Twitter Post your creative tweet ideas

what do you think is the best partner for (insert mon here) in (insert tier here)
i like this and will probably use variations of it

How about promoting certain parts of the forums?
i'd rather promote specific threads/ongoing discussions/activities than entire sections.

Karxrida said:
Let's take vzxt's idea and take it further by advertising threads like the (random example) OU Theorymon thread.
sure, like i said above i'd prefer that, but to take it even further, i'd be willing to tweet well-written posts to highlight them, maybe ones that offer a new perspective on something or can spark some interaction in our mentions
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Remember that one time you encountered a shiny and had no pokeballs?

One click: C'mon Two clicks: I might have something. Three clicks: I CAUGHT IT OH GOD. *burst*
What do you want to see in the new games Sun and Moon?

What unique typing would you like to see?

Which pokemon region starters are you most looking forward to getting a mega?

Most likely candidates to be Sun and Moon mascots?

What are you most excited about from Sun and Moon? The game, the starters, new pokemon, new legendaries, new mega evolutions for old pokemon?

Hope you liked these, hope to add more whenever I find a good idea!



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  • What's your favorite Pokemon competitively?
  • What's your favorite Pokemon regardless of its viability in a [insert tier name]?
  • Which [Battle|out of battle] mechanic did you like from Generation[Insert Generation Number]?
  • What will the Generation 7 starters have as their typing in their final, evolved form?

sure, like i said above i'd prefer that, but to take it even further, i'd be willing to tweet well-written posts to highlight them, maybe ones that offer a new perspective on something or can spark some interaction in our mentions
Also, can I link to a few well written posts in this thread?
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Gen 3 players: what's your experience with the Tyrannibofa set? If you used the ubiquitous tar, were you a fan of bofa? How did you prepare your own teams to deal with tbofa?


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I would suggest Promoting certain events. Kind of like a newsletter but for social media. For Example....
Newsreporter voice: In CAP currently the draft has just been settled for the second annual CAPTT!
Then we could put a link that would send them to the respective thread page
"Having trouble? Try giving your opponent the Bird! What is your favorite Talonflame set?"

[gif of Arceus being KO'd by Honchkrow, the only poke with a fedora]
"Atheists: 1
God: 0"

[picture of Diggersby with sunglasses]
"This guy walks up to your girl in the bar and slaps her ass. What do you do?"

Post a picture of one of the Lati megas and have people guess if it's Mega Latios or Mega Latias

Take Azelfie

More flags more fun
What is you're favorite item on x Mon?

Preferably put stuff with a lot of diversity like nu mesprit, landorus, Ru flygon
this thread seems dead so im just gonna...

What Pokémon(s) have survived the test of time and have been generally solid in every generation in your opinion?

What Pokémon do you think will get a mega evolution in sun and moon?

will they even introduce any new megas in sun and moon?

What is your favorite Sun And Moon pokemon?

I'd recommend asking alot of sun and moon questions with how much hype the games have and this is a better time than ever bc kids have the time to actually think about these things and not have to worry about school
I feel like you guys should be tapping into Pokemon Go more. I'm kind of surprised by the lack of Go tweets tbh, this is a huge craze right now and i feel like you're really missing out by not tweeting more about it. You could just do really simple things and probably get a lot of responses. "Show us your strongest/favorite Pokemon on Go" "What team are you on? *insert cool pic of the bird trio*"

You could also post quick tips and share any interesting news about the game. From what i've read Niantic plans on doing bi-weekly updates, so posting about that to remind people to update the app with some quick info about it would be nice.


I don't have a lot of questions but most of them are just Pokemon jokes and puns. Enjoy~
When you're an Abra without a Focus Sash in LC and the opposing trainer sends out a Diglett. Choices: Faint, Faint, Faint.

What does a Swanna say to a Rhydon during street crossing? "You better Hurri-cane up"

When you randomly get OHKOed by a critical hit. "That was Onixpected!"

Kling always wanted to look better when evolution came, so he listened to pop songs and came up with a statement. "If you like it put a gear on it"

Two Chinchous were trying to make all their pizzas crispy, but their microwave was taking too slow, one said "Put the pizzas in the oven, heatmor pizza!" but the other protested, she said "No! The oven is too scalding hot!"

"A Minccino tried to tickle a Duskull, but she went to far and tickled the Duskull funny bone!"

An overprotective Ambipom was carefully teaching an Aipom to climb trees, it suddenly grows a huge tail and grabs the tree with it's tail. "Look Mom! No Hands!"

What Pokemon were you not expected to lose against in a battle?

What Pokemon were you suprised to resist a super-effective move?

What is your current highest cp Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

How much Kilometers have you traveled in Pokemon Go?

How much eggs have you catched in Pokemon Go?

Did you succesfully curve-ball in Pokemon Go?

What team did you join in Pokemon Go? Mystic, Instinct or Valor?

How many Poke-stops did you spin?

How many gyms have you conquered for your team in Pokemon Go?

How much Pokemon have you evolved in Pokemon Go?
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