Policy on Cross-Site Punishments

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Pokemon Showdown and Smogon have traditionally handled their punishments separately, but to reflect the crossover between the two sites we're implementing mirrored punishments. These punishments ensure users proven to be a poor presence on one site don't simply get away scot-free on the other. Behavior across the community should be congruent. Currently these cross-site punishments will be enforced for the more serious offenders:

PS bans -> Smogon
  • Users who are permanently locked on PS for spamming or trolling will be given a 3 point (ICBB), 6 month infraction on Smogon.
  • Users who are permanently locked on PS for posting porn, shock sites, doxxing, etc. will be permanently banned from Smogon.
Smogon bans -> PS
  • Users who are banned for 6 months or more on Smogon (with an expiration date) will be locked on PS for the duration of their forum ban.
  • Users who are permanently banned on Smogon will be permanently locked on PS.

While in most cases this policy will not be acted on retroactively, cases falling under the second bullet point will be individually considered for a permanent ban from Smogon.

By following the rules on both sites these punishments are unlikely to affect you.
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Starting now, users banned on Smogon for an extended period of time (6 months or more) will be locked on PS for the duration of their ban. Formerly, only Smogon permabans translated over to PS. However, senior Smogon and PS staff realized that this was inconsistent with the spirit of the original cross-site policy and we have revised it to make the punishments more consistent.

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