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PS! Staff Interviews
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Hello everyone, and welcome to this fourth (already!) edition of PS! staff interviews!

The title is pretty explicit, but I'll start with a bit of context: back in the days of The Player (an old PS magazine like The Smog or the current TFP), staff would volunteer weekly for interviews, which would then go into the magazine. Over the years, this project was revived several times by different people, bringing over some really nice reads for everyone to enjoy. Believe it or not, we global staff members are not much more than regular Pokémon fans who were given some additional responsabilities in a place we like. What lies behind those nice usernames, multiple rank symbols and fancy custom avatars standing at the top of the userlists? Let's all have a look!

This post will be updated which a link to each released interview for you to keep track. Enjoy your read! :]

Round 1: Ransei & Robb576
Round 2: Aeonic & OM
Round 3: Blaz & phiwings99
Round 4: A Quag To The Past & yuki

As great as the community is, those interviews will only feature PS! global staff members for the moment. Please don't ask to be interviewed in the thread. If you have any question about the concept itself, feel free to VM me! I will delete irrelevant posts.
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PS! Staff Interviews Round 1

And heres the first round already!! This time we will be interviewing Ransei and Robb576. Feel free to ask them any question coming to your mind once you have finished reading. Enjoy! :toast:


Hello Ransei! Thanks for accepting this interview.

Hello Teclis! Thanks for having me.

So, for those of the readers who may not know you, would you mind introducing yourself in a couple sentences?

Hello I am Ransei. Currently an Other Metagames subforum leader from Smogon serving as an admin on Pokemon Showdown. Being from the Other Metagames community I tend to play weird formats, so don't expect me to play much of OU, UU, or Random Battles.

By clicking on your profile I can see a lot of room auths on top of your nice admin symbol, and I guess each one has its history. However if we had to go back to the beginning of them all, how did you first hear about PS? Was Ransei even your first username?

When I got my first laptop in 2014, the first thing I wanted to do was play Pokemon on it. I tried going to various Pokemon sites to play games like Pokemon Tower Defense and Pokemon Emerald. The main thing I've noticed during my search to play Pokemon was that Pokemon Showdown kept showing up as top search on the search bar. After hours of trying to find ways to consistently play Pokemon on the internet I figured I could give Pokemon Showdown a shot.

When I joined the site, I noticed I had to choose a username to go with. At the time, I was playing Pokemon Conquest on the Nintendo DS and have been spent lots of time pushing towards 100% completion. All I knew about the internet back then from experience was that most names I could want would have been obviously taken. I then figured the name of Pokemon Conquest's region didn't fit as something that would be obviously taken so I confidently went with that and as it turns out here I am.

That's pretty cool. To be honest I really liked whatever ads I saw about Pokémon Conquest back then but the game never came out in France. You said you played Pokémon on DS a lot before coming to the internet. How did you discover the franchise?

I've spent thousands of hours playing on the DS before coming here. Played from Pokemon Sapphire, through Diamond, Pearl, Heartgold, Soulsilver, then eventually Black, White, and Black 2. It was enjoyable. I discovered the franchise when I was about 10 and people were trading Pokemon cards everywhere in the elementary school I went to. Pokémon was a huge thing in the school and not even I could escape getting involved in card trading. I had cards of my own before even really knowing what the games were about.

Haha that's pretty much the same for me. Pokémon was such a giant thing between 2000 and 2010..there was pretty much no way around it as a kid. Of all the games you have played, is Conquest your favorite? And if so, apart from it, what is your prefered mainline game?

For the longest time Pokemon Conquest was my favorite but I've recently found a stronger attachment to the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games that were released in 2014.

Recently? Did you pick them up again?

I haven't, but I've looked back at these games' features and my experiences with them in hindsight.

Oh that's fair. As someone who never played the original RS I was happy to discover Hoenn, but I guess going back to the region in 3D was a whole other thing. A last bit of trivia question before we move onto more PS! related stuff: what are your biggest hobbies outside of Pokemon?

There's not much I do outside of Pokemon. I occasionally take walks outside and hang out with friends sometimes. Expect me to be working on that department relatively soon.

Top! Those are staff interviews so I guess we should talk a bit about being a staff member here on PS.


So, when and where did you start contributing to the sim?

I guess I started off by being an active chatter in the Other Metas room. This was the only room I was in when I started. As time moved on I became more helpful and less cringy. Eventually I got OM roomvoice, but then started taking my place in the community seriously after getting OM roomdriver.

