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As you can see here, OMPL IX has now ended. Congratulations to xavgb and The Spinda Wheels for winning their second season of OMPL in a row! As for them and everyone else, feel free to use this thread for posting teams, various/personal records, or shoutouts! Please don't use this thread for anything else. Commince Meat is still up for those who would like to post memes or small comments that would derail this thread from its purpose.​

I'll use this post to keep track of teams by linking each team post right below.

I'd also like to encourage everyone to thank Kris, Sectonia, and Think for hosting OMPL this year. It was a good season and the first in a while where we haven't had a major fiasco of some sort. Cheers! :blobwizard:

Hi OM community! I just wanted to say thank you for letting me participate in this OMPL as your trusty commentator. I sincerely hope that it made this tournament even marginally more enjoyable for the majority of people - I know I REALLY enjoyed it myself :) From the huge games to the 4-people-in-the-audience-mid-week-NFE-games I was always excited to hop on the mic and babble about metas to whoever would listen.

Huge shout-outs to every single person who joined me on the mic throughout the tournament. I loved getting to hear so many different thoughts, opinions, and voices alongside my own, especially from such a great pool of incredible depth of meta knowledge. I can’t remember everyone off the top of my head, but I promise every single one of you made this even more wonderful for me!

Above all else I have to thank Ransei for agreeing to let me commentate the tournament at all, and for implementing the channel (and not getting annoyed with me asking so many times hehe) when nothing like this had ever been done before!

So yeah, thank you all so much again for listening. It really made me feel like I was part of the community again, even after so long away from playing myself. And congratulations to the Spinda Wheels for such a dominant and fun-to-watch performance throughout the whole of OMPL!


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Hi OM community! I just wanted to say thank you for letting me participate in this OMPL as your trusty commentator. I sincerely hope that it made this tournament even marginally more enjoyable for the majority of people - I know I REALLY enjoyed it myself :) From the huge games to the 4-people-in-the-audience-mid-week-NFE-games I was always excited to hop on the mic and babble about metas to whoever would listen.

Huge shout-outs to every single person who joined me on the mic throughout the tournament. I loved getting to hear so many different thoughts, opinions, and voices alongside my own, especially from such a great pool of incredible depth of meta knowledge. I can’t remember everyone off the top of my head, but I promise every single one of you made this even more wonderful for me!

Above all else I have to thank Ransei for agreeing to let me commentate the tournament at all, and for implementing the channel (and not getting annoyed with me asking so many times hehe) when nothing like this had ever been done before!

So yeah, thank you all so much again for listening. It really made me feel like I was part of the community again, even after so long away from playing myself. And congratulations to the Spinda Wheels for such a dominant and fun-to-watch performance throughout the whole of OMPL!
Hey you! YES YOU! Good job with the commentating thingy with your friends! It was real fresh thing and through the tournament felt like it only got better! Keep it up in future if you have the energy and enjoy it! Bet others enjoyed it as well as much as I did and probably even more :heart:

Cheers mate!

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Some time has past since my team got knocked out of OMPL so the feelings that accompanied that event have mostly faded, which is why this shoutout post is going to be a bit more brief than i originally intended it to be. To my assman Lasen thanks for nudging me in the direction of managing - i had been flip-flopping on the decision for a while before you mentioned it, but I wasn't really sure who I'd manage with, so you approaching me (half jokingly) made up my mind.
To the rest of the boomers DerpyBoi cityscapes Icemaster kythr Betathunder Stolen Identity Terracotta Havens Eris thanks for doing your best and accompanying me on this wild ride of a tournament. We did really well in the beginning keeping the no-loss streak alive but faltered in the end. I attribute much of the blame for our stumble to myself and my dissapoining performance, I'm sorry I wasn't able to do better - both as a player and as a manager supporting your guys' prep. With that said I hope you guys still had fun and would be down to team with me again. I'd love to team up again with every single one of you!

To the helpers in our discord: thanks for hanging out with us and helping us along the way!
To the people who helped me test AAA and Camo (you guys know who you are! :blobpex: ): massive thanks for always being up to play games, I enjoyed them and it helped me figure out if my teams were working or not.

E: I'd like to thank the hosts for a well run and mostly drama free tour as well as Tcot and Think for organizing the commentary. That was one of my favorite parts of the tour and I hope you guys stick with it for future tours!

With that out of the way, I'm gonna post some thoughts on the metas I had a hand in building for.

1) AAA (I actually wrote pretty long descriptions for each team but then i refreshed, losing all progress so I'm gonna be shorter this time around.)

Some metagame observations:

:talonflame: :heatran:
Talon is complimented really well by Desoland, until people start running Flash Fire Corv/Skarm. But when people are checking Talon with bulky waters and PSea it gives alot of openings to your desolander to come in and fire off strong fire moves.

:swampert: :skarmory: :tapu koko:
I ended up liking AV pert + Daunt Skarm a lot over the course of the tour cause it felt like a very solid bulky offense core. They form a solid "skarmbliss" blanket check core, with Skarm being preferred over corv due to access to hazards and Counter/Toxic/Whirlwind letting it actually serve as anticheese (beats Kommo, for example). Psea Koko (alternatively Zapdos) compliments the core very well, since it patches up the biggest holes in DesoTran and physical Fire types (ace, talon etc). This gives you a good amount of freedom when filling out the rest of your team, as seen in my w5 and 6 teams.

:primarina: :genesect:
Specs Psea Weather Ball was a very nice response to people running DesoLand as their water resist. I often found myself kinda forced into running Pert with Zarude since grassy terrain makes most other grounds unviable and you cant really run Dragonvally with Zarude cause then both your electric resists lose to Koko. These teams can't really afford to run Water Absorb over Deso without some concessions, since you lose out on the very important Fire move damage boost that way. After seeing the success of Specs Psea I decided to build with it myself and came to the conclusion that NG Genesect and Primarina complement each other very well. If the opposing team's water resist is DesoTran (as it often is), then Prima will weaken it for Gene. If their water resist is Blissey, Gene beats that while crippling its checks with Zap. If they have an actual water resist (Fini/Dragonvally) it doesn't matter since both actually lose to Gene/Prima longterm. Blastoise is probs one of the few things that fares "well" vs this core.

CM Latios is "lowkey broken" in the sense that only Weavile and Scarfers with a strong Uturn cleanly revenge it at +1. Everything else fails to ohko which can be devastating. It obv doesn't like slow uturns but you can work around that somewhat.

:zarude: :dhelmise: + :latias: :tapu lele: :chandelure: :necrozma:
It took me a while to hop on the unburden seed wincon train, but its the real deal. Unburden basically mimics Triage wincons in the way that it only takes one turn of setup to potentially take over the game, but it bypasses alot of usual countermeasures such as Dazzling/Psysurge or trying to outspeed with sth that resists the Triage move. And the seed boost is significant too. I personally feel like Lele and Latias are the best unburdeners, but I also tried Chandelure and I know Necrozma and Mowtom were used by other players as well.

:swampert: :blissey: :corviknight:
Sometime over the course of the tour i ended up really disliking the standard bulky offense defensive core of Pert + Blob + Corv which basically aims to pivotspam the opponent to death. This is cause it feels very weak to attempts at bypassing pivotspam (Triage, speed boosting setup and uninteractive cheese such as demon mew) as the mons in question dont have any offensive presence themselves - so you have to include countermeasures to these within your breakers. This also ends up being an issue when you find yourself in a MU where your breakers are all checked in some way and you would need your defensive core to help overwhelm your opponent's walls. Swampert is pretty much the only one that can contribute to that with Toxic or Whirlpool shenanigans, which means that you need to pair this core with something that plays off that. I don't think this core is unviable per se, but it's not as splashable as I used to think and needs some (a bunch) teambuilding concessions to make work. The week 1 teams used by the Spindas (corv pert blob arche zarude zam) and mlove (corv pert blob zarude kiss archeops) are good examples of how to make this core work. Also more recently, the Terrak + Scarf Azelf team by Unnerftalonflame.


W1 vs jrdn (L): triage prima + specs latios
:primarina: :latios: :genesect: :blissey: :swampert: :mandibuzz:

I initially wanted to use FF SD Scizor vs jrdn, cause i felt that it would do well vs his style of teams, but ended up realising Scizor is kinda bad cause it doesn't have the BST to 1v1 anything it doesn't explicitly counter. So i switched to Triage Prima + synergystic breaker. I felt that Specs Latios would pressure DesoTran pretty well, since that's the hardest prim counter so I paired her w that. If I were to build this team again I'd probs do CM Lati and Corv over Mandibuzz. I'm not happy with the way I played this game, especially the lategame choke that cost me the game, but props to jrdn, he outplayed me for most of the game.

W2 vs mlove (W): talon + desotran
:zarude: :heatran: :talonflame: :zapdos: :swampert: :cobalion:

I wanted to use Talonflame this week cause it's really good. It's hard to properly account for it without going out of your way since most bulky waters run low BP moves (scald, flip) and thus fail to ohko, letting you score 2hkos at +2. Rock types kinda don't exist, so the best way to prep for it s Psea elecs (koko zap) and FF steel birds (Corv skarm). The latter were nonexsitent at the time so I paired it w tox/tect desotran which felt like a good way to pressure most things that can prevent talon from making progress. I filled out the team with Zarude for terrain support and cob + pert + zap which is a nice defensive core. I was really happy with the team and it performed quite well too.

W3 vs booty (W): koko + weav MGspam
:tapu koko: :weavile: :heatran: :blissey: :skarmory: :swampert:

I went for double MG Koko + Weav cause they have p good offensive synergy. Paired them w baloon desotran to take advantage of swampert, since neither of the two actually pressures it that well, while giving myself a check for triage dkiss. Weavile is low kick to get past cobalion, so I paired it w whirlpool Pert to trap Fini on defog and clear the way for Knockspam to win the game. Bounce bliss as my tran check, Skarm as my spiker and anticheese. Pretty happy with both this team and the way I played this game. I got a crucial bounce off which let me force a whirlpool on cob as my opp went for rocks again which let me clear the way for weavile to start picking up kills.

W4 vs atha (L): Togekiss balance
:togekiss: :golisopod: :latias: :chansey: :corviknight: :swampert:

My least fav team. It's kinda shit tbh. If i were to prep again I'd build very different, while keeping Togekiss. The idea was that Tinted pod would lure Kiss checks such as Pex and offensive Fire and Steel types, but i neglected to consider that Atha runs intim corv A LOT, which handles pod pretty well, thus preventing it from actually making progress vs togekiss checks. I don't love the way I played the game either, I lost the ferro vs bounce mindgames early and misplayed around the geneset + terrak. In my defense, playing around an unknown gene when there's a supporting breaker with an amazing MU vs your team is very hard.

W5 vs bush (W): double band + demon mew
:tapu koko: :weavile: :cinderace: :skarmory: :swampert: :mew:

I took inspiration from Atha's W1 team. CB Weav + CB Ace has pretty nice offensive synergy since they share a subset of checks (bulky waters), while beating the other subset of each other's checks (bulky steels, bulky grounds and dragons). I knew I wanted to pair them w bounce mew to cover the hazard weakness, but i opted for demon mew instead of spikes cause I felt that the teams that can adequately check both my breakers (Psea Zap + Regen Cob) fold to demon mew pretty hard. The actual game was a pretty quick sac war of Weav vs Prima that I would eventually lose, but fortunately Mew was able to sweep a weakened team.

W6 vs MZ (L): unburden latias BO
:zarude: :heatran: :latias: :tapu koko: :swampert: :skarmory:

After getting owned by motherlove's unburden teams in tests i decided to build my own. Specifically i wanted to do zarude+tran+unburden cause i didn't wanna lean too heavily offensive. I ended up slapping together this core and SkarmPertKoko (my favorite at the time). I built a version with Lele over Latias first, but I didnt love my FF Ferro MU so I went with Lati in the end. This is the loss I am most dissapointed in, because it was the most preventable. Basically, with proper play I should have never lost the game. If i went Zarude on the latios' memento (which I knew the Latios had) I could then bring in Lati on anything that tried to set up and win the 1v1. Failing that, if I just scouted for Solarbeam instead of playing like the game was already won i could have avoided the scenario in which i had to hit 2 magma storms to win (basically 50/50 odds). Sadly I didn't hit the magma storms so i lost.

W7 vs geerat (L) NG genesect + specs prima
:primarina: :genesect: :landorus-therian: :blissey: :cobalion: :mew:

I took inspiration from the frequent usage of Psea specs breakers and decided to build my own take on it. I paired my primarina with Genesect cause i felt like the offensive synergy was close to perfect as I've already mentioned. The rest of the team was just filling out the roles that were missing, while straying a bit from my usual approach since I had a feeling it would get cteamed. I ended up doing Regen Bliss cause I had Prima to take advantage of DesoTran coming in, a physically defensive core of Cob + Intim Flip Turn Mew and Scarf Wandering Spirit Lando. These last 2 mons are a bit nonstandard, but I have p good justification for both. I ran flip turn on mew because the talonflame MU was pretty bad otherwise, with the only answer to +2 talon being my scarf lando. So i wanted my mew to be able to pivot in on it and pivot out while doing a decent chunk to basically make setting up much harder in the future. As for WS lando, it was initially dazzling, but the team was insanely weak to unburden kommo. I went for WS since it checks almost all triage variants about as well as dazzling while also covering unburden sweepers and punishing certain regens. Sadly I ended up facing Triage Celebi lmao, the one Triage it actually doesnt check, but that would not have been a problem if I hadn't thrown away HP on genesect vs gapdos, thinking it was slow because my scarf lando (that specifically crept 409) outsped it. Another loss I'm pretty disappointed in, since it felt like a game I should have won but didn't because I chose the wrong openings for my breakers.

