Tournament Poor Man's Monotype Tournament (Won by RichardPepper)

Round 2
Remember you have a $50 budget to build each of your teams. If your team costs more than $50 and you win, the game will not count and will have to be redone. Please see the original post for all the rules. Also remember this is best of 3.
Replays must be posted.​

Big thanks to Ticken for making a calc for the tour

ashbala99  vs  torterraxx
 vs  Nael222
XSTATIC COLD  vs  Insector84
tMoi  vs  RichardPepper
 vs  Drix
mushamu  vs  Pajamazz
Fraolain  vs  Bluxio
Bondie  vs  Ticken
 vs  Honey SweeTTootH
Jojo8868  vs  adjustments
average fella
 vs  Anttya
yedla  vs  Anique
The deadline for round 1 is 9/27 at 11:59 PM EST
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