During this time, I was also highly active in side servers. Despite primarily being in only one room on the main server I would be in around 10 side servers at a time. Side servers were more popular than ever and getting a global staff rank on them was noticeably easier to achieve than getting a Room Staff position on main. I've staffed a ton of side servers and have even quickly became admin in plenty of them out of the blue. I managed to take my side server staffing experiences as opportunities to enhance my skills as a roomstaff member on main.

It has been a long time since. From your experience, which piece of essential advice would you give to newcomers wanting to contribute?

Good question. We often have loads of newcomers wanting to become staff members at some point and wondering how. When they ask me how to become staff I tell them to pick any public room and start actively getting involved in that room's community. Eventually by doing this and following the rules, they will be able to consistently help out other users out and earn roomstaff positions. Once people hold roomstaff positions, it becomes a lot easier to build up and receive positions in other rooms, then eventually become global staff on PS.

To the readers: keep it in mind, those are good advices. As an administrator, what would you say are the best and hardest part of being a global staff member?

As you know yourself, being a global staff member ain't easy and not everyone who earns a position will end up liking it, especially since this is all voluntary work. For me, acknowledging this and being able to communicate with all other staff members to ensure the betterment of this battle sim is the best part about being global staff.

PS is a special place that attracts special people of all sorts. The good and the bad. I have met the best and the worst users of this site due to reaching up to this position and it's amazing to see how balanced everything really is. You can hardly trust anyone to be too good but at the same time we have those who genuinely want the worst. From the latter, we also have people who only exist on showdown to serve as our archrivals like they have nothing more to do. It seems they like triggering epic battles with staff over whoever can endure sitting in front of a screen and annoy the other for the longest.

The worst part about being a PS staff would be how policy discussions turn out sometimes. At some point we turn out to get stacked with loads of horrible cases from PS and discord channels. There are always multiple unique cases going around and it can be taxing for staff members in general. It sometimes becomes a lot to deal with mentally. Pokemon Showdown is a popular battle simulator with loads of people deciding to break the rules ever so often. Most of our active staff eventually get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of reports they have to go through just to keep this site maintained.

I can very much relate to all that. And what is your favorite part about PS among everything you have seen during that time?

This is a tough one but I'd say being able to play my favorite formats and going into chatrooms to discuss lots of Pokemon-related topics. I really love how deep the Pokemon franchise is and how there are so many different paths someone could take in deciding what they want to do on this site.

Oh yeah I think we argued about the hidden meanings of Unova Elite 4's Pokémon teams and backstories a few time again on the Lobby. Speaking of which, what is your favorite room on PS and why?

There are a good amount of rooms I like on Pokemon Showdown, but my favorites have to be Other Metas and its subrooms. Other Metas is where I initially went to in order to discuss my favorite format which I was surprised to even see be playable. I was only 14 and very new to internet communities at the time. Since then I've grown quite a lot in the room and decided to actively contribute. It got to the point where it became a second home to me. I eventually founded both of its subrooms to help expand from the main room while keeping its community in tact.

I expected no less from you, which leads me to the next question: as a very classic OverUsed player, I've always been lost in the multitude of OMs with more or less complicated rules. What would you say makes them great formats to play, and which one is your all-time favorite?

OM gives normal formats a small twist. A change in ruling or mechanic that alters the game for all usable Pokemon. For example, it could be a change that gives Pokemon almost any ability, or a change that gives Pokemon mega evolutions based on existing megastone information. Some of these formats are more defined by stats, items, abilities, and/or moves than others. People who really enjoy a particular mechanic or would like to see how a change made from certain elements in competitive Pokemon would look like are those who tend to enjoy OM formats. Ever wonder what it would be like if Zekrom was given Bolt Beak? How about if Mandibuzz were given Magic Bounce? Both of these things can be explored with some of our Other Metagame formats!

My favorite format to play is Pure Hackmons. This is an OM format that puts every Pokemon to the test in the respective game they're in. Players are able to give these Pokemon any ability, any move, and any item without any bans and virtually no clauses.

Great! Now that makes me want to give them a try one of those days. We have been speaking for a while now so I won't take much more of your time. Anything you would like to say to conclude this interview?

For all the staff members out there, thanks for what you do. You've put in a lot of effort to reach where you are today and it would've been more difficult to secure the satisfaction of our positive users without you.

Well, thanks your time and have a nice day!

You too!


Hello there! Thanks for accepting this interview.

Heya, no problem! Good to be here.

Let's start by the basics: how would you introduce yourself in one or two sentences?