Overall I think my teams were pretty good, apart from the one I brought W4 vs Atha, so I really don't think my 3/4 record does them any justice. All of my losses were preventable with even slightly better play, but that's obviously hindsight speaking. Despite my dissapointing performance I had a lot of fun building, testing and playing AAA this time around. I think the meta is in a pretty good spot, probably the best it's been since I joined the council and I'm excited to play more of it in the seasonal, ladder tour, hopefully world cup and of course the much anticipated AAAPL if that ends up being approved.


While I played exclusively AAA in this past OMPL, I also had a hand in building Camo for my team some of the weeks.

The teams:


This team was built around the idea of using Lati + Horse as dual special cheese mons to bank on finding a matchup where at least one of them had the capacity to easily win. Supported by av reuni and conk as answers to opposing bulky setup cheese while breaking well with FS + fighting move.

I think Beta ended up using Victini over Volc as his fire type, but the idea here was again trying to fish with dual special wincons that cover each other's weaknesses while trying to not lose to opposing fishes. Victini fits just as well here cause it checks things that check Hydreigon, while forming a good breaking core with Pheromosa.

The idea here was supporting Naga as best as possible while again trying to cover most possible bulky setup cheeses, but unfortunately we ran into a physical spam HO which was a pretty abysmal matchup.

None of these teams were actually used, but some sets informed our building for weeks 6 and 7. With the bans of Lati@s, Hydreigon and Glowking, the most signicant change in the metagame was Levitate becoming significantly less common, which made checking certain Ground/X combination much harder. For example, while Ground/Steel, Ground/Ice and Ground/Fire were previously checked by the immensely splashable Water type Latis and Hydreigon, finding good switchins to these combinations is much harder now. MamoMosa + PexBro

The first mon I had my eye on was Mosa. With the best levitaters gone, Ice/Ground CB Mosa has no real reliable switchins besides Water/Bug, assuming you can Knock everything's helmet off. I paired it with CM Glowbro, basically an attempt at replicating Glowking, albeit noticably less strong.

Another mon that felt much better was Melmetal. This was partly also a response to the prevalence of Water type Mew that chose flip Turn as its Water STAB of choice. Due to Melmetal's massive bulk it can be EVd so that uninvested STAB Flip turn from Mew never breaks the sub, which makes Melm a very dangerous threat to teams that rely on Water Mew to beat Steel/Ground mons. This team did very well in testing, with Melmetal taking over multiple games. Terra ended up using a modified version of the set on his trick room team he brought against the Zoomers.

Another team with the melmetal set, this time paired with flying NP torn. NP Torn is featured on both teams, as it felt like the next best special "bulky breaker" now that the latis and hydreigon were gone.

Last mon that felt much better since levitating steels weren't a thing anymore is DD Roost Landomew (Brave bird/EQ). This mon did really well in tests as well, having very good sweep potential with a minimal amount of support. It's also unexpected since Mew usually runs utility sets so people don't really play with it in mind until it's revealed. Unfort I built this team after the Boomers were already knocked out so we didn't get to use it. I also haven't really built a Landomew team that completely satisfied me yet, but the set has been good enough that it usually just won anyway.

I don't really have much more insight into the meta since I only played test games, however another thing that felt good to me was Spect + Guts Normal type. The reasoning here is that Spectrier is a Dark type that doesn't beat opposing Spectrier, so unless you wanna stack Darks you have to find some other way to check it. While Normal/Fairy Blissey works, its not ideal in a meta dominated by Poison type Tornadus, so I ended up gravitating towards offensive mons that blank the horse - FF Normal/Fairy Arcanine and Guts Conk/Hera. Given that the horse is more of a wincon than a breaker, I felt that Guts mons fit horse team comps better so you aren't filling out 2 offensive slots without a dedicated breaker as you would with Horse/Arcanine.

Camo feels a bit matchuppy atm, but it's still a fun meta to build for. Hopefully the removal of the ladder can spark some more interest since its now eligible for omotm voting again. And perhaps we may see a tournament in the future as well... :blobpex:
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have to preface this by saying a lot of my success is thanks to chazm. besides him building several of my teams he helped me a hell of a lot with evaluating the teams ive built

week 1
-> :slowking-galar::mew::blissey::pheromosa::tornadus-therian::zygarde-10:
-> :slowking-galar::mew::mantine::pheromosa::tornadus-therian::victini:
basically a voltturn core with glowking. never really worked out cause the defensive core was pretty lacking against certain mons

2. weebs

webs. not much to it. tornt type is weird

3. haha you know what cloyster looks like? haha
jirachi stuff. doom desire is good to hit fairies which darks and dragons can capitalize on. chazm gave me this team which is probably better though

4. Magic Room Stall In [Gen 8] Camomons for the Playstation 1

dont use this team

5. rip money magearnas
-> :grimmsnarl::hydreigon::volcarona::magearna::tornadus-therian::rillaboom:
dual screens. chazm disagrees but i insist explosion magearna is good!!!

6. drampa's grandpa

drampas there as a bit of speed control that checks pheromosa. you can probably replace hydreigon with hurricane torn that sounds cool. idk about latios though maybe mixed electric dragapult?

team used: OOPS! ALL FAT SETUP (team by chazm)

everythings fat and sets up. thats pretty much it. game ended up with me having to flinch twice against melmetal who otherwise owns the team so that kinda sucked.

week 2: OOPS! (ALMOST) ALL FAST SETUP (team makeup by chazm)

everythings fast and sets up (besides DARRYL). thats pretty much it. game went pretty well

week 3:
7. brick broom

truly a shame this team never saw the light of battle, np + tr glowking sounds heat af

8. teleport solves every team's problems! what do you mean latias 6-0s this team?

spams port and then goes into powerful mon. turns out relying on slowking for special attackers doesnt work too well


why is blaziken actually bad

team used: the boys (team by chazm)

dual screens THREE. fighting/psychic latias is wild. this game cemented my support of mixed pult this thing is awesome

week 4:
scheduled game at 3am and then passed out at 10pm. Lol!

week 5:
orb spam offense (team by chazm)

feel bad about losing this game, shouldve known that dragon/fighting phero wouldnt use focus blast

week 6: (hydreigon/latios/latias/glowking banned)

having to use defog lando is pretty bad i think


a revision of a team i made all the way in pre-dlc. i figured that with 3 big levitaters banned i could mess around with more ground types

13. Earl07/05/2021
You made me Ben Shapiro

sand. seeing as a quite a few people tried using sand and got totally owned i wanted to build my own. vanilla dracozolt sounds cool cause you can beat rillaboom with it which people had a lot of trouble with as i saw

14. staller? i hardly even know 'er!
highly unoptimized, have two poison/darks for some reason (probably change torn to poison/flying, though that gives another electric weakness). idk stall has to change a lot since pre-dlc

team centered around slowking (previously glowking). worked reeally well until i got flinched by dark pulse. sad!

week 7

16: adventure

sd dark/poison mew is hot ngl


17. good faith
according to chazm i had a good mu here but blew it somehow, that sucks. probably cause i misjudged electric/fairy clef to be mg and not unaware, that was pretty unfortunate

chazm/om: thanks for drafting me it was a blast
sevag/ivar57: great moral support plus it was really fun watching you guys build bh teams in real time
rest of tyrantrums: i didnt participate much in the other metagame channels but it was really cool watching your teams play out live. proud of us getting to playoffs
euphonos: madman/gigachad keeping the metagame alive, respect

looking forward to wcoom/ompl 10

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Fat team dump since I built way too many teams for this despite not playing. Gonna categorize them by era; Pre-OMPL, Glacial Lance meta, and post-GLance

These teams were built around Week 1 of OMPL in preparation for gauging how the meta was going to turn out
NOTE: The metagame was pretty undeveloped compared to what it is now at this point so there's some pretty questionable choices on these teams, also a lot of choices were made to go against some of the meta trends at the time
:scizor::kyurem::slowking::mandibuzz::clefable::urshifu: Swords Dance Scizor BO
:reuniclus::skarmory::tyranitar::urshifu::amoonguss::sylveon: Future Sight Reuniclus Balance
:volcarona::skarmory::tyranitar::excadrill::sylveon::slowking: Volcarona Sand BO
:melmetal::zapdos::slowking::excadrill::weavile::clefable: Melmetal BO
:scizor::hydreigon::tapu koko::slowking::corviknight::nidoking: Scizor+Hydreigon BO
:garchomp::tapu lele::corviknight::blissey::heatran::weavile: Specs Lele Balance
:excadrill::dracozolt::tyranitar::tornadus-therian::tangrowth::slowking: Regen Spam Sand
:urshifu::slowking-galar::ferrothorn::tornadus-therian::weavile::garchomp: Urshifu-Rapid Offense
:tapu fini::magnezone::blissey::skarmory::garchomp::swampert: Tapu Fini fat Balance
:hydreigon::tapu koko::skarmory::toxapex::scizor::mudsdale: Mudsdale Balance
:rillaboom::magearna::skarmory::garchomp::thundurus-therian::blissey: Rillaboom BO
:reuniclus::magearna::rillaboom::garchomp::tyranitar::corviknight: Reuniclus+Rillaboom BO

Glacial Lance Meta
Early OMPL teams is when I probably spent the most time building and grinding out more specific team compositions
:latios::urshifu::tapu koko::corviknight::volcarona::excadrill: Latios Offense
:slowbro-galar::tapu bulu::ferrothorn::zapdos-galar::weavile::rotom-heat: Grassy Terrain BO
:buzzwole::tyranitar::heatran::excadrill::gyarados::sylveon: Buzzwole Sand
:tapu bulu::weavile::seismitoad::heatran::corviknight::lycanroc-dusk: Lycanroc-Dusk BO
:ninetales-alola::arctozolt::salamence::magearna::terrakion::nidoking: Hail HO
:magnezone::excadrill::tapu bulu::tyranitar::rotom-heat::buzzwole: Magnezone Sand
:tapu fini::corviknight::weavile::slowking-galar::seismitoad::volcarona: Scarf Tapu Fini BO
:clefable::scizor::seismitoad::kyurem::tapu bulu::zapdos-galar: Kyurem BO
:scizor::weavile::zapdos-galar::gyarados::seismitoad::heatran: Bird Spam BO
:tapu fini::tyranitar::ferrothorn::nidoking::tornadus-therian::cinderace: Cinderace BO
:slowking-galar::seismitoad::zapdos-galar::moltres-galar::scizor::clefable: Scarf Moltres-Galar
:tapu lele::scizor::seismitoad::tyranitar::excadrill::thundurus-therian: Tapu Lele Sand
:tapu koko::ferrothorn::buzzwole::hydreigon::slowking::heatran: Buzzwole+Hydreigon BO
:tapu koko::ferrothorn::buzzwole::hydreigon::toxapex::swampert: similar idea feat. Bulk Up Swampert
:rotom-wash::scizor::tapu koko::seismitoad::zapdos-galar::tyranitar: Trying to make Rotom-W not suck
:scizor::tapu koko::seismitoad::zapdos-galar::tyranitar::celesteela: realizing it just sucks and using Celesteela instead
:scizor::toxapex::weavile::tapu lele::seismitoad::skarmory: double choiced BO
:tangrowth::slowking::heatran::corviknight::tapu koko::nidoqueen: Regen Core+Nidoqueen
:sylveon::nidoqueen::slowking::weavile::tapu bulu::buzzwole: Court Change Sylveon BO feat. no hazards
:slowking-galar::weavile::seismitoad::corviknight::tapu koko::heatran: Slowking-Galar+Weavile
:nidoqueen::tornadus-therian::tapu bulu::seismitoad::weavile::cobalion: Cobalion BO

Post Glacial Lance
Didn't really have time to build much during this time being on LoA for a while and super busy the rest of the time, so not much to share here, also half these teams are just memes
:mew::nidoking::blissey::tapu bulu::scizor::tornadus-therian: Mew Spikes+Coil Nidoking
:zarude::magnezone::tornadus-therian::tapu bulu::aegislash::seismitoad: Band Zarude Offense
:melmetal::seismitoad::tapu bulu::kyurem::sylveon::tornadus: Choice Band Tornadus-I
:scizor::heatran::dragonite::seismitoad::tapu bulu::tapu koko: Dual Tapus Dragonite Offense
:slowking-galar::urshifu::volcarona::tornadus-therian::ferrothorn::garchomp: fat Garchomp Balance
:aerodactyl::zapdos-galar::tornadus-therian::seismitoad::sylveon::ferrothorn: bird spam part 2 feat. Aerodactyl
:toxapex::clefable::heatran::excadrill::obstagoon::dragonite: Obstagoon BO
:buzzwole::dragonite::seismitoad::clefable::toxapex::tornadus-therian: BO
:toxapex::seismitoad::tapu bulu::rotom-fan::tornadus-therian::garchomp: Rotom-Fan BO
:tapu koko::raichu-alola::dragonite::seismitoad::corviknight::tornadus-therian: Electric Terrain Offense
:zoroark::tapu koko::seismitoad::corviknight::latios::keldeo: Ring Target Zoroark thing
:torkoal::victini::tornadus-therian::porygon2::venusaur::garchomp: meme sun
:starmie::excadrill::tyranitar::tornadus-therian::corviknight::tapu bulu: Starmie Sand

If I had to pick any favorites I'd pick the Cobalion team, the Starmie Sand, The Dual Tapus Dragonite Offense, the no hazards team, the rotom-w sucks use celesteela team, and the eterrain one. not gonna say much else about the teams bc im exhausted from compiling them last second lol and have other stuff to do now

Honestly had a ton of fun building for OMPL this year and testing stuff out, which is why I'm really bummed that I couldn't keep that up towards the end due to irl stuff. Shoutout xavgb and Plas for letting me join the team again and giving me a place to spout my ideas, and to everyone who bugged me to test, sorry i kinda flat out ignored you all towards the end. Hope to build some more during STAB ssnl if things get better for me but we'll see.

