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ARMIN [trusted] was forced to choose a new name by Bidoof Princess
@Bidoof Princess: wait
+nui: LMAOOO
armin was allowed as a username by Bidoof Princess.
@chunko! ツ: LMFAO
%Eli: ,
+nui: SO GOOD
thelotadgod: Inappropriate UsernameVStormi: Other
@Cake: BP how did
@Cake: you even do that
@Bidoof Princess: nui
@Bidoof Princess: reported him...
@Cake: i-


Work is over
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[11:30:35] +Vileman: im using rain (cuz washed)
[11:31:08] Lily: ...
[11:31:14] Lily: wait u said rcop
[11:31:16] Lily: so i assumed gsc.
[11:31:20] +Vileman: i was a sub
[11:31:28] Lily: oh
[11:31:29] +Vileman: and they were gonna get act'd
[11:31:32] +Vileman: so i was like ok fine whatever
[11:31:35] +Vileman: sub me in
[11:32:46] Lily: this is surely sm then
[11:32:46] Lily: right
[11:32:48] +Vileman: y
[11:32:50] Lily: okay good
[11:32:53] Lily: rain is UNVIABLE! everywhere else
[11:33:02] +Vileman: ?
[11:33:03] Lily: gsc rain sounds fire af though
[11:33:04] +Vileman: stample in adv
[11:33:05] +Vileman: lol.
[11:33:21] +Vileman: also
[11:33:22] +Vileman: bw???
[11:33:23] +Vileman: LOL
[11:33:29] Lily: ...
[11:33:30] Lily: facts
[11:33:31] Lily: LMAO

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