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Will do my thoughts and opinions for Backlash 2018 and its matches on this post, I will do the same for Wrestling Dontaku Nights 1 and 2 which will be coming soon™

Ruby Riott (with Riott Squad) vs. Bayley - Simple pre-show match, cemented Riott Squad as heel the standard way of interference they did ok but like most pre show matches no build up and rather bland, nothing much else to say. 1.5 / 5

Seth Rollins (c) vs. The Miz - One of The Miz's best matches in 2018, both did really well in portraying the story at hand with Seth Rollins' in ring performance being as great as ever while The Miz also did pretty good which made the match really interesting and great. Despite The Miz's currently shifting character he still managed to tell the story in a heelish manner quite well while Seth Rollins is one of Raw's best babyfaces which told the point really well, great finish and great performance by both. 4 / 5

Nia Jax (c) vs. Alexa Bliss - Aside from some small fight-backs by Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax kinda dominated the match with all that throwing around of Alexa Bliss, it may make the former champion look too powerless but the objective of getting Jax over as a dominant and monster-ish powerful champ has been successful, but aside from that it could come of as kind of bland, there were some nice spots but the match quality itself could've improved significantly, but story-wise this was adequate. 2.75 / 5

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Randy Orton - The build up to this was rather weird because Shelton Benjamin was involved in this and what was the point of having him there if he wasn't going to be related to match at all because he didn't show up at all or at least wasn't even in the match, which kinda makes him having his issues with Orton and Hardy kinda pointless while his pinfall victory against Orton may've been all for nothing because the issue about him being the no. 1 contender wasn't even touched upon which made the story behind this match not as good, the in ring quality, however, was fine, nice finish. 3 / 5

Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass - Nice way to make Daniel Bryan win satisfactorily but also a decent way to still make Big Cass dominant in the end due to the post-match beat down which was deserved or else Big Cass wouldn't look like a threat to D Bryan so the finish and story telling was fine, Cass was a good heel throughout the match and Bryan is also one of the best babyfaces too so you know how that goes. In terms of in-ring, Cass would good using his character and size to influence his moves like the Big Boot which I think fits him nicely, Daniel Bryan is good as ever. Although my one complaint is that they do have spots, but they aren't as memorable so they might need this or else some can see this match as kinda bland. 3 / 5

Carmella (c) vs. Charlotte Flair - Carmella got quite over by beating Charlotte relatively clean while of course portraying the rather frail, but effective heel persona which makes her an adequate heel champion who now has some feats to back her up so this match played nicely into the story although while maintaining that she does still run away which is totally fine. Didn't make Charlotte look to weak either because she dominated a significant portion of the match before Mella got the upper hand, for in ring both did fine but again no significant spots, story is fine. 3 / 5

AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura - Now this match really grinded my gears, god damn it WWE I know you like to prolong your feuds to make it intense but it isn't working here, you're wasting potential time of these two amazing wrestlers because these series of matches aren't befitting of their careers at all. The ending was horrible either, the Low Blows are really excessive at this point and no one will be satisfied with this ending again, GRR was enough, not again at Backlash. As a face, Shinsuke Nakamura was rather stagnant with the whole program with Jinder and they can't just deny heel Nakamura now by giving crappy endings because the same thing will happen again which Nakamura doesn't deserve, just give him the title already, he's already made his heel stuff effective while also getting AJ over as a face on the occasions they meet. Shinsuke is already ready for the title, prolonging it with these false feud finishes aren't going to work as effectively as people think. In terms of in-ring I feel like the two could do much better, but I don't think it's their fault really as in NJPW they are given much more freedom in their wrestling matches, but in WWE they aren't which makes this match rather suppressed. 2.5 / 5

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn - This match was good overall with the in ring quality being pretty good with Braun's monster tactics on point, Bobby Lashley's power on display while Owens and Zayn are good technica wizards. The story here was also not bad with Strowman and KO going at odds while they keep doing the chasing thing outside the ring which needs to watch out for being too redundant. Overall pushed the babyfaces quite well while also making Owens and Zayn not that weak due to the situation they're in which builds up the feud nicely although the direction is currently unclear so they'll need to focus on that soon while the basis of the feud is also unclear because how it started was from multiple tag matches so that needs to get sorted out. But otherwise, in ring and story is fine, good feud builder. 3 / 5

Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe - I feel like this feud was built up pretty poorly with Joe looking like he just wanted to clean up Brock's leftovers. I know Joe hates Reigns but just because Reigns is losing a lot doesn't make it a good feud if Joe just wants to make Reigns lose again and lose hope for good, surely they can make a better feud because they had rather minimal confrontations while the verbal battles were really redundant, I feel like they could've based the feud on something better than Reign's losing streak which is now broken btw because why not. Overall the story was awkwardly builded and has no good direction while the in ring was ok as usual. 2.5 / 5

Overall Backlash was pretty bad, the Styles / Nakamura match and the Reigns / Joe match all had really crappy or bland endings while the build up to the latter was pretty bland while the Styles / Nakamura feud is being delayed and depleted of its hype and intensity with both men not looking too good so far. As with the other championship matches they were ok, but only ok as they may want to make their current champions look strong yes that's fine but there weren't any significant and memorable spots from them that they can use to ensure their dominance as champions. Overall consensus, Backlash was rather bland paling in comparison to Wrestling Dontaku, which I'll get to in the future. I was pretty disappointed, hoping MITB is better.

Let me know what you think of Backlash 2018 and / or what I've said about it.


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Since I'm not watching WWE as of now, I'm far more curious to see what all of my usual podcasts thought of the PPV (as well as a few I don't listen to anymore). Between POST Wrestling, The Bryan & Vinny Show, & PTBN Reaction, I've been thoroughly entertained thus far. Can't wait to see how Voices of Wrestling skewers it later this week.

Strongly considering writing a short blurb up for DG Dead or Alive, which happened over the weekend and which looked to be a far better show on paper. Just waiting for it to start circulating online...
Things I learned this week:
Lashley gets beat up by his sisters;
Nakamura still can't speak English;
Vince only allows Rusev to win a match if it's over Daniel Bryan.

Btw, what happened to Big Cass?


Wasn't he interviewed backstage about Rusev's win over Daniel Bryan?
Aside from that he didn't play such a big role on that episode of SmackDown Live which was pretty odd because you'd think after that beatdown post-match he'd have a lot to say, smh.


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Hello everyone, Bergs here with yet another Classic PPV Review, This time with WCW The Great American Bash 1999. Here are my ratings for each match and some of my thoughts on them.


Hardcore Match: Brian Knobbs w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Hardcore Hak [aka Sandman] w/ Chastity - ¾*
First off, What kind of name is Hak anyways??? They literally could of come up with any other name but they stuck with Hak. Anyways, as far as the match is concerned it was slow and boring and never really went anywhere. Considering who was in this match I'm surprised they didn't just beat eachother senseless. The only time anyone got bloody was right near the end when Jimmy got cut by accident but other than that neither Hak nor Knobbs bled. Then again this is WCW after all, Probably trying to keep it more PG compared to what the WWF was doing at the time. Overall this was a short & boring match and nothing memorable happens.

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Van Hammer - ½*
Man, What can I say about this match other than that it was soooooooo boring, Even more boring than the last match to the point where the crowd actually starting chanting "Boring". This match was pretty much an extended squash where Mikey got some offence in. Hammer does get some decent looking power moves in including a Top rope suplex that looked nice but other than that it there wasn't much too it. You could probably hear a pin drop with how quiet the crowd got near the end. Probably the worst match I've reviewed so far.

Disco Inferno vs. Buff Bagwell - **
BUFFS THE STUFF! This match was alright, A bit slow but I'd say it's decent. Buff was coming off a serious neck injury prior to this so Disco worked the neck alot in this match. Crowd was actually somewhat into it unlike the previous two matches. This match could of been better if it was a little quicker paced but I'm not complaining. I feel like Buff was highly underrated and should of gotten a good push but with everything that was going on in WCW at the time that wasn't gonna happen unfortunately.