EDIT: also 900th post hype
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And now for something completely different
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Everything that I built was heavily influenced by QT except the one team I built to face his team so yeah just the screens I already posted in AAA samples this team was passable when it had archeops, terrakion is a bad replacement and the team no longer realy functions but I wanted to share it anyway, it is at least interesting this is the epic ring target team I prepped right before archeops was surprise banned so I couldn't use it AAAAAAAAAAA also I just noticed Kommo-o is missing EVs but I'm not gonna go fix that kinda loses to nonstandard breakers and obviously the gimmick mon here is subpar and doesn't need to be used. but elephant go moooooo this is the one I made to fight QT's team with. it ran into a 100-0 matchup (it's hugely matchup reliant anyway but that was extreme) and I don't think anything is notable other than the mew set but it is a cool mew

I had no expectation or desire to start this OMPL and my managers were kinda silly for thinking I could carry the slot. But this was reasonably fun, I think I made some cool things, and I'm glad I could be at least a net positive to the Tyrantrums, you guys were fun. Also thanks again to QT for being the reason I didn't completely flop. And TheCoastsOfToast the commentary thing was super cool and you killed it.
This is when I post teams I guess? Didn't expect to have the run that I had. Going into this, I never built a single STABmons team. But with the support of Quantum Tesseract aesf Sylveon. Spiderz Betathunder in the hills motherlove Greybaum The Number Man and others who I spammed with test games Ransei drampa's grandpa Jrdn SparksBlade Pujo (sorry if I forgot anyone), I managed to go 7-2.

Week 1 vs vivalospride

So everyone immediately posted their STABmons teams in our team Discord. I took a look and this team from QT caught my eye as something I would be comfortable using. I believe the only changes I made from the original team were Court Change -> Rapid Spin, and Spikes -> Stealth Rock. As for the game, I thought vivalospride had the matchup advantage because this team had not been prepped for Weavile at all. Zapdos-G and some good plays at the end got me the win.

Week 2 vs Betathunder

Once again, I decided to pick up one of the posted teams. This time, one from aesf. From the original team, I swapped out AV Toxapex for Seismitoad because I noticed a Tapu Koko weakness. And I changed Bulky Spikes Garchomp to SD Garchomp. Made some questionable plays early on because I was super nervous and still hadn't had a solid grasp of the STABmons meta. But I had a good matchup, and once I got into the game, Beta didn't really have much of a way to win.

Week 3 vs LBDC

Beating both viv and beta, expectations were high and the pressure was on me now. At this point, I was a lot more familiar with the meta and felt comfortable building myself. I tested a shitton this week, adjusting the team as I went along. QT helped a lot, and I think I bothered ITH to help as well. Didn't find Strength Sap Tapu Bulu useful in tests so I went up with Grav Apple, which would beat Celesteela and Corviknight as Grav Apple on the switch into Swords Dance -> Close Combat killed. Noticed how good Weavile was in the meta and had to use it. Used Seismitoad as my Koko check once again, this time with Toxic for opposing Toad and other common switch-ins. Max Speed Heatran to outspeed opposing Heatran and Adamant Excadrill outside of Sand. Zapdos to check opposing Bulu and Excadrill. A lot of momentum on this team between Toad, Zapdos, Tornadus-T, and Weavile. From Preview I was happy because LBDC wasn't running any of the threats I was worried about. The Dracozolt in Sand may have been a little bit of a threat, but trapping and killing Tyranitar early on made it a straightforward win.

Week 4 vs Plas

So I wanted to build around Zapdos-G this week. The idea for this set came from a test game with geerat. The defense drops from Dragon Ascent were the biggest hindrance to Zapdos-G's sweeping potential, and geerat mentioned something about if it could run Acrobatics. Instantly I thought of Grassy Seed. Quite an offensive team, but that's what I was comfortable running. Ran broken Weavile once again as this was the last week Glacial Lance was legal and Parting Shot could theoretically give Zapdos-G a free turn to setup. Although I must say in the many many test games I had, that situation never occurred... SD Spin Excadrill was an offensive check to Tapu Koko and could potentially setup on common switch-ins like Corviknight and mono-flying Celesteela. Wanted an offensive Stealth Rocker and went with Head Smash Terrakion, which breaks almost everything in the meta. I decided to go with a defensive variant of Tapu Bulu to check opposing Bulu and Garchomp. Also so it can stay alive as long as possible to keep terrain for the Grassy Seed. Lastly, I wanted an answer for Heatran as well as Toxic. Found Tapu Fini, which also brought some momentum to the team. As for the game itself, I played very very safe. The plan was always to put Zapdos-G in the position where it can sweep. So I didn't want to make risky predicts. You can say Plas outplayed me the entire game but I achieved exactly what I planned.

Week 5 vs Fissure

This was by far my least confident week, ask anyone on Jolteons Discord. I built a few meme teams such as Final Gambit spam and Sun that I was seriously considering bringing... Won't go into details on the team I used since it didn't really get a chance but got the Heracross idea from motherlove. Originally, I was building around the Kommo-o set from Week 6, but it didn't perform well in tests. As for the game, the play was to go Latios immediately on Dragonite but even if I made that play, I don't think I had any chance of winning this matchup. Solid prep from Fissure and my first L. Glad it came in a week when we won and it took a bit of pressure off of me.

Week 6 vs hamhamhamham

Ham was still undefeated at this point and looking at his games, I felt Screens HO could do well against him. I looked for the best mon that could setup under screens and found Double Dance Magearna. The biggest obstacle to Magearna sweeping is Heatran. That is when I came up with Final Gambit Victini as that would almost always be the switch-in if you were running it. Tried a few 4th moves on Grimmsnarl but felt Foul Play was best so Weavile and other things couldn't setup on it for free. SD Scizor under screens looked solid, brought priority to the team, and also I wanted to Knock things like Assault Vest Toxapex. Used the Kommo-o set I came up with the previous week which had good calcs. Zapdos-G because it's broken. As for the game, basically Ham misplayed and let Magearna setup instead of going Starmie and Tricking. Was a good team, he was well prepared for all the threats I brought. But I was very happy with the win.

Week 7 vs Shiba

Spiderz had built a Sand team last week so it gave me motivation to use Sand. Similar to week 5, I wasn't too confident with this team. Kept making a lot of last minute changes. Ice Beam Tyranitar was to potentially bop opposing Garchomp early game. Earthquake was for Koko and Heatran iirc. Lunar Dance Lele did really well in tests, letting Dracozolt get two runs. Bullet Punch Excadrill for Bulu, idea from Spiderz. In the end, Fire Blast miss cost me the game. But mons are mons and we still won the week.

Playoffs vs vivalospride

Match didn't happen because Zoomers were already eliminated and viv didn't want to play. I came up with that Celesteela set which I felt did really well against the teams viv usually brought. It was solid in tests too so I was looking forward to the game. Stomping Tantrum Zapdos-G was for Aegislash. Fat SD Chomp was an idea I got from Drampa's sample. Rocky Helmet Excadrill to get chip on Koko so EQ from Celesteela killed, and Toxic for Slowbro/Zapdos. Got the Weezing-G idea from Beta who used it in a previous week, good check to physical threats like Garchomp and Bulu. Weavile to Knock and weaken things for Celesteela. I like Parting Shot momentum as you can tell by now.

Finals vs Plas

After the game in week 4, I knew I wasn't going to outplay Plas. So I watched his games and tried to build a team that is prepared for what he typically runs. Plas ran some variation of Tornadus-T every week and I did not want to lose to it. So I came up with fat NP Thundurus-T, which also checked opposing Thundurus-T. Other sets are pretty much standard. This team didn't do too well in tests but I was still confident it would do well against Plas. As for the game, I think the matchup was about even. Maybe leaning towards me but I knew any mistake could turn the tide in Plas' favor easily. I got a bit lucky with the first Focus Blast miss but I still had to win the game after that. Fat Thundurus-T mvp.


I want to thank Racool and Ransei for drafting me and then starting me every single week. I'm glad how things turned out in that you didn't really get a STABmons main so I had the opportunity to play. Shoutout to the rest of our team Quantum Tesseract, Greybaum, SparksBlade, motherlove, beauts Euphonos Smove_$wag S1nn0hC0nfirm3d PA Pigeons damflame 3. I didn't really participate in any channels apart from randomly dropping a comment in AAA but you all worked really hard and took Jolteons to the finals! Special mention to QT who is the goat and we wouldn't have reached here without him. Also TheCoastsOfToast for keeping us entertained with the wonderful commentary, and the encouragement in my dms.
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I’m not gonna share my teams because I think they aren’t good enough compared to the rest of the players + they were sometimes kinda fishy to beat (unsuccessfully) some players that I knew they wouldn’t bring some mons.
However I’ll just share my w3 team vs jrdn because it’s the team that I like the most and one of the funniest to play/it was before the Archeops ban tho.
So the team is build around gsurge + heatran with terrain pulse to beat swampert meaning nothing comes safe on it except blobs and regenvest (and you can run steel roller to help, it’s not ideal but it’s p fun). The rest of the team is here to handle most of the metagame, I wanted a very fast scarfer against jrdn - Gsurge kinda covers the ground weakness and that’s it. It’s not the best build but the original core is very fun and p cool to use, despite of the weakness of the team such as blacephalon.

About the tournament, it was my first OMPL and even my first ´big’ tournament except of some minors French ttour so I was kinda stressed but that was a really great experience thanks to all the OM community which is by far the nicest I’ve ever seen, both in France and in general.

I would like to thanks a loser and Redflix for picking me and allow me to play all the tour as a starter despite my poor results and the lot of mistakes I’ve made during my games - it helped me a lot to grow as a player and as a human, and I hope I’ll do better next time.

Thanks to Sylveon. for the support in building, the support in mental before my game against shiloh, and for being an amazing person :heart:

Thanks to all my team (I’m too lazy to tag them all I’ve already done it in our server) for carrying my ass (except viv lol) and show an amazing level of building and playing during 8 weeks, and for supporting me when I was choking literally all my games (King Leo V Redlix A Loser Geerat esp <3 <3)

Shoutouts to the French gang of the Wiggly Family, kinda sad that you didn’t make PO but it was fun to see y’all performing together very well until two las weeks sadly - shoutouts to all the French in the tour too, esp motherlove which is REALLY an amazing player I’m scared every time I have to play against him because he’s too good and I enjoyed the little discussions we had :)

Big thanks to TheCoastsOfToast for the commentary, and everyone that allowed this in the OM cord (I think there was Ransei but idk if it’s the only person), for everyone that joined the call, it was pretty fun and pretty interessant. I didn’t joined the call too much because I’m too lazy, but the few times I joined it was really really great, Tcot is an amazing person and an amazing animator (and hearing him trying to speak in French was pretty fun :D) ; I’ve understand that this commentary wasn’t here in the others OMPL and I really hope it’ll still be there for the next edition.

Finally, thanks to the host Sectonia Kris Think, I didn’t have any contact with you and no major problems happened which is a really good thing, and I don’t have a lot of exp to know if tours are well or bad hosted, but from my little exp it’s never easy to host a tour esp this long, and I think you did it great and I want to thanks you for making this edition possible, it was a really nice tour.

Thanks for reading my way too long post, take care of you, have fun in your life if possible, and enjoy it as much as you can ❤

a loser

I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me?
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Hello everyone, I'm here to dump teams, give shout-outs, and give you some insight into what kind of music I like (click on the pictures to see the albums that inspired the nicknames).

To my fellow Zoomers:
Redflix I was very surprised when you reached out to me about managing with you. I'd never considered managing a team before and had no experience whatsoever, but I figured why not give it a shot? It was awesome getting to know you, discussing lineups and strategies, and figuring things out together. I very much appreciate how flexible and understanding you were with my schedule and I hope that didn't put too much on you.
A Touch Of Crazy thanks for always being there to help me with my builds, give ideas, and step up when we needed you. I wish you'd have been able to play Week 3, the team you made looked pretty heat. I definitely wouldn't have been able to do BH all by myself so I'm super glad I had you for support.
Sylveon. you're awesome. I didn't know much about you coming into this other than you were really good at Camo and a great all-around player (and that I beat you last season somehow). But flix was all-in on getting you for the team and I think you were worth every credit. You had a great season with some cool builds and well-played matches and were a very nice presence in the team chat. Your contributions to AAA were awesome too and I had a lot of fun testing with you in camo. Have a nice year off :)
Osake thanks for being an awesome team presence and always being there to ask questions even if you weren't super familiar with the meta. It's always nice to have a pair of fresh eyes to ask questions people might not consider. You did great work this season, don't let your final record get you down!
King Leo V GOAT. Nothing like setting the bar low and showing out all season.
vivalospride props for keeping at it despite the tough season. Sorry we didn't get you more STAB support but I think you'd have won more if you had fired off more heat predicts. I'm just glad we got you so I didn't have to be on the receiving end of them!
TectonicDestroyer sorry I never used that Reshiram set you begged me to use. Nice job doubling the rest of our message counts in the team cord though.
Hys Maxomega Karl Dude Guy thanks to each of you for giving us a solid bench and team support. Sorry again to max for not getting you in for a battle!
SuperSkylake you weren't an official Zoomer but you were here with us all season and were a massive help! I can't believe you didn't get drafted this year, but your building advice and testing support was very clutch. Thanks for all that you did.

