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Can you guys freeze decay on inaccessible ladders? For example, if I play 20 games on Gen7UU ladder and then it becomes inaccessible for 2 weeks because it's replaced by Gen7UUSuspectTest ladder, can you freeze the decay on the Gen7UU ladder?

Decay is calculated here, and it seems like it would be relatively straightforward to short circuit and not apply decay in the case of a ladder being inaccessible, the main challenge I see is being able to tell which ladders are inaccessible at this place in the code? If I'm not mistaken, whether or not a ladder is accessible depends on what is in config/formats.js (specially, which formats have searchShow), which is hard to access from the ladder update code? The naive solution would be to simply hardcode specific formats where decay is calculated (similar to how gen7randombattle and gen7ou are hardcoded, though for a different reason) and remember to update the ladder logic when updates to formats occur, though somewhat kludgey and error prone, not to mention complicated by the fact that the decay logic is in the client codebase and the formats are defined in the server codebase.
Since this is an old suggestion I would like to add that Suspect Tests are now run on the regular ladders with players participating under special alts (let's say UUSS Teclis for example). Even if it means a decent proportion of players won't ladder under their usual accounts (at least not before they reach the requirements for the Suspect) I don't think it's needed anymore.
For most non gen 7 meta's, if you look at the leaderboard the top 500 players aren't even active. They were able to achieve such high mmr back when there were more players. Right now the leaderboard is meaningless and players can't climb into it. Can we get an MMR reset for older generations, or at least a better rank decay system?


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To make decay more fair for small ladders, a solution could be a decay function based on either top elo or average elo to ensure that no matter how high or low the elo cuts off, it'll always decay to a point where the average active player can pass the average inactive plauer

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