Curt Hennig & Bobby Duncum [Rap is Crap Damnit] vs. Rey "No Mask" Mysterio Jr. & Konnan - **½
A pretty good tag match between the two teams, Rey told a pretty good story of the little man going against two big guys and also trying to finally get the chance to tag in Konnan. Curt and Bobby play really good heels and despite being 41 here Curt can still go with the best of them. The one gripe I have is the match ends with the Illegal man getting the pinfall, But really thats a minor gripe. Overall this was a good match imo.

The Cat w/ Sonny Onoo vs. Horace Hogan - DUD
I take back what I said about Whipwreck/Hammer being the worst match I've ever reviewed because atleast that had a highlight or two, This one literally had nothing. The crowd did not give a shit and frankly neither did I. I don't know what else to say about this match other than it was terrible.

For Control of WCW: Ric Flair w/ Asya & Arn Anderson vs. Roddy Piper - ½*
I wasn't really expecting a mat classic between the two considering Pipers way past his prime and while Flair is still good at this point he's nowhere near his prime either. The only real highlights are Piper exposing Flairs bare ass during a roll-up spot and Flair getting into it with the Ref near the beginning. Bless Ric for trying to get something out of Roddy but that wasn't gonna happen with how Roddy was pretty broken down by this point.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Sting vs. Rick Steiner - *
This match was going good up until Rick & Scott brought out their attack dogs to attack Sting, The ending of this match is pure 1999/2000 WCW and it really really sucks because this match was getting good. Jericho does make a cameo as Sting and Rick pass by the Commentary team. Thats about all I have to say about this match unfortunately.

WCW Tag Team Championship Match: Perry Saturn & Chris Benoit (c) vs. DDP & Kanyon w/ Bam Bam Bigelow - ***¼
This match was easily the Match of the night imo although thats not saying much considering how bad most of the matches were on this card. It could of gone a tad bit longer but overall it was a pretty good match between both teams however the one thing that did hurt it for me was the fact it was telling almost the exact same story as Rey/Konnan vs. Duncum/Hennig was. I will say DDP, Kanyon & Bam Bam played the heel role pretty well and I feel like just like with Buff Bagwell Chris Kanyon was an underrated wrestler and was unfortunately lost in the madness that was WCW in 1999/2000 with alot of other underrated talents.

WCW Championship Match: Kevin Nash (c) vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage - ¾*
An ok match between the two, Poor Randy was definitely waaaay past his prime by this point. The match ends after only 8 minutes after good old Sid Vicious shows up and attacks both guys. The ending kills any decent rating I was gonna give this match and it ends the PPV on a downer unfortunately. The one thing I'll mention is Nash gets covered in glitter at one point when Madusa attacks Nash in the ribs, He just gets coated lmao and I wonder what that was like trying to get all that stuff off after the show.

Man, This PPV was just one bad match after another with an occasional gem in there, I'd say out of all of them check out DDP/Kanyon vs. Benoit/Saturn. Other than that this PPV was a shit show. Definitely one of the worst PPVs I've ever watched and reviewed.
It sucks that a few matches were ruined by their endings because I felt like Sting/Steiner was going somewhere decent until they ended it the way they did. Alot of the wrestling was slow as well, Now it may be the fact that I'm more used to the quicker style of today but that was something that kind of hurt this show as well somewhat. If some of the matches told a better story then it probably wouldn't have bothered me as much but thats just how I feel. Overall It was just a horrible show but thats 1999 WCW for you when shit was really starting to go south for the company.
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So just like last year I decided to tune into Triplemania XXVI and boy oh boy, Just like last year this show was a chaotic mess. So here are my ratings for each match and my thoughts at the end.