I'm a student who just loves doing things on the internet really. Like, enjoying some memes, or just chatting with others. Not really some out-of-the-blue features.

Eh, that's the case for most of us I believe. And wandering on the internet, how did you first hear about PS?

It was actually via some pokemon mobile phone app. In that app, you could share teams with others, as well as having battles with an AI. While I was searching the internet for competitive sets, I landed on Smogon and not long after that, PS.

Oh really? I never heard about it. Do you remember its name?

I'd rather not say that because there is a battle mode in the app named after me. A thanks from the developer to me for finding so many pokemon mechanic bugs in the battles.

Oh, that's pretty cool. Going back even further, how long has Pokémon been apart of your life and how did you discover it?

For as long as I remember lol. My older sister watched Pokémon around the time I was born so I quickly became interested by it as well and it has kept my interest ever since.

Haha, I got into Pokémon through the anime as well. It was such a big thing back then. Hot topic now: what was your first video game, and what was your favorite one?

Firered. I got that one after me and my sister both saved money to buy a DS for her. With the money, she would get the DS, and I her gameboy + games. It's very hard not to like the first game you played, and it applies to me as well. Firered will always have a special place in my heart.

Not saying that other games I played, like Platinum and B2W2, should be set aside. I would objectively find those games better than firered, but childhood experience outweighs that.

I agree. When I hear old games' OSTs on Youtube it sometimes hits hard. And what's your biggest hobby outside of Pokémon?

Gaming. Not really much to say here. :^)

Oh? What are your favorite games?

It are mostly the so-called "Souls-Likes". It's poorly-defined but usually it's similar to the Dark Souls series. Well-knowns as Dark Souls III, Hollow Knight, and lesser known gems as Lucah: Born of a Dream, Salt & Sanctuary or Dead Cells.

Sounds cool. Does your (classy) custom avatar come from one of those?

Nope! It comes from a boss in Demon Souls, the predecessor of Dark Souls.

Oh ok, it's pretty much the same style. A bit of a trivia question now: living in Nederlands, is there a place you would really like to travel to one day?

There isn't something on my shortlist as of recently. However, I would love to go back to Porto, Portugal. I've been there last year on vacation and it was gorgeous.

Looks great! Now back to the topic on hand. You are a (checks notes) PS Global Driver, Tournaments Owner, Help Moderator and Nederlands Moderator. That's a lot of responsabilities around there. When and where did you start contributing to the sim?

That has to be my language room, Nederlands. I joined PS early 2017, and I believe I got roomdriver there around november-december of that same year.

As a nice chat contributor?

Yeah I think so. For the Tournaments room, I was also a rare promotion at that time of being a good chat contributor, rather than hosting often or being good in tours. For Help, there's not much to be said. You can't really get promoted there for anything else than what the room is for.

There was a handful of rooms that I was in when I joined PS, because the subjects interested me or I felt like I could contribute there. For Nederlands, it's my language room so that's a given. For Help, I was still green and sometimes had questions. Later on, I was able to answer them.

For Tournaments, I had this weird feeling that I had to play battles on this site because that what's it for, so I joined the room so I could start doing that. I eventually ended up just chatting there, and set aside this idea as a misconception on my end.

Is that your first PS account by the way? Or did you use other ones before?

This is my first PS account :^)

Ah, sticking to one account all this time. that's something I've never been able to do Where does your username come from?

"Robb" is the first part of my real name. The "576" is from a long time ago in a place, far, far away. Can't really remember. I have a lot of joke reasons as to what it stands for though!

Oh? What would be one of those joke reasons?

576 is the dex number of Gothitelle, so I would just do /dt 576 and yell "SHADOW TAG IS NOT BROKEN"

That's a pretty shady past indeed. You said that you "had to play battles on this site because that what it's for". What tiers do you play?

Well ... nothing really. I eventually figured out that the competitiveness is nothing for me, as I mostly want to use PS to relax. I know that I would pressure myself into having to achieve good results, and I didn't want to do that. The only tier I would call myself a main in is cc1v1. I have sometimes joined tours on smogon/PS because I found them fun and they had a nice gimmick, but that's about it.

This pressure thing over results is a feeling I can very much understand. While you are here to relax and enjoy, what would you say are the hardest & coolest parts of being a global staff member?

There is not really a "hardest part of being gstaff" in my opinion. You can do as much as you feel yourself comfortable with. The bars you set for yourself here can break you up the most. Other than that, cases where you judge A, but the user who reported it hoped you'd do B, are pretty hard too. Now for the coolest thing ...

