Predicting over and under: A Warstory

Haha, that was a great warstory. Good prediction, teams, dialog and an intense come back to boot. Your Pokemon's comments made it really fun to read. Heatran and Celebi's were the best in my opinion. Keep it up!
Azumarill is just awesome...

I loved it even back in Advanced (seriously, a huge power Azumarill with rollout/strength/rock smash owned*cough* that game completely...).
Great war story, Articanus.

I remember playing against your team before, although it was unfair because I had just watched one of your battles.

And I hate those nasty Substitute+Leftovers Gengar. I have faced them before, and they have frequently been my undoing because I use Metagross rather rarely. I hope your war story doesn't make them more common (if so, I will be annoyed at Mr. Happy).
lol everyone seems to enjoy the little convo's more than the actual story
Well, it added some wonderful flavor, I might add.

I enjoyed reading this too, great to see an Azumarill get some action. Commentary / Dialogue was excellent... An awesome warstory indeed. Thanks, Articanus.

Warstory said:
Heatran: I'm about to die aren't I?
Articanus: Yeah.....
Heatran: Darn.
I admit I laughed out loud. XD
Nice story! The convos were also quite enjoyable. You started off on the wrong foot, but you made an awesome come back. Nice job!
Late comment: Wow, this was a great warstory. Those comments were hilarious. Specifically the Heatran and Celebi ones lol. Also Azumarill IS god.


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I think this is probably my favorite warstory ever. It had just about everything a warstory should, except for commentary by both participants. The conversations between you and your pokemon are priceless.

Sustained Serenity

Articanus: Shut up! You are my slave that lives in a ball that I keep on my pouch. Now do as I say!

Celebi: ...fuck you...Articanus: What was that!?!
Celebi: NOTHING!

Best Part? If I could rate it, it would be 5 stars. O_o
Great warstory, and as everybody else, I liked the conversations. This battle made me wanting to use Azu again.
Nice comeback...after a forgetable start.

Azumarril was the only reason why you saved your honor.
Nice battle, specially the comments

5/5 ^^

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