Pre-Show: 6-Man Tag Team Match, Llave a la Gloria finals: Freelance, Astrolux and Dragon Bane vs. Draztick Boy, Aramis and Látigo -

Pre-Show: 4-way Match for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship: Australian Suicide (c) vs. ACH vs. Shane Strickland vs. Sammy Guevara - ¾*

4-Way Tag Team Match for the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championships: Niño Hamburguesa & Big Mami (c) vs. Dinastia & Lady Maravilla vs. Hijo del Vinkingo & Vanilla vs. Angelikal & La Hiedra - **

4-Way Ladder Tag Team #1 Contenders Match: Team AAA [Aero Star & Drago] vs. Team ELITE [Laredo Kid & Golden Magic] vs. Mexablood [Bandido & Flamita] vs. Team Impact! [DJZ & Andrew Everett] - ***½

Lucha de Tercias 3-Way 6-Man Tag Team Match: Team AAA [Mamba, Máximo & Pimpinela Escarlata] vs. El Nuevo Poder Del Norte [Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr. & Tito Santana vs. Team ELITE [El Hijo de L.A.Park, Puma King & Tarus] - **

6-Man Tag Team Lumberjack Match: Los OGT's (Averno, Chessman & Super Fly) vs. MAD (Juventud Guerrera, Jack Evans & Teddy Hart - DUD

6-Man Tag Team Street Fight: Joe Lider, Murder Clown & Pagano vs. Los Mercenarios (El Texano Jr., Rey Escorpión & La Máscara) -

Lucha de Apuestas, Hair vs. Mask Match: Faby Apache (hair) vs. Lady Shani (mask) -

4-Way Match for the AAA Mega Championship: Jeff Jarret (c) vs. Fénix vs. Brian Cage vs. Rich Swann - ***

Póker de Ases, Lucha de Apuestas, Mask vs. Mask Cage Match: Psycho Clown vs. El Hijo del Fantasma vs. L.A. Park vs, Pentagón Jr. -

This Show was complete chaos and I enjoyed it. Now sure some of the matches were meh but I still had fun as most of the show was hilarious and chaotic and I will say that this show was alot better than last year as far as matches and commentary. Now as far as Commentary goes it was still bad but it was better than last year as Striker and Vampiro atleast knew what was going on most of the time. Definitely a Show where you can just laugh and have a little bit of fun. Was it as good as Summerslam? No. But i still had alot of fun. Overall I'd give this show a C+ Grade.
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Sucks to see Roman have to relinquish the Universal Championship due to Leukemia. Hopefully he can get healthy and comeback better than ever.


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Hello everyone, Bergs back once again with the return of the Classic PPV review. This time I take a look at WCW Greed 2001 which just so happens to be WCWs final PPV ever. Here are my ratings for each match and some of my thoughts on them.

WCW Greed 2001


Kwee-Wee vs. Jason Jett - ***½
This was a solid opener to the get the PPV Started. Now I'm not familiar with either of these two but I did enjoy what I saw including one of the biggest spots of the match being a top rope powerbomb from Jett getting countered mid-air into a Hurricanrana by Kwee-Wee. One gripe I do have about this match is that at two seperate points Jett hit a low blow onto Kwee-Wee right in front of the Ref and neither were called, But tbh thats just typical WCW Lmao so it didn't bring it down too much.

Finals of the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Tournament: Prime Time & Kid Romeo vs. Rey Misterio & Kidman - ***½
Another Great match to open the show and a great way to Pump the crowd up further as the Show goes on. Rey & Romeo both looked like stars in the making in this match but it seems only Rey really made it out with anything when he eventually got signed to WWE while Romeo kinda fizzled out following WCWs Closure only appearing on the Independent Circuit. Easily one of my Favorite matches of the night and it's a shame WCW went out of business cause they really could of built the division around these four guys.

Shawn Stasiak w/ Stacy Keibler vs. Bam Bam Bigelow - ½*
Not much to say about this match to be honest, Just a generic hoss fight that didn't really get going. I will say I did like Stasiaks heel schtick but beyond that there wasn't anything to really highlight from this match.
Oh and before I move on I'm gonna start a low blow counter as there were two more low blows that weren't called by the Ref. One by Bigelow the other by Stasiak

Low Blows in front of the Ref Counter: 4

Team Canada (Lance Storm & Mike Awesome) vs. Team American (Konan & Hugh Morrus) - *½
This match was alright but rather slow for most of it, The Crowd really wasn't that into it for the most part and it showed. Not much else to say about it really.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match: Chavo Guerrero Jr. (c) vs. Sugar Shane Helms - ****
Another good Cruiserweight match with this one being more techical based with some high flying sprinkled in. Some good moments between the two as Both guys looked really good in this match.