Other people:
TheCoastsOfToast hands down best performance this OMPL season.
XxSevagxX thanks for being cool and being there to test with and bounce ideas off of. Congrats on the amazing season, but too bad you lost to a loser.
DarkRisingRay I'm glad you didn't quit showdown again this summer cause it was really helpful to test teams against you to make sure I wasn't throwing together teams that were too crazy. You were a ton of help as always!
anaconja thanks for never logging out of showdown so I could ping you and wait til you show up and test out camo stuff. I enjoyed playing against you and seeing your heat teams.
Euphonos thanks for testing with me so much! It is always nice to have a skilled opponent to play against, especially in a meta where test buddies are tough to come by.

Week 1 - Quantum Tesseract

Draft 1: :zamazenta::darmanitan-zen::landorus-therian::dialga::zamazenta-crowned::lunala:
Draft 2: :zamazenta::darmanitan-zen::landorus-therian::celesteela::zamazenta-crowned::lunala:
Final team: :regigigas::darmanitan-zen::rayquaza::celesteela::zamazenta-crowned::lunala:

Facing QT week 1 was a daunting task because he has been really good for like all of gen8 and always brings really solid builds. I did notice that he really favored defensive cores of Zama-C and Giratina though, so I took this and ran with it.

The first draft is pretty wacky, and I’m really glad I didn’t bring it. But the idea was to take out FC and Prankster versions of Zama-C and Giratina with strong CC/Glance coverage from Zama so that Lunala could come in and sweep with BellyBurden. Aerilate Lando-T was something I’d wanted to try for quite some time and it did ok in testing, but it made improofing a little sketchy and I knew QT liked bringing Chansey. After some tweaks, I decided to bring PH Gigas with Precipice Blades and Dragon Tail because this handles Zama-C with coverage and avoids being trapped, handles Tina by avoiding Core suppression, and everything else with Facade. Prankster Darm-Z is pretty weird with this moveset but I had a feeling I could catch QT hard-switching imposter into it only to catch a para. I still wanted an -ate spinner so I tried out a pretty weird Rayquaza set and decided to forgo recovery so he couldn’t just stall me with imposter. Nuzzle on a much more reliable FC Lunala ended up giving me a para spam team basically and this wasn’t the plan really, but it worked out as I benefited from multiple full paras in the battle. Anchor Imprison Zama-C with Fang was there to be annoying and hopefully cripple guys like Prank Tina if he brought them. Double Prankster with Celesteela was a bit weird but I wanted a back up setup check with Destiny Bond just in case Darm-Z got overwhelmed.

Week 2 - Onyx Onix 7

Draft 1: :tapu-fini::zamazenta-crowned::xerneas::celesteela::reshiram::zacian-crowned:
Draft 2: :tapu-fini::zamazenta-crowned::xerneas::celesteela::ho-oh::zacian-crowned:
Final Team: :tapu-fini::zamazenta-crowned::xerneas::celesteela::ho-oh::kartana:

This matchup was really scary to me. Onyx was fresh off of demolishing PDT and had been churning out some pretty creative and successful teams all throughout gen8bh. I knew that he could easily bring some scary HO type team that might overwhelm me but also knew that semi-stall and stall were really his sweet spot so I prepped more leaning to this style.

In my initial build, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to bring at least two Taunt users and a non-choiced wallbreaker that had strong priority to pick off neutral prankster guys like Dusclops that he loves. The first set I built was Timid Taunt PH Fini with both STABs cause I just had a really good feeling his walls would hate it. I followed this up with FC Taunt Zama-C, a set I’ve used a lot but really like, but used Shed Shell this time cause I didn’t have a Ghost-type and didn’t want to fall to trapping shenanigans. I tried out Pixi Xern with Knock Off because Xern usually brings in Fire-types like Ho-Oh and Darm-Z who really want to keep their boots, but looking back this is weird cause I didn’t bring any hazards lol. For priority attackers, I noticed that Triage Celesteela really punished a lot of bulkier teams and could be great late game and I also really wanted to bring Extreme Speed Zac-C but my teammates wisely advised me not to (although I stand by espeed zac-c as a funny/useful set). So I used Kartana over Zac-C with LO Steelworker because I realized that Sunsteel + Bullet Punch cleaned up Prankster switch-ins like Dusclops, Fini, and Cresselia. Turns out everything went exactly according to plan, which is pretty crazy, but felt really nice to have the prep pay off.

Week 3 - Did not play
Was super busy IRL this week so I handed things off to crazy and then we got a deadgame win. Guess it all worked out!

Week 4 - XxSevagxX

Draft 1: :xerneas::pikachu::ho-oh::giratina::kartana::eternatus:
Final Team: :xerneas::pikachu::ho-oh::giratina::kartana::eternatus: (It's the same team except one move and nicknames)

Sevag and I have played so many friendlies, room tours, and smogon tours this gen it is not even funny. It is great to have such an amazing player that is always down for a game and that you can learn from and build with, but this makes having to prep against them very daunting. I had no clue what to expect as a result of this so I went with my gut and brought a weird setup spam team with fat subpass support and topped it off with imposterchu. Initially I wanted to use SD pixi xern to pick off pranksters like Fini or Tina while keeping the sub in tact, but it never found many opportunities to use it and I was also lacking any hazard removal which is bad. So my only tweak of the team was making it Rapid Spin, but I didn’t end up using this moveslot at all so it worked out I guess. Offensive Ho-Oh is kinda weird but I’ve faced it a few times in ladder and it is actually a pain because it gets speed with shift gear but hits even imposter really hard thanks to v-create and dragon ascent stat drops so I thought that could come in handy if he brought imposter. Subpass to pikachu ended up paying off really well and I think it is a cool strategy for using pika that doesn’t revolve around spreading para.

Week 5 - xavgb

Draft 1: :groudon::eternatus::kyurem-black::lunala::zamazenta-crowned::golisopod:
Final Team: :groudon::eternatus::kyurem-black::lunala::zamazenta-crowned::golisopod:

After scouting what I could of this mystery man and basically only knowing that he loved using Zac-C, we banned rusted sword and agreed not to use it this week so my scout was screwed lol. But I did gather some things he liked to use, mainly Xern and/or -ate spin boots guys, imposter sometimes, a Prankster that pivots, spikes over rocks, and moves like bunker. All of these except imposter held true in this game too, so I was glad I had something right.

I was inspired by QT’s team he used vs city, mainly the offensive core of Etern/Don cause that beats almost everything around and can put in nice work with volt/turn too. I started with Metronome Don cause it sounded pretty neat but I realized there isn’t much it can just click buttons on that isn’t able to fire back with like scald or something so I went with band and trick. I thought there was a decent chance of him using a bulky water like Fini, Goli, or even Suicune so I was inspired to run a Kyu-B lure set in mixed Galvanize to take advantage. Looking back, I think Refrigerate + Bolt Strike would have served me better cause Ho-Oh might have died, but I played poorly with this mon anyway and lost to spikes.

Week 6 - pdt

Draft 1: :groudon::eternatus::zamazenta-crowned::lunala::ho-oh::zygarde-complete:
Final Team: :eternatus::zamazenta-crowned::lunala::groudon::ho-oh::tapu-fini:

PDT was having a rough season and feeling pretty unmotivated but I was still really scared of this matchup because I know what he’s capable of if he puts in the effort. I didn’t know if I should expect gambit, drum, or what so I built with both in mind and kinda wanted to try sub pass again but with Zyg-C this time. Testing a couple games showed me that Zyg-C sucked big time so I changed it to Prank Fini in case of a rain recycle or Palkia in general and kept Substitute on there so I could dodge gambit and maybe get a free turn. I also recycled my offensive core of Etern/Don cause I felt really good about it still but changed the improofs up (and the team order) to avoid recycling too hard. I changed up the Zama-C set from Imprison trapping too cause I realized it was too passive for this matchup and I think this saved me vs his Kartana, so that was nice.

Week 7 - terracotta

Draft 1: :arcanine::slowbro::tornadus-therian::rillaboom::mew::pheromosa:
Draft 2: :arcanine::slowbro::tornadus-therian::rillaboom::mew::pheromosa:
Final Team: :arcanine::reuniclus::tornadus-therian::rillaboom::mew::pheromosa:

I’d tested with geerat and others all season so I felt good in camo, but was still nervous going into my first camo game against an opponent I’d never faced before. Knowing he has The Number Man to help him made it scarier, as we’d played together often and he knew some things that got under my skin.

I was tempted to bring a semi-stall team that had been doing really well in room tours but it was way too scoutable in replays so instead I borrowed the epic Taunt Torn-T set and the idea of Spike stack Mew and went from there. I generally pair spikes Mew with boots Phero, but geerat felt that mixed LO Phero would be really good so I changed it to that but had to keep rapid spin even though it was on a frail spinner. I didn’t want to put spike stack on a team with defog and lose my momentum. There wasn’t a ton to scout, but I could tell that he liked Spectrier, Guts, Regen, and weird tech. With this in mind, I thought FF Arcanine would be great to check Spectrier and outspeed guts Heracross. I paired Ghost/Fighting bro with it just to have a backup check to Hera and a generally fat pivot. I noticed that some of his teams were weak to bird spam, so I went with Hurricane Mew and Acrobatics coverage Rillaboom to try and lure in common Bug/Fighting types that check Rilla. But we realized that the team was pretty weak to special threats and even Calm Mind users like Cresselia, so I changed bro to Reuniclus and Mew to Steel/flying and it turns out both of these were very useful changes for the battle.

Playoffs - TTTech_
Draft 1: :kartana::tapu-fini::kyurem-black::solgaleo::lunala::type-null:
Final Team: :kartana::tapu-fini::kyurem-black::zamazenta-crowned::lunala::type-null:

TTTech_ rarely leaves home without Prankster Parting Shot Registeel, so I went into building this team with that in mind. I wanted to trap and eliminate his Prankster Parting Shot user with a random Soundproof mon so that I could later sweep with moldy Kyu-B. I was in between Zama-C and Kartana for the trapper and decided to go with Kartana to have a little more firepower. For Kyu-B, I knew I wanted Glance and V-create to kill pretty much every wall and I needed coverage that allowed Tapu Fini to improof it so I ended up going with Fishious Rend so I could have an option for PrimSea Steel-types. Tapu Fini definitely "improofed" Kyu-B thanks to its typing but it took a lot more damage than I wanted it to so I went with Strength Sap over Recover in this case and since this set was already outside of the norm I put Quiver Dance on it too to make it annoying like Xerneas. I also wanted a Magic Bounce user because Tech's hazards and Parting Shots are rarely from moldy mons, so I knew bounce could be useful here. The set isn't amazing and is compressing a ton of roles, but I thought it would serve me well in this battle at least. Lunala is here because it is a good set and doesn't just die to the breakers that Tech likes to use. I chose Type: Null as my Prankster because I wanted something that didn't randomly die to things like Dragon Energy but in using this set I went against my own words and used a prank mon that has absolutely no offensive utility so I would not recommend doing this. I was happy with this team but the battle was unfortunate since it was practically a mirror match and he brought Heal Bell, Eject Button Prankster, and I didn't play my best.

Bonus Playoffs - Euphonos
Draft 1: :rillaboom::tornadus-therian::magearna::heatran::mew::regieleki:
Draft 2: :rillaboom::tornadus-therian::magearna::heatran::mew::cryogonal:
Draft 3: :rillaboom::tornadus-therian::porygon-z::clefable::mew::tapu-koko:
Draft 4: :rillaboom::tornadus-therian::porygon-z::clefable::mew::mienshao:
Draft 5: :rillaboom::tornadus-therian::porygon-z::clefable::mew::tapu-koko:

geerat had built all his camo teams this season and tested with me, but was unable to build for the playoffs so I took the reins. I had a feeling that Rillaboom could be good here as Euphonos generally brings one check to Rilla while the rest of his team is usually vulnerable to it. I wanted to pair it with offensive Torn-T to bring it in safely with strong U-turns and we went through multiple sets for this including Band, Scarf, and LO. I think the Fire/Fighting was my fav overall here (with Speed EVs to outpace chomp) but geerat ended up going with Scarf. I hadn't used much Magearna this gen and wanted to try Trick to pester walls and hit hard, but the set tried to do too much in the end and we switched to BoltBeam PZ after realizing it gave a lot of his builds trouble. We also went through a ton of Mew sets, trying Spike stack, passive Teleport, and bulky setup. For the last slot, I really wanted a Rapid Spin user but sadly there aren't a lot of great choices for spinners. geerat really wanted a Scarf mon, so we ended up putting it on Torn-T and he ended up using Victini in the actual battle for the last slot. Sadly Euphonos ended up bringing a lure Melmetal set that I'd never seen him use and that pretty much owned the team.

And that'll wrap this up. Thanks everyone for a great tour! This was a lot of fun and I was happy to finally put together a stronger OMPL performance and stay undefeated in camo (2-0 let's go!)
BH Power Rankings coming soon!