Might be a bit different, but for me, it has to be a feeling of being part of something. In my childhood, I struggled with feeling part of an actual group that did big stuff, and that I had to prove myself over and over again. Being global staff gave me a huge boost of confidence in handling things, both on the internet and in real life.

That's really great, and I'm glad you are happy to be part of the team. We have been going on for one hour so I won't take much more of your time, but one last question: in that spirit, what would you say to newcomers wanting to contribute?

If you contribute, it should be because you're enjoying doing it, be it talking about good sets for pokemons in tierrooms, having conversations in lobby, or being active in one of the many gamerooms here. It's the main thing why at least I am here, because it's what I enjoy doing. Being genuine about things will give both you and others a better experience.

Great! Well, that's all for me, anything you would like to say to conclude?

Numbers in your name are fine. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Duly noted :D Well thanks for your time, have a nice day!

It was great being here. Enjoy yours too \o
This is a question for both parties.
Prior to responding to my inquiry, I would like you to unsheathe your deductive reasoning skills that you gained through your countless hours of babysitting the lobby. I've asked many people this question, and many people have let their beliefs, whether political or religious, influence their final decision. I ask that you answer unbiasedly. What came first, the chicken or the egg?


It's all in the numbers
is a Battle Simulator Staff Alumnus
This is a question for both parties.
Prior to responding to my inquiry, I would like you to unsheathe your deductive reasoning skills that you gained through your countless hours of babysitting the lobby. I've asked many people this question, and many people have let their beliefs, whether political or religious, influence their final decision. I ask that you answer unbiasedly. What came first, the chicken or the egg?
In total, I haven't even babysat lobby for more than an hour :^)

Ok so the chicken, or the egg? Lucky for us, the answer is both obvious and doesn't lack in proof at all.

First we need to know where the chicken originates from. If we assume the chickens we all know and love now, we get a recent study which concludes that the red junglefowl is mainly the ancestor of domestic chickens, and this would have happened roughly 8,000 years ago[1]. While this is pretty impressive, the chicken didn't appear out of thin air (or out of a thin red junglefowl). There have been birds prior to this event. That also means there have been eggs prior to this because birds lay eggs. This would conclude that the egg came first.
Chicken: 0 | 1 :Egg

But what if we want to dive deeper. What if you don't want to know about the domestic chicken, but about the non-domestic, all-natural, hardcore chickens? You know, the ones that eat a bowl of nails for breakfast without any milk.

The chicken is part of the so-called Galliformes order. This order includes, but is not limited to, chicken, turkey, pheasant and peacock. The ancestors of these Galliformes survived the meteor that crashed into Earth which did away with the Dinosaurs. Even though this rock managed to kill off roughly 66% of all life on earth, the Galliform-like survived because they were so small. After million years of evolution they are still here today.

The first fossiles of these Galliform-likes that were discovered date back to the Late Cretaceous, roughly 90 million years ago (proper, conclusive source missing. This and the above text is taken from[2]). Take that red junglefowl.
Galliformes: 1 | 1 :Egg

But what is this? Some ominous foreshadowing featuring definitive proof? Oh no! It's ... it's

So yeah, Dinosaurs. What's the deal about those here? Well, dinosaurs can lay eggs as well. Dinosaurs lived even before the first Galliform-like fossils were originating, so if there are findings of eggs older than, let's be generous, 100 million years, then we have our verdict. If we can't, then we simply have no proof of one thing being older than the other.

Lucky for us, there is enough proof to draw a conclusion here. In 1976, South Africa, dinosaur eggs were found, even though they weren't classified as such at that moment because of boomer technology being incompetent technological constraints. They were identified later, and estimated to have been roughly 190 million years old[3].

If you don't trust news articles and want scientific proof, you're just making my life harder. Without being subscribed or being on an university computer, you can only view the abstract (a tl;dr) of most scientific papers. These abstracts seldom mention that the eggs are said to be from such a long time ago. However, after a bunch of digging, I stumbled upon this abstract[4] from a paper from 1979 which says the eggs are from the Upper Triassic era. This era spans from roughly 235 million years ago to 200 million years ago. It seems that they also might have had some technological limitations but it's witout doubt that regardless of this error, the eggs would be older than 100 million years.
Galliformes: 1 | 2 :Egg

Conclusion: The egg came before the chicken and its ancestors

I hope this answers your question! ^-^

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =
[4] =
PS! Staff Interviews: Round 2

Hello everyone, here is the second round! This week's interviews will be featuring Aeonic and OM. Have a nice read! :toast:


Hi Aeonic! Thanks for joining us today.

