Post #4: DoTD (Disturbance of the Day)


formerly theBigbrother17
Hello y'all, I know this might be a dumb post, but every once in a while I always have to deal with anything to do with online or offline things that would feel excited, annoyed, pain, sorrow, pissed, fear, and paranoia along with anxiety. In these terms, it is my mind that usually gets disturbed by some topics of the matter at hand. So every day starting tomorrow (hopefully a daily thing with college being in session), I will (try to) post a DoTD on the forums on a daily or bi-daily occurrence to that forum. Have a nice one y'all and hopefully I see y'all tomorrow.
Accidentally bought 50 tcg online shining fates packs. I meant to buy one pack to test if the website was legit (it's only about $0.13 USD), but selected the wrong offer. Website was legit and it costed a lot less than I expected so more of a disturban't.

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