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Aight here we go...

As usual with OM teamtours I ended up doing a little bit of everything so I thought I'd go through the teams that we used (that I built) meta by meta.

Balanced Hackmons


Having a serious go at BH in a team tour was something I've wanted to do for a while but I didn't think it would ever be possible until this OMPL rolled around. Overall I mostly had fun building for the meta except for a couple weeks where paranoia over certain new trends made it hard to figure out how to adapt. The meta was in a pretty good spot and I'm generally a fan of gen 8 BH so it was cool to see what i could do with some time spent working on it instead of just recycling the same team 5 times like I did in the BH opens. Team pastes are all linked if you click on the screenshots.

Week 1:

For Week 1 I was expecting a pretty stally build to come from sevag and I don't really have much experience of people bringing stall against me so I decided to just commit very hard to having a lot of play with a double hazard core + Court Change + Entrain Tina. There's also a secondary breaking idea here with Nuzzle Metronome Xern which can cheese through a lot of Xern checks given enough time, and running Nuzzle also frees up Recover over Sap which gives you more freedom vs stall to punish stuff like Baneful Bunker from Tina and avoid bouncers keeping your spinner at low hp. Court Change Darm was basically there to be a Court Changer that wins against steels that may also run Court Change. Darm's very low attack helps keep opposing Xern out of games long-term and the synergy between the removers is good (they don't both lose to Anchor). Imprisonform Zac is there to give more long-term gameplans vs fat because most of what I just mentioned still has some counterplay (sevag wasn't really running Imposter on stall at this point but if he did then several aspects of the breaking power would get more awkward and matchup based). Aesthetically this team is ugly as hell (2 Fires 2 Dragons 2 Fairies) but it had enough going for it that I was fine with bringing it in my best effort at the time to be solid vs fat without losing to offense. In the actual game sevag showed up with offense and the team did most of the work so I was happy enough with the build.

Week 2:

Throughout most of the gen PDT and I have been the only members of the Imposter sux club, with PDT generally being unwilling to bring it outside of stall which he brought Week 1 and practically lost on preview with. For that reason I quickly figured out that SG Kyu-B with Sap for longevity would have a good chance of just winning outright or at least not having any walls, since it requires fairly obscure mons even just to wall Ice/Ground coverage (no Fini usage either). I kinda slacked a bit building the team after seeing the scout, but the general defensive core is solid, I even noted down FC Solg + PH Tina as an idea for later as u can compress the Xern check into the Physdef Steel type slot without comprimising your Spore Regigigas matchup, and Timid Sap Xern is always a good tool to know about for teams like this that don't have one of the other Banded/sometimes Shift Gear Groudon checks (or even Banded Kyu-B/Lando-T). The Zac-C set was some fun to have more PP on the Steel STAB while also bluffing Imprisonform and being able to hit various mons with your coverage options.

Week 3:

My understanding of yolk as a player was that he liked/was willing to use offense so I was mostly focused on having a lot of outs vs that matchup without completely giving up my matchup vs other stuff. Spore Zac seemed like a logical choice here because it's busted and has good opportunities to do stuff vs both offense and fat. This also gave me an excuse to use Golis, which is fun because PH U-turn/Spikes/Wisp/Bunker is a set that you can copy across various mons and it'll prob do well in any given game. Dropping Sap on Xern is a bit out there but I really wanted Espeed and part of the point of these kinds of structures is that you should be able to get between your mons cleanly against defensive builds through the plays that are forced by Golis. The last slot was a product of me panicking to find a prank that actually offered more outs vs Xern an hour before the game, originally it was Copycat Dbond Palkia which sounded much funnier but yea rip. For the second time in three weeks I guessed the opposite of what actually showed up in the game but it turned out fine because the Zac-C set at least had chances to win long-term.

Week 4:

I was pretty terrified of stall at this point and didn't really know what to do so I was trying to grind with more teams featuring reliable Spiker + defensive mons that can throw out attacks and keep up momentum + secondary offensive threat. Lugia's a cool mon because it covers random Triage Drum Kart for teams using Pranksters that aren't Tina and Fur Coats that can't check Kart. It also has a neat Boomburst that can get 3HKOs on mons like Tina to force them to spam Recover while being able to leverage various other situations with trapping (that also happens to be self-improof). Court Change Tina + Imp is a nice tool for those who are worried about getting Court Change PP yoinked by Imposters, you can give yourself a larger window to get your progress with hazards. The difficulty here is pressuring teams that have a ton of answers to the two physical threats stacked together similar to what QT ended up bringing but the team seemed to hold out enough regardless.

Week 5:

This was the first week after the Zac-C ban and I was playing against loser so my main goals were to not lose to Triage and also not lose to any potential new trends such as V-Create Xern or Etern in general (worth noting that Moldy NP Etern did not exist yet so Scales Zama was much more solid vs Etern at the time). Regenvest Etern gives you a great neutral scout for pretty much everything that could lure in and cripple a Scales Zama-C, and regenvest in general is a good way to turn around momentum when being bombarded by offensive threats so it's a nice tool to have. I stole the Sap Tina from the US South guys after being annoyed by it last week and wanting to fit Knock on my newer teams. Fini rounds out the Def core to avoid losing to Palkia and provides Spikes, which leaves two slots to figure stuff out. I wanted extra speed control, a breaker, and a spinner between these three slots, so I settled for Espeed Specs Xern + Aerilate Ho-Oh. Loser brought a fairly offensive build as expected and after Kyu-B dropped the game was very simple for the defensive core.

Week 6:

Return of the Lugia! This team's very fun and exerts a lot of control in the vast majority of games. Ferro is here because I was paranoid about Spore and also weather, and also because Flip + Knock + Entrain is a powerful combo that gets momentum on p much everything while still being able to check PH Xern/Regi. Groudon/Lugia/Imp to an extent all keep up pressure on both defensive and offensive mons which leaves ourselves needing to find Prank/Court Change and a breaker. Prank Zama-C is p necessary in this case because of the Specs Etern matchup and this Xern set is broken so I wasn't gonna turn down the free opportunity to use it (literally makes progress on almost every Xern check ever apart from Scales Etern which is rare and Scales Zyg which loses with some chip). Also fits Espeed which is important here because the defensive mons aren't amazingly bulky in this case, and is just a generally practical mon since it can do its breaking duties even after taking a decent amount of chip, and it gets through the likes of Scales Zama-C on the first switchin most of the time. Game was p nice, had a lot of options to break through which is always nice.

Week 7:

Regenvest again yay! This one is nice because it's really slow and it has the physdef to take on some things like Regi after it puts Tina to bed, or funny V-create from Xern/Ray etc. I switched around the checks to various threats so I could fit Espeed instead of Spin on the Xern to help against Kyu-B and run double priority. Fini is the pivot that can cripple opposing PH so that CB Kyu-B doesn't get locked out of the game. This team's probably alright but it wouldn't be my first choice if it wasn't an irrelevant week right before playoffs started. The trend of NP Moldy Etern kinda fucks this over too. Game was awkward as my main way of getting between mons to hold onto momentum got full parad a lot but it turned out fine in the end.


Team name says it all really. I feared PH Spin after realising it kinda just bopped my favourite team at that point which was the Week 6 team, but I didn't really have a good build that had good ways around that and I probably had to just bank on running Entrain Tina instead of trying to be safer against more threats with Sap. Either way the team doesn't really hold water without 5 move Giratina so obviously I didn't really wanna bring it but I completely blanked on ideas to adapt to the new meta at this point so I went in already very tilted and lost without a way to break past like Turn 10.


"The core" here refers to Worry Seed PH Tina + Moldy Don which is a very sound hazards core due to Tina dealing with the biggest threat to Groudon's hazard setting capability (PH Spinners). The rest of the structure was pretty forced after adding Etern in my experience building so it's fairly similar to quojova's team except I added Prank and Court Change to be safer vs stuff and brought Shed Shell Bliss. For general use I'd probably run Espeed Xern over Volt Switch too because of certain HO threats like Drum Yvel but I didn't expect TTTech to bring anything like that. Topsy-Turvy on Registeel is p necessary because I don't think Haze actually beats anything on Prank Registeel.

Post Zac-C meta was generally an improvement, but a lot of the more limiting building aspects from that meta stayed past its ban mainly due to certain threats running sleep. I don't think the meta can really develop properly with sleep allowed, it constantly forces defensive cores to be geared towards beating it (while also accounting for one of them being taken out of the game) as anything with below average sleep counterplay gets rolled in actual games due to sleep xern etc running off a very simple set of plays that you can't really respond to from a purely playing perspective. I don't see why a meta that got rid of pretty much everything else that limited defensive cores both in terms of how big they had to be and what mons they had to use would go out of its way to keep sleep, it's not like its playing interactions are positive either. Other things could be worth looking at but my biggest complaint is definitely sleep.

For the rest of this post I'm basically just gonna be dumping teams in two sections (one for stuff we used and one for stuff we didn't) if you want me to explain things just ask

Almost Any Ability


Unused stuff - zap scarf azelf - sflo lele - mandi chans (sucked in test matchups) - I've had this since before the tour started lol



(Mossy brought Superpower Jolly Torn-T on the version we brought in finals, and also Whirlwind > Toxic on Hippo) - bonus team, lunar dance Cress

Mix and Mega

1628618931222.png - Milotic BO - crackhead Ditto - eleki spikes balance - free incin



Most of my building after that was fairly recent and NFEPL is ongoing so don't wanna share sry



1628621204220.png - This team has never lost but Plas wouldn't stop whining about Sylveon so it never got brought - Very early build

Ok I'm bored now cya



Take care of yourself.
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hopefully my suggestion will be approved so we can get to use the Big Boy BW Sprites without having to manually put in the ps image link

this ompl was decent. obviously i am not happy about losing games but i felt pushed to really improve as a player this time both here and in seasonal. i have had a really hard time in the past genuinely changing as a player and i'm still doing all my stupid stuff like relying on specific good sets, coming up with new stupid fringe playstyles that aren't really at the same caliber as the most solid teams, and building around being impatient and wanting things to happen immediately. i don't know if this is a true plateau or others are just improving faster, but i feel motivated to improve because even though i don't have much personal stake in this game going forward, i think this is one of the most important things to take away from it: if i can get personal improvement down i'm actually doing very well in life in general.

before the tour started we were fresh out of cram meta. since i hated cram meta, i wasn't very active during then and my teams were overall pretty bad as a result. i didn't have much of a starting place, so i decided to take inspiration from gen 7 to shake things up, and by "take inspiration" i mean "blatantly plagiarize teams and change a couple mons if needed to make it seem like i know what i'm talking about".

:gyarados-mega::shedinja::chansey::steelix-mega::lugia::kyogre-primal: -> :incineroar::lugia::kyogre::chansey::melmetal::zekrom:
this is not a very good adaptation. pigeon is primarily focused around covering threats, having ogre more as a reactive force, and using shed shell imposter + shed to limit opposing mobility. in gen 8 the playstyle this team is mainly meant to counter doesn't really exist in its current state, so you can just get overwhelmed by things like zacc (thanks galvanize zek you suck), etern, and rend users. incin has not enough stats and isn't good vs giratina plus the steel (zamac) can actually kill you if you don't burn sacred fire which is a big issue. overall, the team was just not really capable of doing much even on ladder, so i stopped using it after like 5 games.

:giratina::mewtwo-mega-y::xerneas::blissey::ho-oh::shedinja: -> :xerneas::ho-oh::blissey::giratina::eternatus::regigigas:
xerneas is good. although this team was better than the previous one, the main issue was that everyone else actually realized that pixilate xern was good this time, and my strat of setting up spikes vs resists was cute but not really sufficient in gen 8. nuzzle regigigas was really quite poor; i was looking to emulate my omwc strat of just paralyzing everything but without anything to actually take advantage of it. the issue with this team primarily is that it's trying to set up hazards but it isn't very efficient in this regard; i still had a ways to go in terms of understanding how hazard removal really worked and how to get around it. magic guard etern is not very good. i think i've done better since with teams like this one.

:groudon-primal::chansey::suicune::shedinja::xerneas::yveltal: -> :entei::lunala::swampert::chansey::magearna::yveltal:
up until now my replacements for shed on the shed teams had been pretty insufficient. first i needed an absurdly anti-offense pokemon to compensate for the team being extremely slow, then i needed a ghost resist to compensate for the team not having any. immortal smoke, fortunately, was generally sound and less shed-reliant, so i could afford to commit more to the idea of "guy that walls out threats and also wins the game". so here we have fc nuzzle/hex lunala. this team is not perfect by any means and lost a couple games to bad matchups on ladder: it commits too much to hazards while still being a slow balance, and ph yveltal is actually the worst pokemon in the game (wisp is not very helpful when lunala is inflicting status on every ghost/dark resistant mon in the game regardless). overall, though, this was the best of the 3 shed team recreations by far, and it would've gotten me to at least 1600 elo if i hadn't been using an even stronger team.

:xerneas::groudon-primal::chansey::zygarde-complete::celesteela::kyogre-primal: -> :celesteela::xerneas::chansey::groudon::palkia::entei:
this team got me to like 50 elo above #2 on ladder. its disturbing consistency is accounted for by good zacc counterplay (palk entei) combined with good xern counterplay (don entei) with imposter and prank filling in most of the gaps. the primary idea of qd xern supported by ground poison hazard don with the additional triage steela imposter proofed by eviolite chansey was incredible: most teams simply could not withstand the onslaught and got into a completely losing position pretty quickly. i brought this team week 1 expecting it to just win, and that's exactly what happened despite my floundering in the midgame around sugarhigh being weird and trying to kill my full hp don with +0 zacc. he misunderstood zac as a mon, i think everyone kind of does cause it was so complex.