WCW Tag Team Championship Match: Natural Born Thrillers (O'Haire & Palumbo) (c) vs. Totally Buffed (Luger & Bagwell) - DUD
SQUASH! Natural Born Thrillers utterly squash Totally Buffed in less than a minute. Thats it.

Kanyon vs. Ernest "The Cat" Miller w/ Miss Jones - *¾
Another alright match here with the Story of the match being Kanyon going after Millers valet Miss Jones, Eventually it costs him after he knocks out the ref on purpose to get Jones in the ring only for Miller to take him down for the win. It sucks that WCW went out of Business cause I feel like Kanyon could of been a solid mid/uppercarder had it kept going but alas it was not meant to be as once he got signed by WWE it all went down hill from there.

WCW United States Championship Match: Rick Steiner (c) vs. Booker T - **¼
A solid match from these two with some good action. Rick was talking trash throughout the whole match to both Booker and the fans which I thought was pretty funny. Booker was also pretty over with the fans during this match but there were a few people on Ricks side as well. Shane Douglas makes an appearance during this match costing Rick Steiner both the match and the Title as Booker T wins and will soon unknowingly go on to the final Nitro to face off against the winner of the Main Event. Once again we see a Blatant low blow during the match from Rick Steiner onto Booker right in front of the Referee but unlike before the Ref actually acknowledges it and states that he'll DQ Rick if he does it again before Rick threatens him which is atleast better than the other 4 seen earlier where the Ref didn't even say or do anything about it.

And speaking of - Low Blows in front of the Ref Counter: 5

Losing Team has to kiss the Winning Teams Asses: Jeff Jarrett & Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes & Dustin Rhodes - **½
This was a really fun match to watch just for the Story of Ric Flair & Dusty Rhodes going at it. The Crowd would light up everytime those two got into the ring and fought with eachother which was really awesome. The wrestling may not have been the outright best but that doesn't matter in this situation in my opinion as this match was all about the story. Definitely a match to watch if you know the story of both men and are a fan of either of them.

Also gotta add to the counter once again - Low Blows in front of the Ref Counter: 6

WCW Championship Pinfalls Count Anywhere Match: Scott Steiner w/ Madajah (c) vs. Diamond Dallas Page - ***¼
Scott was hilarious in the match with his trash talk to both the fans and the Ref. This was a war as both men bled at some point, DDP bleeding the most at the end after getting cracked in the head with the WCW Championship. Scott managed to hold onto his Title following interference from his brother Rick as well as some help from his valet Madajah. In my opinion this was the Match of the night but I'd say the Chavo/Helms match was pretty close. As we all know Scott would go on to lost the belt to Booker T on the final Nitro. Scott wouldn't appear on US Wrestling TV again until he signed with WWE in Late 2002 while DDP would join WWE as part of the InVasion angle to feud with The Undertaker, And we all know how that went.

And even though it was Falls count anywhere it still seems like DQ was still in affect on the inside of the ring as there was distractions for Interference and what not, Idk WCW is weird. Anyways for the last time in the show the Counter will go up - Low Blows in front of the Ref Counter: 7

My Final Grade for WCW Greed is a C+, I enjoyed most of the matches overall as they were good to great however a few of them were meh to crap but this show was not nearly as bad as Bash at the Beach 99. My Favorite match of the show was the Cruiserweight Tag Team Match between Kidman/Misterio and Romeo/Prime Time, Other matches I really liked was of course the Main event match Scott Steiner vs. DDP as well as Chavo vs. Sugar Shane and Kwee-Wee vs. Jason Jett. Overally some great wrestling during the Cruiserweight matches while Steiner/DDP was hard hitting fun. And like I said above I really enjoyed Dusty/Dustin vs. Flair/Jarrett. More so due to the story than anything as well as the Crowd going nuts seeing Flair and Dusty back in the ring against eachother. It's a Solid show overall in my opinion and it sucks that this was the last time WCW ever did a PPV.

