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i spend far too much time thinking about my spotify wrapped; now that tracking's over for the year, i thought it might be interesting to lay down some predictions for wrapped 2022! (i've put mine in hide tags since i got a bit overexcited and wrote a short article for every artist.)


1. fall out boy
they've been my top artist literally every year (don't bother trying to bully me for this one you won't be able to come up with anything worse than what i call myself sometimes), and i'd argue that, this year, i've listened to them more than the last few - even though they haven't released new music in a very long time now. it would be a huge upset if they got knocked off the top spot and i would probably have some sort of personal crisis. liking fall out boy a bit too much is quite a big part of who i am. i'm kind of like the ullar of listening to fall out boy. send help.

2. stormzy
realistically this is a game for second place, and my money's on big michael keeping hold of the, heh, crown (stormzy reference). i've dived into his stuff more than ever this year; once we add in my return to regular exercise (he features heavily on the relevant playlists), he's surely a shoe-in... right?

3. bring me the horizon
last year's bronze medallists might just have to settle for it again. many of the factors keeping them afloat are the same as stormzy, though, so could they take silver this year?

4. my chemical romance
they've been popping off irl and on my spotify. much like stormzy, the release of a new track(!) is much appreciated, but not essential to maintain their high play rate. nowhere to be seen on last year's ranking, but i think it's fair to assume they'll be making a reappearance.

5. moon hooch
i've talked about how much i love moon hooch before, but i don't think they can get any higher than 5th. not the most honourable of finishes (previous holders of the spot include skrillex and, for God's sake, imagine bloody dragons), but it'll be nice to have 5th occupied by someone i actually listen to on a regular basis. also they are really really good please listen to them!!!!!!!!!

honourable mention(s):
grandson (a former top 5 inhabitant, but i think it's just out of his reach this year)
100 gecs (my brainrot is advanced enough that they could legitimately be up there)
casiopea (amazing how a reddit post featuring a screenshot of a 4chan greentext can introduce you to something so banging. maybe the internet is good after all) (also i've just found a spiritual sequel to that post - epic)
billie eilish (she took 3rd place in 2019 and kind of fell off after that... but could this be her year? well, probably not, no.)
tujamo (i felt like i needed a fifth honourable mention to parallel the above structure & i've got quite a few of his tunes in my workout playlist ig)

i couldn't begin to predict these with any degree of confidence but here are 5 tunes i feel like i've been listening to quite a bit. also they are all very good so they count as recommendations too.

welcome home - coheed & cambria
s/o faint. does it count as "dad rock" if your online rp father recommends it to you?

cloud 9 (ft tegan and sara) - beach bunny
the 3rd chorus either confirms that the song is about a polycule or professes the singer's love for a non-binary hottie. it's this sort of artistic ambiguity that keeps things exciting for me.

foundations of decay - mcr
found out that this had dropped through a reddit meme. not proud of it but it is what it is.

layla - eric clapton
this is a real hidden gem. i think this eric clapton guy is going places. i wonder what he thinks about vaccination?

i try - macy gray
sometimes i think about smoking a pack a day to get my voice to sound like this. i can't say her name out loud without thinking of smogon user: mace, though. a distressing state of affairs. this was a rec from the same friend who got me into moon hooch. i owe her everything.

saw this part of wrapped for the first time last year. i assume they've always done it but i had never listened to a "pod cast" prior to the summer of '21 (<-- brian adams tribute parody) so i wouldn't know.

1. rhlstp (rhlstp!)
this is the only podcast i really listen to* so it's a pretty easy prediction lol. i would advise anyone reading this to have a listen as it is jolly funny and there is a lot of it also!!! although actually i sometimes steal patter from it so maybe i shouldn't be promoting it lmao.

*i did actually start listening to this today, as it happens, but tracking's over so it doesn't count.

so that's my predictions (i refuse to predict my genres or whatever because a) spotify finds a weirder way to present that every year and b) genres aren't real anyway so there). i look forward to finding out how wrong i am!

feel free to share yours! please. please do. i've put too much effort into this for it to be a 0-reply flop...


big year for boards of canada and big thief for me. i also listened to a whole lot of roll bus roll by jeffrey lewis, wouldn't be shocked to see that in the top spot. could be recency bias talking here though, i'm having trouble remembering what i was listening to in like february


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big year for boards of canada and big thief for me. i also listened to a whole lot of roll bus roll by jeffrey lewis, wouldn't be shocked to see that in the top spot. could be recency bias talking here though, i'm having trouble remembering what i was listening to in like february
happy to see another jeffrey lewis enjoyer in this thread, i’m predicting that he’s my top artist this year- he played a set at my college about a month ago and in preparation i listened to nothing but him for like the whole week leading up, which i imagine pushed him into #1 considering he was prob already top 5 beforehand. really awesome concert but unfortunately did not play roll bus roll (despite me and my friend cheering for it at the end of the show)

as for other top artists, no clue in which order they’ll be but my best guesses are liz phair / yo la tengo / elliott smith / alex g / kimya dawson / eels. maybe hard drive by evan dando or the whole of the law by kimberly fitzner for top tracks, honestly not sure


she is dumb but popular because she’s beautifl
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I replayed Beyonce’s RENAISSANCE so many times this year that Wrapped might not know what else to put on my list

also Rina Sawayama’s Hold the Girl got hella streams but just the middle of the album… which in the hills and skies and I might fight about which 5 songs get dropped on our Wrapped lmao


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Somehow less music than I listened to last year, but still a substantial. I have a total of 85,000 cause I also listen to Joni Mitchell on Apple Music but, yeah it’s still less than my total for last year. It’s odd how the top 3 here are Duos. And also my top song this year is from a really sad part of this year when I was going through a break-up overall Im surprised by no talking heads…


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My top songs were honestly insanely inaccurate with 2/5 being songs i actively dislike and always skip fsr lol so not even gonna post that, top artists seems kinda accurate although i've barely listened to kesha this year so i dont understand how she got on there either.


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ok. let's dive into this.

nothing but bangers, frankly. knew #1 & #2 would be up there. kind of forgot about #3 but i did listen to it a lot (to the point where i am maybe slightly tired of it?). #4 and esp #5 are a little more surprising but they both rule so w/e.


mostly in line w predix - stormzy's lower and gecs have beaten out mcr, but i was p close ngl.

the top artists upcoming events bit suggests that the ranking continues as follows:
#6 my chemical romance
#7 billie eilish
#8 beach bunny (mainly buoyed by the one song lmao)
#9 h*rry st*les
#10 skrillex

didn't give me any podcast data, but i only listened to the one anyway. would have liked to have seen my time spent on that tho lmao...

was only in the top 2% of fall out boy fans - a shameful performance!


SHOOK that Breaking Benjamin is number 1 tbh. Really thought MF DOOM or Boy in Space was gonna make be top. Also BIG ASHLEY we love Coheed and Cambria.
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