PS! NU Room Tournaments (2017)

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The month of October has come to an end. Thanks everyone for participating, thank you to the staff members that kept making these tournaments when I wasn't able to or just forgot, I appreciate the help and I'm glad we were able to finish this month while being able to make pretty much every tournament we were supposed to make. Anyways, as always, someone was able to win a good amount of these tournaments, so let's all congratulate Necrozma (kloshitteroladelo on PS!) on winning the October official tournaments with 4 points, and automatically gets a whitelist to make tours themselves. See you next month!
Necrozma - 4 points
meeps - 3 points
pinktidal - 2 points
Z+V - 2 points
askov - 2 points
Elias PSY - 1 point
snaga - 1 point
0Nl - 1 point
Shadestep - 1 point
Akashi - 1 point
Skelos - 1 point
Garay oak - 1 point
HJAD - 1 point
Tricking - 1 point
Bad Player - 1 point
qsns - 1 point
SenorRojo227 - 1 point
Shocki - 1 point
Yoshizilla - 1 point
Contact - 1 point
Elias PSY - 1 point
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