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i think the best part of posting mail in real life is adding the stamps. sticking those little pieces of paper onto your letter (posts are called letters in the real world) gives you a real sense of authority and importance. it makes the experience of posting that much more invigorating.

i think that there should be something added to the digital form of posting that emulates the fun of stamps in physical posting. to this end, I've created the first smogstamp.

adding these to your posts guarantees delivery by the smogoff postal service. it also bestows upon you the unique bureaucratic glee that you get when you legitimize a document with an officially issued certificate.

the one problem with these is that you can easily forge them, and use the forgeries to avoid paying the 25 smogcent tax on your postage. we're currently looking into some form of blockchain based solution to solve this (yeah it's almost 2023 and i still think NFTs are funny so what), so until then hold tight and plz no screenshot my stamps.

the end goal is to one day expand smogstamps until all posts on the world wide web are properly stamped. musk won't need his 8 dollars a month if he enjoys part of the revenue from smogstamps. also, if you want a really boring hobby you can start collecting them.

if anyone has any good ideas for a smogstamp design just tell me. we need something that can catch the attention of zoomers (no cap and etc.) even over the barrage of videos that tiktok lasers at their prefrontal cortex every moment of the day.

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