss save a few exceptions and that can only be done by ASB Councilmembers or (exceptionally) ASB Moderators. It is recommended that, before posting the voting thread, the councilmember creates the slate that will be voted upon and gives the community fair time (around 48h) to analyse it and propose changes.

Members of the RP and Gym Committees, as well as the managers of The Legend Run and the Raid Zone can post Policy threads regarding the respective subjects they are in charge of and are responsible for managing each and every discussion done on them. Likewise, ASB Moderations are the only with power to post threads where a kind of "Buff Culture" is discussed or voted, but in those the ASB Council can also help with the management of the respective discussions.

On Posting in the ASB Feedback Thread

Generally follow the rules in the OP. If you have a new policy issue to bring up and you aren't a councilmember or a moderator (or you are not sure if the matter is worth deeper discussion), please post it in the Feedback Thread first or bring it up on #capasb. The Feedback Thread is meant for bringing up new issues with the game, whatever they are.

The ASB Feedback Thread is also where rulings are usually discussed and given for more complex matters. Simple questions regarding the way a move or a mechanic works are better done on the Simple Questions Simple Answers thread. But if the matter is more complex and you need a ruling, post it on the feedback thread. Rulings may be given by anyone, but should only be considered mandatory if posted/backed up by a Moderator and not refuted by another. Also, it is possible to make small changes on the NDA or the Handbook (usually to make something clearer) by the a Moderator decision due to the a matter brought up on the feedback thread.

On Posting in Discussion Threads

Discussion Threads are where the policy issue in question is discussed in detail. General forum rules apply here so no flaming, no trolling, stay on topic, etc.

On Posting in Voting Threads

Unless you are a council member voting or a non-council member moderator tallying up the votes, you should never post in a voting thread. The only posts allowed are the new thing to vote from, the council member's voting (with or without reasoning) and vote tallying.

There is one exception to the no posting in voting threads rule, and that is when a new council is being voted. In which case, anyone can vote in these threads.


Otherwise, that is pretty much it unless there is something I forgot. Just take note that all threads in the policy subforum are moderated and that general forum rules apply.

~ASB Moderation Team
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I updated the rules above a tad. Basically the changes are:
a) Only Councilmembers should post discussion threads (except for the specific ones done by committee members, TLR/Raid managers or by the moderators regarding buffs). Mods that aren't on the council should refrain from doing it, unless it is a matter of buff culture. This is so the council does the work here so the mod team can oversee how things go. Preferably more than one councilmember -_-.
b) If the councilmember (or moderator in a pinch) thinks that a matter is worth deeper discussion, they can create threads from the get-go, without the need for previous discussion on the feedback thread. It is recommended that previous discussion on IRC or feedback thread is done, but that is only a recommendation and the councilmember is free to, at any point, create the thread for discussion. This was something agreed upon ever since the second term of the council, but was never actually implemented. Since it was apparently forgotten and the feedback is now a boiling chaos of random discussions, I made it clear so maybe things get a tad more organized.
b.1) Also, this is important: lately, most discussions are being done via IRC instead of via feedback thread. So if a matter was heatly discussed on IRC and the participants (including councilmembers) all agree that a solution must be given and that the matter warrants further discussion, the member of the council should go ahead and post the discussion thread directly instead of posting on the feedback thread. Previous discussion via IRC is as viable as via feedback thread, so putting it on the feedback thread after being discussed at length on irc is just redundant and unnecessary.
c) All general discussions must be managed by the council members. By "managed" I mean keeping focus, keeping the discussion alive, asking questions, asking for clarification, proposing solution, creating slates, sending stuff to the voting booth etc. Moderators (who aren't also councilmembers) will oversee stuff and will only act if REALLY necessary (usually via post deletion and/or warns). On discussions regarding Buff Culture, the management should be done mostly by the Council as well, but moderators should have a more active role on the matter, especially to prevent the discussion from derailing to solutions that would be denied by Word of God judgement.

Should be all.
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