:kyurem-black::kyogre-primal::xerneas::groudon-primal::giratina::chansey: -> :kyurem-black::xerneas::giratina::kyogre::chansey::entei:
figy kyub is not a very well known gen 7 team. i've brought it 3 times in individual tours, it's won all 3 despite 2 of them being against one of the few hazard removers that completely beats kyub. mostly the appeal of the team is to surprise regigigas/xern type things with plate pixilate espeed xern which can get out of control very fast, with agilitydon as a secondary wincon against offense. the team was recreated a bit too faithfully here and it looks pretty stupid as you can see. a much more effective thing to do with a mon that can't be countered is to actually just set up and win the game, instead of settling for hazards.

:dialga::mewtwo-mega-y::kyogre-primal::sableye-mega::steelix-mega::yveltal: -> :dialga::regigigas::ho-oh::tapu lele::zamazenta-crowned::suicune: / :dialga::spiritomb::regigigas::ho-oh::steelix::tapu fini:
event horizon was a pretty neat gen 7 team, not one of my strongest but the concept was very unique and it's respectably decent. adapting it in gen 8 was hard cause of hazards not really working, it felt like there were a million ways to stop the whole dialga setup so i had to keep accounting for losing momentum. i ran spiritomb cause the first team not being able to block spin was pretty terrible, then ran this regigigas to beat opposing court change, which didn't work because regigigas is terrible and beats nothing. then i had no offensive initiative outside of hooh which is stupid. the team was kind of doomed to fail because of dialga and tspikes being super weird in gen 8, but i think i could've made it a bit better with a style built more around punishing spin/court change than outright preventing it, it would've allowed me to use some much better pokemon.

this team is worth noting because of kyub actually beating both zacc and zamac, plus it outspeeds + 2hkos neutral speed xern variants with never melt ice glance. actually some really cool stuff here but it never really panned out the way i wanted it to in real games so i'm leaving it here in case someone else is able to make something out of it (less relevant with zacc being gone, but you taunt people who try to spore you which is neat)

semirain ft godset hooh. team would be better if zacc counterplay actually existed in the game, i bet you could have a lot more fun building semirain now. spore etern with your little fish guy and 4hko him with rend!!!!!!!

a neat team with some neat ideas. basically i wanted to win the game with poison heal because poison heal was good, so i used regi/xern and added sufficient breaking power to actually get things done with the team. poison heal was not as good as i thought it was, because scales just owned it. in the game my xern didnt win and my kyurem-b contracted depression as it was unable to get out of bed in the morning, causing me to also contract depression and make yolk play week 3 against stresh (he almost won though)

:dialga::regigigas::lunala::chansey::tapu fini::celesteela:
crackhead balance??????? scarf dialga looked like a generally good mon cause it beat zacc + xern, which was super weird, so i just used all my favorite good pokemon and won against onyx onix 7 cause i had a bunch of good pokemon and his special wall was 4x weak to ground. not much to say about that game though i am proud of finding the fastest way to win in the endgame

monke!! i remembered this ridiculous cram meta team and concluded that despite beak ban monke was still pretty good due to cram and zacc being gone, plus fc lunala imposter proofed it which was neat. no recovery on ogre was a mistake but in like 10 ladder games it made no difference so i just kept it. the game reminded me of why i really hate choiced attackers but monke was able to pull through in the end and take home the dub


the preparation process of lil kiss was one of the most legendary experiences i've ever had in a team tour discord. it was just utterly insane.

city — 07/06/2021
wanna bring back smogon (laugh now)
though i might use togekiss or celesteela this time
im thinking if its togekiss then ill run a regenvest mon
if its celesteela then ill need a solid etern counter
gonna start with togekiss + regenvest ogre + arrows counter
the tough thing with this set is you need rly good hazard removal
and i dont wanna go regenvest yveltal cause then im losing to xern

city — 07/06/2021
ok the team is horrific which is pretty good so far
this is one of the most dire teams ive ever made in pokemon
lets bring it on ladder
i actually despise this so much. i hate everything about it

city — 07/07/2021
this bozo posted a screenshot of his game vs me in the om discord
how do i file a suit against him
it was the game where he won by magically willing his giratina to wake up instantly too so im twice as mad
fabwooloousツ — 07/07/2021

city — 07/10/2021
☆hihihihihihihi3: i'm
☆hihihihihihihi3: actually going to lose
☆hihihihihihihi3: to fear
☆hihihihihihihi3: i can't
☆hihihihihihihi3: FUCKING FEAR
☆hihihihihihihi3: ahh
☆hihihihihihihi3: gg

hihihihihihihi3 forfeited.

ddlc in real life won the battle!
☆hihihihihihihi3 left
hihihihihihihi3's rating: 1207 → 1203
(-4 for losing)
ddlc in real life's rating: 1652 → 1655
(+3 for winning)
The Number Man — 07/10/2021
Trophy Wife manager — 07/10/2021
3 points.

city — 07/10/2021
☆Ogre One: I have zero clue how you have 1660 elo
☆ddlc in real life: lol

Ogre One forfeited.

ddlc in real life won the battle!
ddlc in real life's rating: 1669 → 1684
(+15 for winning)
Ogre One's rating: 1572 → 1557
(-15 for losing)
yolk — 07/10/2021

city — 07/10/2021
gonna have this image on deck for if he cteams me


unfortunately game really did not go how i wanted it to, i just wasn't playing well enough. it would've been more helpful to maybe warm up by using different teams first? idk

i left week 7 to yolk cause i felt like i had to outdo lil kiss somehow which i just wasn't able to do.

shoutout to all the boomers for making this a great experience, youre all awesome
shoutout to hba for being hba
shoutout to my opponents for actually pushing me to build and play at my peak


aight, might as well dump my teams since Lasen is stealing them for stab seasonal so hopefully this will screw him over

unfortunately I didn't play as much stab as I would have liked to this tour but thats on me for signing up for camo. all in all I had a good time, always happy to go positive and thank you again to Lasen and The Number Man for drafting me. It's always enjoyable to watch the new developments the meta takes during tour season, and being able to commentate the games thanks to the wonderful TheCoastsOfToast was certainly a plus. I think stab a good showing this tour so hopefully the momentum and innovation will carry throughout the future of the gen 8.

Now for the teams:

Week 1 vs TI:

Going in I knew that I wanted to bring something solid that covered most threats since I thoguht TI probably wasn't going to bring anything too innovative, unfortunately that turned out to be wrong but thats mons. At the beginning of OMPL I really liked gzap/lati offensive core since gzap really was only hindered by fly/steels and other neutral steels like gear, which lati can either trick or just cripple in general. Alternatively, lati is really only countered by steels and ttar which gzap can shred. I felt this was a pretty safe bet to bring, so the rest of the team is just covering various offensive threats as best as I could. Steela is for gzap/bulu, gear is for weavile and lele since glance was legal, and toad is for koko. TTar is a good glue with rocks and knock is always good in a boots meta.

Week 5 v Shiba:

As I stated in my post game interview, this was an old team I had from world cup that I wanted to revamp for OMPL. Lele+torn seemed like a really good SpA core since they seem to blow through most spdef walls bar blissey, but that can be alleviated with psystrike on lele if one desired. I also noted shiba didnt really prep for lele that well after looking at replays so I figured it would be a good breaker. Still rocking the toad + gear core for tapu lele and koko, and I went with gweez which I REALLY like since it kinda neuters dd chomp and bulu which were growing in popularity iirc. Plus it switches in freely on toad and can chip it with helm+wisp. Last is tran since I always love tran in stab between rocks and doom, but this set is taunt+magma storm which Ive grown fond of recently.

Week 7 vs Osake:

The infamous mime galar. I've been wanting to bring mime since world cup, but I knew I would never get the chance as long as my managers actually expected me to win. I remember talking to berry about it back in june before the tour even started, and it really dates back to when aesf (correct me if im wrong but I believe it was you) brough Jynx in gen7 with virtually the same set of NP + psystrike/ice coverage/focus blast. The coverage is ridiculous in stab since psy + freeze dry hits every common spdef wall for at least neutral whereas focus blast hits whatever resists for super effective. The only real hindrance is a spdef corv or steela, but thats what tran is for. After deciding I wanted mime the rest of the team was really just getting good coverage so that it could sweep or I didn't autolose to gzap or lele or some other threat. Bulu is a good sweeper/breaker as it can sack itself for like 80-100 on fly steels or just sweep if mime gets rid of them. Koko is a nice glue that hits hard, really cant go wrong with a koko in gen8 esp since mime beats toad. Last minute TNM told me to run bpress on tran over epower since epower really isnt hitting anything that bpress+mag doesnt. It was a cool tech, def needs more investment to kill tran but the 60% chip turn1 def helped. All in all I really like this team and Im proud it did well.

Lastly Ill drop some teams that I didn't use but hopefully someone will. Not all since I need some tricks for seasonal but I owe it since I rarely do this. Maybe will come back and edit this post ssnl run. Maybe.

I wanted to go back to my gen7 roots and build a team predominantly focused around thundy and keld. Turns out terrak snuck its way in there but thats how it is. Keld I think has some good breaking potential if toad gets weakened since I think pex has seen a massive usage drop. Thundy is there to cripple toad or sweep since its ridiculously strong and has minimal counters. gear skarm and toad are for each of the tapus, tran, and just bulky pivoting to get in your sweepers. Didn't test much with this team so idk how good it is.

The sister team to the mime team. I remember Quantum Tesseract running dual dance moltres g from way back in a couple monotype stab games and its still just as good to my knowledge. Hard walled by ttar and soft checked by koko but if they get chipped or killed then its free real estate for moltres to sweep. Bulu is for ttar and good sweeping, tran is for breaking down steels and setting hazards. Bpress is again to catch ttar off guard to help with a moltres g sweep. Blissey as a good glue bc I love t-form blissey/chansey and prob always will, betachansey ftw. this team has won a couple times in testing/tours and Im p sure this is the one Lasen stole so please steal this if you play him ty.

Kinda stole this team idea from Plas after watching the dominant game against shiba week 2. Despite how offensive stab is I've always had a soft spot for the balance/semi-stall kind of teams that slowly grind down the opponent before you win. The whole premise of this team is to set hazards and spam pivoting moves until scarf lele cleans or they just give up. I've won a couple roomtours and testing with this team and I think its pretty solid but something like np thundy kinda shreds it. Unfortunately without megas idk if stab will ever return to state where stall/semistall is viable but this is the closest I can think of that has winning chances, but thats just me.

all in all i want to reiterate how enjoyable this ompl has been for me. I've been playing stab at a competitive tour level since like 2015 and despite my poor activity both on and off council (sorry in the hills and drampa's grandpa) I still care a lot ab this tier and its always a pleasure watching people innovate and play it. shoutout again to my managers and to all the people who played / built stab in this tour, namely vivalospride The Immortal Plas Terracotta Hamhamhamhamham in the hills Quantum Tesseract xavgb Fissure Shiba and LBDC. I keep learning and getting better because of yall and I can't thank you enough because of that.

anyways ty for reading this is you did and if youre heere to just steal teams i hope they serve you well

a loser

I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me?
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These are not official. These are just for fun. Everyone who showed up to play a BH game this season is a genuinely cool person.
For the sake of not making this extremely long, I only included players who battled 3 or more times.
I've attempted to make this unbiased and based off of performance, strength of schedule, head-to-head wins, and such. Enjoy!
PlayerRecordPokemon DifferentialSeason Summary
xavgb(8-1)+25Undefeated regular season and tournament champion. What else could you ask for? I don't know why anyone would have doubted stresh in BH at this point, but his dominating performance certainly showed that he's on top of his BH game.
XxSevagxX(6-2)+7sevag had an interesting tour. Starting Week 1 against stresh was rough, but he got things going after playing a non-BH player and a struggling PDT. After losing to me in a close game, he then closed out the season with four consecutive wins with one coming as revenge against stresh. Outside of facing stresh twice, which no one envies, sevag did have a slightly easier schedule playing against three players that weren't drafted as BH starters but he still won all those games and that isn't easy to do.
a loser(4-2)+8A solid 3-0 start led to a matchup of unbeatens in which stresh came out on top. From here, I won one and then lost one in the playoffs. Overall, I felt really good about all of my teams thanks to putting in much more intense prep work for my specific opponents. I think my prep paid off and made every matchup potentially winnable and this was a nice feeling.
Quantum Tesseract(2-2)+4QT only played BH for the first half of the season, but when he did he played against three of the best players in the pool and one of the most unpredictable and creative builders out there. Finishing with an even record with this schedule and playing as well as he did was impressive.
TTTech_(3-2)-1TTTech_ started playing in place of QT halfway through the season. He lost to sevag in a game where he didn't calc while using his best offensive threat and then beat sugarhigh and PDT in some very strange games and beat me to help get his team into the finals. He had a tall task of facing stresh in the finals where he lost, but played fairly well with an interesting team.
cityscapes(3-2)-1city's three wins came against opponents who combined for two wins all season. He was beaten pretty soundly by QT and had a close one with sevag. His builds were usually on point though, and I think his good support of yolk was clear by yolk's solid showings.
Onyx Onix 7(1-4)-14After a very strong start routing PDT, Onyx's schedule got extremely tough and he lost four in a row to some quality opponents. His builds were interesting though and he seemed motivated, but I think his motivation petered out a bit after losing to city when he brought the same team back to face stresh.
pdt(1-6)-10PDT had a rough season. No matter how good of a BH player you are, and PDT is a good one, support is required for building and play-testing. I don't believe PDT had much, if any, support this season. Despite this, he kept his head down and showed up for every game with some interesting teams. He deserves a lot of credit for this cause it isn't fun to catch L's like that.
sugarhigh(0-3)-7sugarhigh came out of hibernation for OMPL and put together a pretty nice performance against sl42 in Week 1 even though he ended up losing. The next two games were quick thanks to him bringing lots of Final Gambit but he did get some extreme bad luck against Tech to finish winless. Props on being the only player to bring Marshdow though, and twice at that.


