Tournament Poor Man's Monotype Tournament (Won by RichardPepper)

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Art by Dharma / Approved by mods

In this tournament, each player is allotted $50 per team to build their teams around. A Pokemon's spot on the viability determines how much it costs (see below). For example, Cinderace is S Rank on Fire on the VR, so it costs $15 to use on your team, while Salazzle is D Rank so it only costs $1. Within this tournament, each team that you use must cost no more than $50, otherwise the battle will not count. Due to how "top heavy" Monotype VR tends to be, hopefully this will introduce some interesting teams and provide a nice building challenge.

Victini ($15), Latios ($8), Celebi ($8), Metagross ($5), Slowking-Galar ($8), Necrozma ($5)
Total Cost: $49

Landorus-Therian ($15), Celesteela ($12), Dragonite ($8), Moltres ($5), Thundurus ($5), Aerodactyl ($5)
Total Cost: $50

Tournament Rules
  • This tournament is Best of 3, Single Elimination Monotype Tournament
  • Matches must be played on either Pokemon Showdown or Smogtours
  • Replays must be posted so that I can verify the costs of your teams. If a winning team goes above budget, the replay will not count and a new game must be played. Please be sure that your team cost is within budget.
  • The Viability Rankings can be found here.
  • If the VR is changed during the course of the tour, the budget changes will be implemented at the start of the following week.
  • Your team can consist of fewer than 6 Pokemon if you so wish, as long as the price is no more than $50.
  • The tournament will follow standard Monotype rules and clauses.
Signups will be open until Sunday (9/12/21) and will be first come first save basis until 32/48/64/128 signups are reached.
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