Now as for my thoughts on WCW as a whole
I feel like there was a foundation here for the future of WCW had they not lost the TV Deals. Had the Bischoff sale gone through and they were able to keep their TV Deals I feel like WCW was atleast gonna be in some form rebuilt over the coming year. But in the end it was both there failure to create new stars and reliance on old ones as well as horrible creative decisions that cost them big time during the Monday Night Wars. It's definitely a what could of been during the final days of WCW and it's a shame really. Once WCW fell it was a real end of an era for Wrestling and theres no telling how WWE would of handled WCW surviving past this point. I for one would of liked to see or hear about how it would of gone down.

And before I forget - Final Total for Low Blows in front of the Ref: 7

Anyways that concludes my review of WCW Greed 2001
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I actually fucking loved that ending, Bork as the MITB holder re-legitimizes it after the recent baron/braun shit with the case and I'm legitimately interested in seeing what happens with bork now
Did y'all forget about me???? YOWIE WOWIE!

Here is my post and I am going to be comparing two organizations that have been stepping on each other lately:
The two being WWE and Jacksonville Jaguars. We all know that WWE has been spearheaded by Mcmahon family for a long time and up until recently, the casual wrestling fans have got to acquaint with the fact that Shahid khan has been the owner of Jacksonville Jaguars aided by his son Tony. What we may have failed to observe is, these two have been stepping on each others toes with their new ventures.
That's right, I am talking about AEW and XFL. Both being sub or indipendent ventures of owners and both being run on a rather limited budget. The exact budget for AEW is $100 M and the tentative budget for XFL, though unknown, it can be safe to speculate that it is somewhere around that sum, if not more. AEW is spearheaded by The Elite and Tony, Tony ofcourse having quite the career in business dynamics, in case, anyone doesnt know the technicality of the subject, as a business major, I think I can guide you all a bit here. Business analytics is a field where one projects a speculative outcome via numerics. This must be the hidden gem behind win/loss stats. Now switching gears to XFL for a second, XFL is spearheaded by Oliver luck who has been successful quarterback and can forcast on what will be write for an alternate version of the game.

These coninscidences where the sub ventures are concerned and the fact that they are spearheading into the opposite rival's parent industry is a matter of intrigue and with the recent success of Double or nothing, one can only speculate on the kind of success XFL may bring about, come 2020.
So, a bit late as usual but here is my take on Super Showdown in general, most of the matches were ingriguing and true to the word of it being entertaining, the segments that were leading up to the matches were by themselves bland but the most of the matches were quite entertainng.

Now I am quite well acquainted with the fact that most of our users like to "rate the matches" but I would rather stick to discussing about my favourite match and other side jabs that I may or may not have noticed. I, for one feel that its not fair for Super Showdown to earn a bad name solely on the basis of "Goldberg vs Undertaker" being a solid botch. If I were to quote a tweet that @IamJericho tweeted, I would be agreeing with him and Cody that these two athletes are top notch performers and shouldn't be judged by their possible last or one of the few remaining matches. Now going to the bit which I personally enjoyed, I for one, enjoyed the subtle jab that Corey Graves made at Jon moxley during Shane Mcmahon's entrance at Showdown where he said and I quote "You should be greatful to Shane for signing pay cheques to your family". This indicates and per my interpretation says that Graves was almost hinting towards Ambrose aka Moxley being unemployed and possibly being a low tier performer now that he is "out of the big leagues".

The match itself between Shane and Roman was satisfactory and I am enjoying the way Shane is playing out his new character which is quite different from his previous ones.

The actual main event, in my eye, was Triple H vs Randy Orton, the match was a well balanced match and had a decent ending with a satisfactory jumping ace cutter or RKO and oh, I loved the fact as to how Titus decided to man up and use his weakness and transforming it into an act whivh entertained audience.

