Posting Gym

My posting muscles seem to need a work out lately. I woke up to 0 notifications. I remember waking up to atleast double digit notifications a day, so I'm gonna need to up my game.


Hmmm? What's this? A posting gym? Maybe beating this posting leader will refreshen my posting capabilities.


*Hmmm that's strange, she isn't wearing a mask. Well whatever I'm gonna need alot of oxygen for my brain if I want to perform at inhumane levels again.*
Hello, yea I would like to challenge the posting gym leader.... oh they're on break, that's fine I can wait inside.... I need to pay?.... Sure.. how much for an hour... What? monthly? contracts? Madam I just want to fight a fellow poster in an epic battle of wits and brains. I'm going in anyways.


Why is everyone working out? This isn't posting at all. There needs to be atleast one poster in here. Oh there's a girl on her phone, she could one of us.


no..... I should had known. Woman posters do NOT exist, I was blinded by my lust. This gym is a scam! I'm leaving.

Yea, maybe I don't need to go to the gym, I can just post when I want and allow my brain to naturally progress instead of grinding. But guys it's truly great to be back.

Yea, I'm finally unbanned, hehe unbanned, unbanned, hehe unbanned, hehe unbanned, hahahahahahahaha, Yes can I please have a McRib and a shamshake? Thanks.


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working hard.......... i'm gonna be the best Poster in this forum..........


a Poster needs a strong core, to ensure perfectly-calibrated balance while making a Post.


all of this training is hard work, but it's all worth it to improve my Posting game! yeah!


my hardcore training regime and strict, protein-focused diet ensure that i'm always in tip-top shape, ready to drop the freshest & hottest Posts on smogon!


arm strength now - gotta make sure i can punch those Posts in with maximum power!


and now i turn to the toughest exercise of them all... Posting practice! wish me luck!


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Oh hey Mace, great to see you at the Posting Gym!


Always nice to see some new faces while I'm posting it up big time. Getting real swole in the posting muscles, y'know? It's a grind, but goddamn does it pay off - no paino no ratio, as they say. Yeah this is what I look like in Real Life, this is what hours of effort posting does to you. Pretty sick, huh? Keep at the grind, Mace, looking forward to pumping some iron with you!


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Lawl. Ok that actually made me laugh considering i have been in a situation with mi mate where we got into a heated debate about whether a skinny frame with no muscle definition(him) could ever stack up against a meaty, firm, muscly frame(myself).

Long story short, the boys and myself made a night out of the scenario, with a wager between my mate and I. Whomever got the most phone numbers from girls won, and the first person to get a kiss won automatically.

Man, good times. Funny thing is, its the fond memories of that evening i hold on to, not the silly bet or debate.

Well done, Albatr0ss #PostingGymStories

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