Probopass (0/3)


  • Great supportive and offensive move pool
  • Steel/Rock may have some crippling weaknesses, but it also gives it a SpD boost in sandstorm
  • Usable Special Attack
  • Able to trap and kill most steels in OU
  • Pseudo QuakeEdge
  • Needs Sandstorm Support to work effectively
  • Not outclassed by Magnezone as they fill different roles

name: Specially Defensive Steel Killer
move 1: Earth Power
move 2: Hidden Power Fire/Power Gem
move 3: Pain Split
move 4: Taunt/Thunder Wave/Magnet Rise
item: Leftovers
ability: Magnet Pull
nature: Modest
evs: 252HP/252SpA/4SpD

  • Probopass can trap and kill all but five OU steel types without any regard to their set.
  • Physical attackers must swill be wary of switching in because of Thunder Wave
  • Taunt can be used to shut down hazard laying attempts, and stop skarmory from phazing you out.
  • Magnet Rise is the least desirable option but necessary to beat some heatran variants.
  • Choice between HP Fire or Power Gem is based on whether you want to kill steels faster or if you want to be a better attacker in general. Pick power gem if you have a rapid spinner
  • Pain split allows it to stay healthy and works well with probopass' somewhat low HP and huge defences. Alternatively, two moves on the last slot can be used

  • Traps and kills heatran without earth power, which Magnezone cannot boast.
  • Most Jirachi sets cannot be beaten 1v1 but can cripple with Thunder Wave
  • Lucario and Metagross are rarely seen but can be paralyzed with Thunder Wave
  • Choice Band Scizor can be beat with good prediction
  • Pairs well defensively with Gliscor or defensive Landorus-T
  • Explosion can be used to exit the battle and bring in an offensive pokemon after probopass has done it's job

[Other Options]
  • Can run sturdy, but Magnet Pull is superior
  • Toxic can be used but most pokemon that switch into Probopass are physical sweepers that don't like Paralysis.
  • More investment into SpD or Def can be used depending on what function you want probopass to take
  • Access to Stealth Rock
  • Volt switch can be used to gain momentum
[Checks and Counters]
  • Probopass technically can't be countered, because once Probopass has trapped and killed his target his job has been done and he can be switched out.
  • Different counters depending on what support move has been chosen.
  • Ground types will beat thunder wave Probopass while fighting and water types will beat Magnet Rise Probopass.
  • Politoed in Particular removes his precious sandstorm and can hit hard with his water move of choice.


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leave Steel-trapping to Magnezone; Probopass can stay in NU where it belongs.

QC Rejected #2
Can I get some specific reasons on why Probopass isn't viable or is it just "lol probopass" He isn't outclassed by magnezone at all and can be much more useful.


HP Fire vs. standard Ferro in rain: Hidden Power Fire: 88-104 (25 - 29.54%) -- guaranteed 5HKO

Probo isn't the strongest, to be frank. It's not the best trapper at all.
Probopass deserve an OU analysis as this video shows how well it can implement its utility in the OU metagame. No further comments until Probopass gets the analysis it so justly deserves. 4drag1mag1PASS

Probopass: The Standard
Trolololol (Probopass) (M) @ Fire Gem
Trait: Magnet Pull
EVs: 248 HP / 72 SAtk / 188 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Taunt
- Hidden Power [Fire]
- Earth Power
- Stealth Rock
@Pocket it most definitely kills ferrothorn and skarmory. I never claimed that SD scizor beats it but SD scizor also beats magnezone. Probopass can beat most heatran variants which magnezone cannot. Jirachi can be beat by Gliscor/Landorus/Landorus-T which work well with sandstorm teams. I should probably mention this in my post. Magnezone's only claim to fame is the ability to KO skarmory immediately. Considering recent skarmory usage though, it's not a huge problem

@breh Probopass is meant to be used on a sandstorm team. Regardless of the fact, probopass still traps and kills forry.

@ThePillsburyDoughBoy That video did an amazing job at showing probopass' power. I see how awesome taunt can be. I don't agree whole heatedly with the set but I do see how amazing taunt is on it. I'll update it to reflect your comments, thanks.
AC mention Explosion for exiting the field after Probopass trap the steel in question to bring in an offensive threat more easily. Although you would have to run -Spe nature to retain your bulk, which means you couldn't effectively use Taunt.
BTW pillsbury could you please explain the nature and ev's. I know mine are horrible but I just want to know your set so I can explain it better when I write up the analysis.

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