I know this post may lack engagement or may seem random, in fact, as random as memoirs do as I didnt know how to formulate my thoughts into words that may make sense. So for those that may be puzzled after reading this, I assure you that my post will get better as time rolls bye and till then take care and love pro wrestling, in this day and age, there aren't many things that one can be passionate about and so savour these moments and enjoy em :)
So, I am probably going to go off the limb here and take a shot as to why I feel that Brock is going to be the new WWE world heavyweight champion, instead of Universal champion. The first and foremost reason being:
1) Longitivity and the plathora of new contenders:- We all are well acquainted with the fact that Seth Rollins has been Universal champ since Mania and taking the title off him will not make practical sense as it will remove any legitimacy that Rollins may carry about as a talent within him.

2) The obvious Dusty finish that WWE is intending to do: For those of y'all that may not know, 'Dusty Finish' was a technique that was coined after the late Dusty Rhodes where the rivalry would undergo a series of unsatisfactory endings where the heel or unpopular contendent at the time would win via cheap shots and ultimately do something unexpected, to change the course of action. This was popularised by 'American Dream' Dusty Rhodes during his heel tenure in territorial days, mainly during his time in Crockette promotions(dont quote me on this one). With Brock Lesnar, WWE may intend their audience to speculate that a budding cash in is inevtible, thus making em take their eyes off Kofi for a moment and focusing on the illuded feud between Rollins/ Lesnar. This can serve as a shocker and maintain the sacridity of the match going forward. As much as I love New day, I dont reckon that they will serve as champiom for a long time.

3) Giving SD live potential star power: This one has been an obvious one, ever since a certain advocate of extreme aka Paul Heyman has taken leave off as the head writer for 'the show that AJ Styles built' long before AJ even set foot in the blue squared circle, the show was and probably will be considered as a B show. The unexpect shift of Lesnar to the B show may give it an exclusive, potential stardome as most of its stars are under the wild card rule anyway. Also, with AEW knocking on Titan Tower's doorsteps, Vince would probably want both of his shows, to garner the ratings that he envisions them to get.

4) Repetitive storylines being a big "no no":- If Lesnar regains the title or even hangs around as a singles, non champion dude, he is likely to have repetitive feuds on the show unless he gets in the ring with someone as Shane, which I don't see as happening only due to the fact that Creative hates a "heel vs heel" and we haven't had one in a long time. Jumping ships will not only give his character a new perspective but would also add on a fresh flavour to his character in WWE.

These are the summed up reasons which have led me to speculate that Lesnar may be your potential new WWE, World heavyweight champion.
I just came across the fact thay WWE inc is dealing with real estate as well? I wonder who heads that branch? I knew that Linda was big time into real estate, but, I question Vince's interest behind it?

As well, this is probs old news but I got acquainted witht he fact that there was some shooting inscident during an obsession period where a trainee was stalking AJ Lee or something, can someone please confirm?
That was my first EVOLVE show and I must say, it was the best darn thing that I could have seen as far as American indie goes, I preferred that over AEW any day.
lol the Saudi shows are so bad, and i'm not even being bitter/angry saying Fiend getting fed to Goldberg was my "Okay I need a break forreal" Moment for me.... especially after Kofi/Brock, Fiend/Seth in HiaC, Lashley/Rusev/Lana, etc - THAT SAID, I wish them and their fans the best and hope it can turn around I just cant sit through it anymore.

that said.... this Luke Harper & Lance Archer (to a lesser extent) and Matt Hardy (to AEW - still rumored, I think atm, but basically.... sealed and delivered in his last youtube video) definitely got me interested. Really have enjoyed NWA lately too. Super behind on NJPW & ROH admittedly though. MLW kept me up for awhile but fell off with Pop's health issues. Gunna try and get back to it now.


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It's wild that Wrestlemania is not only gonna be a 2-Night Deal, It's gonna be without a Crowd and it's gonna be pre-taped. This is gonna be a wacky couple months till things start going back to normal.
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