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OM Leader

OMPL IX: In the eyes of Ransei

Due to managing another year of OMPL, I am obligated to make this post. It's not going to be as long as the rest of them were. I don't have much to say this time.

This OMPL was fun. I loved how unique and drama-free it was in comparison to previous years and even though 5-Star Jolteons lost this year's finals, I'm more than glad we made it this far in the first place. I didn't even feel much pressure during finals. Gonna be honest, I didn't intend to manage OMPL this year but Racool had been wanting to manage an OMPL team for a while and I've greatly appreciated the amount of effort they've put into keeping 5-Star Jolteons in tact during OMPLs 5 & 7. Those were hectic years but they've stood strong as a leader during both of them, carrying 5-Star Jolteons in games and taking the role of proxy management in dire situations. I figured I could join this year's OMPL as a manager solely to give Racool the best chance of getting chosen as a manager :). Absolutely no regrets there.

So during this year, I wasn't actually caught up in knowledge of who the best players were, and considering how Racool was very busy prior to this OMPL, they weren't either. We didn't start coming up with a draft plan until the day of OMPL draft. Our initial plan wasn't much either. I at least knew TI's been crushing it in tours and has always had a strong mind game when it came to battling, so I wanted him. I had the sense that everyone else in the tour would underestimate The Immortal so I spent the whole draft planning to get him for as low of a price as I could get. Redflix nominated him before I intended to but he was still 3500 credits! In a way, I succeeded! Early on in the draft, Racool suggested for us to get Quantum Tesseract. I agreed, seeing no wrong in having him in our team. After making this plan, I was told by another person that we needed him. He must've been incredibly valuable right? To my surprise, right after we drafted him he made a groupchat with Racool and I to assist us with our draft.

In regards to the actual drafting process itself, this is probably the first year I've managed where I didn't mostly take on the whole draft for my own team. Racool dropped some really heavy upbids while I was playing the weak game and slowly making the price slowly creep up. I eventually just blended in with Racool when I felt I needed to and that has caused some of the sickest moments I've ever seen in OMPL drafting.
[14:26:54] @jrdn: .nom S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
[14:26:54] *Scrappie: jrdn from **Fullmetal Alcremists** has nominated **S1nn0hC0nfirm3d** for auction. **Tiers: NFE**
[14:26:54] *Scrappie: jrdn[Fullmetal Alcremists]: **3000**.
[14:26:58] @Lasen: .4
[14:26:58] *Scrappie: lasen[Based Boomers]: **4000**.
[14:26:58] @stresh: .5
[14:26:58] *Scrappie: stresh[Spinda Wheels]: **5000**.
[14:27:02] @OM~!: the goat
[14:27:02] @racool: .10
[14:27:02] *Scrappie: racool[Five-Star Jolteons]: **10000**.
[14:27:07] *Scrappie: __5 seconds remaining!__
[14:27:08] @OM~!: he just got nfe ro y'all should gz him
[14:27:11] @stresh: .10.5
[14:27:11] *Scrappie: stresh[Spinda Wheels]: **10500**.
[14:27:13] @racool: .11
[14:27:13] *Scrappie: racool[Five-Star Jolteons]: **11000**.
[14:27:13] @Ransei: .11
[14:27:15] @gmansour20: .12
[14:27:15] *Scrappie: gmansour20[Wiggly Family]: **12000**.
[14:27:20] *Scrappie: __5 seconds remaining!__
[14:27:22] @racool: .12.5
[14:27:22] *Scrappie: racool[Five-Star Jolteons]: **12500**.
[14:27:22] @Ransei: .12.5
[14:27:22] @stresh: bro?
[14:27:24] @stresh: ok
[14:27:27] *Scrappie: __5 seconds remaining!__
[14:27:27] %in the hills: racool and ransei sharing a brain cell rn


[14:46:02] *Scrappie: stresh from **Spinda Wheels** has nominated **motherlove** for auction. **Tiers: Almost Any Ability, Balanced Hackmons, Camomons, Mix and Mega, NFE, STABmons**
[14:46:02] *Scrappie: stresh[Spinda Wheels]: **3000**.
[14:46:07] @Redflix: .4
[14:46:07] *Scrappie: __5 seconds remaining!__
[14:46:07] *Scrappie: redflix[Zoomer Zeraoras]: **4000**.
[14:46:08] @Salty Cacti: .5
[14:46:09] *Scrappie: saltycacti[Rozelias]: **5000**.
[14:46:10] @Redflix: .6
[14:46:11] *Scrappie: redflix[Zoomer Zeraoras]: **6000**.
[14:46:13] @Ransei: .6.5
[14:46:13] *Scrappie: ransei[Five-Star Jolteons]: **6500**.
[14:46:15] @Redflix: .7
[14:46:15] *Scrappie: redflix[Zoomer Zeraoras]: **7000**.
[14:46:18] @Ransei: .7.5
[14:46:18] *Scrappie: ransei[Five-Star Jolteons]: **7500**.
[14:46:19] @Redflix: .8
[14:46:19] *Scrappie: redflix[Zoomer Zeraoras]: **8000**.
[14:46:23] @racool: .8.5
[14:46:24] *Scrappie: racool[Five-Star Jolteons]: **8500**.
[14:46:24] @Ransei: .8.5
[14:46:26] @Redflix: .9
[14:46:26] *Scrappie: redflix[Zoomer Zeraoras]: **9000**.
[14:46:29] @Ransei: .9.5
[14:46:29] *Scrappie: ransei[Five-Star Jolteons]: **9500**.
[14:46:30] @Redflix: .10
[14:46:30] *Scrappie: redflix[Zoomer Zeraoras]: **10000**.
[14:46:32] @Ransei: .10.5
[14:46:33] *Scrappie: ransei[Five-Star Jolteons]: **10500**.
[14:46:34] @Redflix: .11
[14:46:37] *Scrappie: redflix[Zoomer Zeraoras]: **11000**.
[14:46:37] @Redflix: .11
[14:46:38] @Ransei: .11.5
[14:46:38] *Scrappie: ransei[Five-Star Jolteons]: **11500**.
[14:46:40] @Redflix: .12
[14:46:40] *Scrappie: redflix[Zoomer Zeraoras]: **12000**.
[14:46:44] @Ransei: .12.5
[14:46:44] *Scrappie: ransei[Five-Star Jolteons]: **12500**.
[14:46:45] @Redflix: .13
[14:46:45] *Scrappie: redflix[Zoomer Zeraoras]: **13000**.
[14:46:49] @Ransei: .13.5
[14:46:49] *Scrappie: ransei[Five-Star Jolteons]: **13500**.
[14:46:50] @Redflix: .14
[14:46:50] *Scrappie: redflix[Zoomer Zeraoras]: **14000**.
[14:46:53] @Ransei: .14.5
[14:46:55] *Scrappie: ransei[Five-Star Jolteons]: **14500**.
[14:46:55] @Redflix: .15
[14:46:55] *Scrappie: redflix[Zoomer Zeraoras]: **15000**.
[14:46:59] @racool: .16
[14:46:59] @Ransei: .15.5
[14:46:59] *Scrappie: racool[Five-Star Jolteons]: **16000**.
[14:47:03] @Redflix: .16
[14:47:04] *Scrappie: __5 seconds remaining!__
[14:47:07] @Redflix: .16
[14:47:09] *Scrappie: **Five-Star Jolteons** has bought **motherlove** for 16000!

(Image link:
A lot of psychic energy went into these scenarios. Especially from Racool.

This draft really astonished me. Insane prices were being dropped from the get go to the point where one team already lost half their total credits after 1 manager + player draft, then as time moved on, nobody wanted to spend much anymore. The game of random upbidding was very useful at that point. Racool made sure to get the players we wanted for our team, even at points when I felt like giving players up due to astonishing prices. It all turned out pretty well in the end.

Full team:
Players (12): Quantum Tesseract, S1nn0hC0nfirm3d, motherlove, Pigeons, beauts, Euphonos, PA, Greybaum, The Immortal, SparksBlade, Smove_$wag, damflame 3

As for post-draft, I had a lot going on and I ended up not paying attention to how the tour was progressing and what my team was doing. I was just cheerleading, submitting lineups on some weeks after they were made by Racool or Quantum Tesseract, and testing games under request when I could. (I had a habit of staying up until 5 to 7 AM on more nights than I'd like to admit and TI found that as an opportunity to frequently challenge me to STABmons games during those hours. I went with it.) Racool and Quantum Tesseract carried us through the tour and were making sure everything turned out okay. Racool and I were tagged when something needed to be done. I mostly took care of things when Racool was unavailable.

This is almost it. There is one more thing I have to say before getting to shoutouts and it honestly really surprises me to even have to say this....

Please follow Pokémon Showdown rules when playing OMPL games. There have been multiple instances of people bringing inappropriate nicknames into battles, including two cases that resulted in locks. Seriously, replays are mandatory and this type of behavior ruins them for the whole tour. It's not hard to refrain from giving your Pokémon any nickname if you otherwise intend to make them sexual.

In addition, OMPL tournament hosts will give harsher punishments towards those who bring inappropriate names to their tour games in the future.

Now onto the shoutouts!

Before getting to the team, I want to give a shoutout to Kris, Sectonia, and Think for hosting this year's OMPL. We haven't had a year with three OMPL hosts before but you all still pulled through this and it was ran well.

Now for the team:

Racool - I hope you enjoyed managing in OMPL for the first time! You did great. Holy heck your draft game was insane. I swear my outdated self was too busy getting distracted by how wild draft has changed this year from the previous ones while you were making it harder for everyone else to get good players. I tried to adapt though. Not sure how I did. On top of this, you've still continued to put a lot of effort on running the team successfully. You were an amazing co-manager.

Quantum Tesseract - Not gonna lie I only just remembered a few days ago that you were near 30k. While 29.5k was absolutely insane for a player you were definitely worth the price. You really helped carry our team since the moment we drafted you, helping us a whole ton during the draft, the weekly rounds, playoffs, and finals all around. Heck you probably even took my spot as manager behind the scenes for all I could've known. Thanks for all of this! Our chances of reaching finals this year would've been noticeably different without your support.

S1nn0hC0nfirm3d - Esteemed NFETL. Thanks for hopping in to play NFE during the times we needed you in! Despite your record putting someone with your experience in was definitely better than putting in any other potential sub and definitely better than risking an activity loss.

motherlove - Good job carrying us through AAA. Racool and I were both quite heavily determined to get you in case you haven't noticed how your draft was. You made that sick play worth it.

Pigeons - You tried a lot despite having a busy schedule. I commend you for that. Those game matchups you had were really unfortunate and you definitely could've earned wins on your own outside that based off your skills on research and playing. Can't say I regret drafting you. I hope you have better luck in future tours o7.

beauts - You've pretty much helped carried us through the NFE slot for multiple weeks on. I'm glad you managed to work things out with the team and with the NFE support we had. It really helped secure us the wins we needed to secure playoffs.

Euphonos - What Quantum Tesseract said in his shoutout to you is fully accurate. When it came to Camomons players I couldn't really think of anyone to choose first other than someone who was pretty much me with PH except in your case, with Camomons instead! The amount of passion and dedication you put towards Camomons is a little more than even I could comprehend and your understanding of the metagame is very blatantly shown through your posts, whether they display your teams or your view on the Camomons metagame itself. You've also held one of the highest win/loss records for Camomons in this tournament, exceeding even the most expensive player. Your efforts have proven to pay off here.

PA - Thanks for supporting Euphonos in Camomons. While Euphonos is already pretty much a Camomons prodigy on his own I don't suppose Camomons is all that easy to learn and if we needed to sub someone in, finding someone to sub in for Camomons was going to be a lot more difficult than for most if not every other format. We also still had strong competition from other teams in the Camomons slot and it would've probably been overbearing for someone to solo through all of that. You came already prepared to assist, which is dope.

Greybaum - I know you haven't played but you really pulled in a lot of support for our team behind the scenes and much of it seemed to have ended up working out! Thanks for your strong contributions to the 5-Star Jolteons!

The Immortal - I hope all those practice games we played paid off! You've really done some impressive work playing OMPL this year despite seeming like a newcomer to higher levels of competitive STABmons. Also #oldleadersquad! Working in the same team for the first time was cool and I'm glad to have helped succeed in having you be such a steal in this tour. Someone even typed .overpay the moment you were nominated yet you ended up making the highest win/loss record in STABmons :blobastonished:. You also ended up being the most profitable player in this whole tournament!

SparksBlade - I believe you also didn't play? rip. Thanks for supporting our team and showing eagerness to learn formats new to you just to prep for the possibility of needing an extra sub.

TTTech - I was not sure on what to do for BH this year so Quantum Tesseract and Racool handled your slot. They picked you. I appreciate that you worked well within our team and played for us when we needed you in, especially during the weeks Quantum Tesseract wanted to play a different slot or take a break. No regrets there! Good job.

damflame 3 - Thanks for covering up in the Mix and Mega slot when Quantum Tesseract wanted to take a break and let someone else play. You tried, you built a team, and you actively worked with Quantum Tesseract to find the best path towards trying to win your Mix and Mega game. You lost but it didn't really hold us back and you did play pretty well.

Last but not least thanks to all the helpers who were interested in helping out our team. It appears we've had a strong amount, especially from BH! I was fortunate that Racool managed to trust you all. I'm not sure how I would've but I decided not to worry too much about it.

Look at the time! ...oops. I'm done with this post.
Aight, my turn.

First of all, big shoutout to Sylveon. who convinced me to sign up in the first place. I've been trying to distance myself from mons more and more, but geerat is always there to remind me of all the fun we've had and all the friends I've made in the years I've been in this community. Playing a team tour once a year is a low enough commitment that even I can maintain, and I ended having a ton of fun this year :D

Thanks to Think Sectonia and Kris (big fan) for making it happen and just generally being cool n all.

Big thanks for my #1 biggest fan Racool sorry volk you're second for somehow believing in me more than I believe in myself. I honestly wouldn't have done as well without you there. Glad I could be part of your team.

Cheers to king Ransei for drafting rusty old me and also for putting me in a killer squad. Didn't see much of you around but we all know you carried behind the curtains.

Quantum Tesseract Hugely impressed with you ngl. We hadn't built much AAA together in the past but I'm super thankful to how open minded you were with new creative ideas and how fast your could draft builds together. I swear for anyone else reading, I'd say "I wanna run seed lati" and QT would reply the next day with 2 teams built around it it's insane. I was kinda worried to be paired with somebody who would shoot down my unsets but you rolled with everything and helped balance out the oddities by building a solid squad around it and then plays about a gazzilion text games to see what works. And then I realise you're also helping every other meta and building for your own? And pretty much acting as our third manager? Crazy. Honestly MVP by far and I'm glad we were on the same squad.

The Immortal Sounds odd, but being players on the same squad really changed my perception of you. Used to be that you were like an unreachable ethereal entity looking at us from above. but actually you're a pretty cool lad and I appreciate the times where we played and shared ideas, even if my meta knowledge was very limited. It was a blast seeing you go on a rampage every week with all the odd sets paying off.

Greybaum Altho not obvious to the public, everyone in the jolts knows you carried the team, invaluable member. Cheers for always being present and lending a helping hand, glad we could be on the same team.

aesf Dang, can't believe we managed to draft you for 0k, what a steal. It's always a pleasure having you around fam. We've been playing AAA for what like 30 years now? It never stops being fun.

TTTech Ngl fam, I was mad worried about how you were gonna perform after you posted your first team (and tbf so was QT, he won;t say your team sucks but he'll start posting other teams saying "hey this is pretty good", he did that to me too). I wish I could've helped more in BH but you pulled out a solid performance regardless by doing the shit that works for you. I'm impressed. Best of luck next year when you inevitably get drafted again.

SparksBlade Ngl I was a bit lost when it came to anything not AAA this tour so I didn't hang out in other rooms much, but your eagerness, positivity and team spirit brings the whole team up everytime. I hope you smash shit in future tournaments.

Euphonos goatphnos! Always impressed by the mad amount of prep you put in every week. I'm not gonna pretend I understood even half of it but I know that you were better than everyone else and kept winning, stay hard :swole:

beauts Literally the cutest. I honestly don't know what else to say, actually so cute it blurs my vision. Honestly watching you and the other peeps build for NFE gave me appreciation for the meta, and your games were always super tight. I still don't know anything about NFE but I do know that'd I'd always be glad to be on your squad in the future.

damflame 3 S1nn0hC0nfirm3d PA Pigeons Shame we couldn't spend more time together, honestly my fault for knowing nothing about the other metas this year round, still awesome to be in the same team, everyone had a part in bringing us to finals.

willdbeast Another complete steal 0k draft, honestly unbelievable, man carried BH like a Kangorou carries his babies in his belly pocket or smt idk where I'm going with this, but memes aside idk why you remain undrafted, I'd love to see more of your BH stuff on the big stage.

The Number Man Pretty much didn't know you before the tournament, and a bunch of long talks and craploads of test games later, I now feel I have a new friend :blobuwu:

Sylveon. Geerat ma mans, I still remember reading your first rmt with specs Volcanion and Band tini and thinking "who is this dude I've never seen him" yet not 15 minutes later battling you on ladder against this team while using desoland Volc and Primsea Zapdos. One of the funnest 2 games I've played tbh. Anyway thanks for the help building, tons of fun. Still a shame we couldn't boomburst a corv in OMPL, but the hype when that shit worked vs Osake makes up for it. Hope to play you in AAA in a tour at some point, can't believe you dodged me :blobglare:

Also shoutouts to Gman and Jrdn, it's always nice to have managers reach out pre draft (it used to be my yearly chat with TI tbh) and I appreciate your consideration.

Osake rough tour for you which is unfortunate, but we all start somewhere and your progress throughout the weeks was noticeable imo. But yeah, thanks for the help this tour, and I have no doubt you'll get drafted next year and show your worth.

Shoutouts Jrdn for being scary as shit for all the test games and inspiration this tour. Honestly you are the best player in the pool, I wish your record would reflect that. Better luck next time, but in the meantime we all know you're the goat really. Hope to see you playing in future OMPLs and making everyone tremble at the idea of prepping vs you. I thought our game this year was tons of fun :D

UnnerfTalonflame we need more quality ppl like you on this website, actively trying to make the community a better place. Cheers for the test games this tournament.

Ren cause he gives me strengh :blobnom:

intentionally Last but certainly not least, shoutouts TheCoastsOfToast whose name I can never write properly for the amazing commentary, I think we all agree it made the tour a lot more enjoyable, I was always hyped to tune in to a live game even in the metas I knew jack about. Cheers for letting me join you for a few games as well, hella fun. You spread good vibes everytime and we all love that.

There's lowkey a lot of other ppl that contributed to making this tour fun, can't possibly shout everyone out but y'all are appreciated.
Oh btw, I posted my teams on the AAA thread with a few words about the games. So head on there if you want fire.
Baguette time


Hey OMs players! Always late (no seriously we're closer from WCoOMs than OMPL now LOL) but it's finally time to do some shoutouts; especially considering that was undoubtedly my last OMPL... like every year :psysly: Nevertheless, it will be short because I don't have much time atm... but here we go!

Firstly I want to thanks the OMs community for the smooth running of this tournament. It's always cool to participate to OMPL with a good atmosphere and see people enjoying this tournament. OMPL is also the best tournament to play competitively against each other and developed our metagames (considering solo tour games aren't always public and ladder are generally dead or not representative).

I was initially retired and didn't want to participate but OMPL started at a moment i had nothing to do. Gman and Dragonillis got the better of my weak determination when they decided to sign up as managers to create a french team.

I was a bit worried about my capacities to play again at a competitive level before the start of the tournament. Indeed, I had not played Camomons since a long time, although I was perfectly aware of the state of the metagame and did a lot of theorymon. I knew that OMPL managers will put me in Camo for sure even if I would have preferred play AAA I enjoyed a lot this gen and played with friends like Atha. I was also not satisfied of the state of the Camomons metagame and show it in the Camomons thread with somes posts.

But finally the hype of playing this tour another time has taken over the rest!

Thanks to Jrdn and Andyboy for drafting me in the Fullmetal Alcremists (excellent manga in addition!). Was crazy to put 23k on me considering I had no perf or relevant activity since the last OMPL but :blobshrug:. Tbh it was clearly a surprise to be here considering jrdn was probably the best Camo slot of the tour as he showed last year with an amazing record! Nevertheless, it was super cool to be with you because I had already sympathized with both of you. Also we seemed just super broken with 2 amazing players as managers lmao.

Jrdn that was really cool to finally be your teammate after our good exchanges during the precedent tournaments! You have been a great partner to help me in Camomons and especially in test where we played super cool games! Maybe I would have like more help in teambuilding because you have an interesting vision of Camomons and teambuilding in general with a lot of hot stuff. You never tried to impose your teams on me and you trusted my prep so thanks for that.

It's really a shame that you ended up with a record that doesn't show how much you're an amazing player... Unfort you got a lot of bad match-up and your skill wasn't sufficient to turn the tables... Ngl I wasn't particularly convinced by your teams in AAA because there was often interesting ideas but I think you didn't take into account the meta properly and ended up in trouble against certain essential threats of the metagame... Maybe I would have tried to help you more in AAA and give more my opinion but you already had amazing partners so I didn't find my place in that chan considering no one knew me as a good AAA player ;_; I think your counter perf finally convinced me that OMs are fun to play and explore but they will never be as competitive as official metagames due to the increase in possibilities.

I hope you enjoyed this tournament despite that because you were a good manager!

Andyboy we had talked a bit before this tournament but we didn't really know each other. Was super cool to find another Genshin player to complain about artifacts farming LOL. You're also a friend of Gman's so obviously you're a good person! More seriously, I enjoyed to be your teammate considering you're one of the OMs players I admire the most. I talked about Jrdn's ability to support me in Camomons but I'm sure that you could have been an excellent partner too if you'd had more time considering you won the last Camotour!

Unfortunaly, like Jrdn, this tour didn't go very well for you... I don't know what happened but it seemed to me you had some bad MU (potentially due to the prep of your opponents so that's not only a lucky factor but also a part of their skill imo) and sometimes, your oppo was simply better. Also you worked and I know for sure that's hard to find the time to build and test among the other thing you want to do after work.
At the beginning of the tour you restricted yourself to classical fat team but it was cool to see you bring more and more various and hot stuff like HO, Victini or Scolipede!
Considering I do not see you anymore on that game I think you're retired now? Welcome to the club!

Tornadus-Therian more like Boréas-Totémique! Man that's sad you didn't play more but you were definitely one of my best teammates all tour combined! Your help in all the metagames even tough you didn't know them sometimes was really appreciated! You did you best to help us and was cool to discuss with you in a good atmosphere to which you have strongly contributed, thanks for that! :blobnom:

Monsareeasy stop complaining when you have to play because you're soooo good at NFE! Even tough I'm not interested by NFE as an OMs, I really enjoyed to see your games and it seems to me there's an important part of the skill in this metagame and that's not only spam Knock Off LOL. Hope your doing well! :)

Hamhamhamhamham do you have any explain to your name?
Really impressed by your perf in a metagame which seemed to me hard to play considering a guy can just click No-Retreat with his Zapg and win the game lol...
I've been invested in STAB to help you and it was fun to build together and see you bring really crazy hot stuff! Was a pleasure to be your teammate after our separation during the brexit in WCoOMs :pikuh:

MAMP we all know you didn't want to play BH because this tier is so bad and prefered to play NFE so idk if you managed to appreciate this tour with us :blobsad: Anw it seems you took over BH so maybe you will enjoy more playing next time?

Stareal was cool to see your motivation during the first weeks and especially considering you were quite busy with other things!

Splash I don't think we talked but you seemed nice! :)

sugarhigh thanks for your presence, your motivation, your investment during prep... No that's a joke.

s/o to our helpers:

Catalystic genshin main, was a pleasure to shitpost about genshin on the MnM chan lol.
Quagg definitely one of the reasons why our NFE was active and so strong!
aesf was afraid to play jrdn so he prefered not to play this year and help us instead :blobnom: Always here to build on crazy hot set but unfortunaly it didn't work well this time :c Always a pleasure to talk with you!
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TheCoastsOfToast thanks for everything! <3 You're the only S tier with Gman on my tierlist of "nicest user" and you contributed so much to the good atmosphere of our team. Always here to offer help even if you didn't know much about some metagames and I really enjoyed to exchange with you! Also your commentaries on the OM Discord was prob one of the best part of this tour and I really think you managed to share your good mood with everyone!

Sylveon. No more fear and play me right now! :c More seriously you were my best partner during this tour and I really think your help played an important part in my success this year. We exchanged so much about our ideas and our feedback on the Camomons metagame what has been helpful for both of us. I really enjoyed our test games that have been the best I've played during this tour. I hope you're doing well and to see you again in the future!
Euphonos Palapapop Meta and The Number Man for your help during test. I had my onw picture of the Camomons metagame before the start of OMPL and you guys helped me to see in practise what was good or not. Always fun games against good players! :)

I'm personnaly satisfied about my record this year (5 - 2) that I managed to improve from last year (4 - 3). It was a pleasure to play even if I had less time at the end due to the work. Nevertheless I admit that I didn't particularly appreciate the Camomons metagame in the state it was in (CM wars, stupid Pheromosa and Naganadel). It was really difficult to build good teams considering I didn't want to play HO with prio spam every weeks to deal with all these broken things. I'm glad to see the state of the Camomons metagame improving little by little.
I enjoyed a lot this tour thanks to our good managers and my nice teammates. That's a shame with didn't manage to go further with that broken team but anw it was a fun tour.

Some (outdated but not banned) teams if you want:

I hope I didn't forget anyone and thanks for reading even if my english will be always bad and I don't take the time to proofread myself... :blobnom:

Osake free tag parce que t'es un nullard mais je t'aime quand même <3
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