No problem. Good opportunity for people to get to know the admins a bit.

Yeah, I've had people asking me if I was even human for a while so I get the feeling. Time to clear up this missunderstanding. Let's start by the basics: how would you introduce yourself in a couple sentences?

I'm Aeonic - I've been a dedicated Pokemon fan since 2007 when I got Fire Red and a GameBoy Advance SP for my birthday. I first joined Showdown in early 2014 after seeing it on a YouTube channel; I joined the Pokemon Games (called Pokemon In-Game at the time) and have called it home ever since. IRL I'm an engineering student from the west coast. Some of my other interests include baseball, the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona franchise, the Xenoblade series, and of course that good weeb stuff.

Top! By the way, where does your username come from?

Heh, I get that one a lot with the expectation of a deep, profound answer. In actuality I wanted to move away from the username I first joined Showdown under but I wasn't very creative back then so I pulled up a random word generator and spammed refresh until I got something I liked. This one had a good color, wasn't too long, and had a good shortened form that people could refer to me as.

I actually tried the random word generator trick at some point, but never got a cool one. Glad it worked out for you :D I'm terribly sorry but you are the first weeb I'm interviewing, so I'm forced to ask you: if you could make someone watch three animes of your choice, which ones would they be?

Hmm. First would probably be a tried and true classic Neon Genesis Evangelion. It starts off as a fairly standard Mecha show from the 90s, but it very quickly turns into a masterful analysis and commentary on the human psyche. Second I think I'll go with Violet Evergarden. The show has beautiful visuals and music that compliment a very emotional journey of a girl who was physically and mentally scarred by war as she tries to find new purpose in life. As for the third I'll go with the Monogatari series. It's certainly not for everyone as it's about 95% dialogue and can be difficult to follow at times, but it's hilarious and incredibly intriguing to watch.

Fair choices - I have not watched any of the three but I know the first two by name. Going back to Pokémon, what is your favorite game and why?

I'm gonna have to go with Platinum. I poured hundreds of hours into Gen 4 as a kid and it's when I started to learn about the deeper mechanics of Pokemon (natures, IVs, etc). I also played with friends quite a bit in link battles, the battle tower, even side-by-side playthroughs. It'll always be special to me.

Ah, Platinum was my first game and is one of my favorite too. And after that, how did you first hear about PS?

Back when I was a wee lad I was subscribed to a channel called The Dex. They would talk about a given Pokemon both in casual and competitive settings, then demonstrate its capabilities on Showdown. I was curious as to what program they were using so I did a bit of digging and ended up in the magical land of the randbats ladder. I haven't followed that channel in years, but shoutouts to them for introducing me to PS!.

Top! Do/did you play any tier besides Random Battle?

I was pretty invested in Ubers in XY and ORAS - I'd even say I was pretty good. These days I'm not as interested in keeping up with meta trends and teambuilding, so I really only play randbats nowadays.

That's cool. And now a few years later and here you are, PS! Admin. What led you to contribute to the sim?

I stumbled into the Pokemon Games room one day; I was heavily into the casual side of the games at that time and I thought that the userbase was really chill, so I stuck around. I got Voice after a few months and was promoted to Driver a few days before the release of ORAS to help handle the massive influx of new users (2 thousand users and only about 4 active staff, that was rough haha).

I got mod and global voice in the summer of 2015. I actually quit PS twice between then and mid-2018, but I kept getting dragged back in. I became Room Owner in November 2018 and Global Driver about a year later. I rose through the global ranks pretty quickly - I became Leader about 5 months later (and later Admin after the flattening of the Upper Staff Hierarchy).

Well that was quite an adventure. And having experienced all this, what is your favourite part about PS?

It has to be the friends I've made on the site. There are users I've known since I joined the site and plenty more that I've gotten to know over the years. Some people I've met have gotten to be my closest friends and people I can rely on for just about anything.

An answer I'm sure a lot of people will agree with. Now a bit more onto the staff experience: what do you prefer as a staff member, and what do you dislike the most?

My focuses in Global Staff are primarily handling Permalocks/Permabans and serving in an advisory role in general global staff policy/punishments. I enjoy appeals and handling tough policy issues because it's like a tough puzzle - you have to gather all the info you can, lay it out, then analyze it to find the best solution. You could think of it like a strategy game or mystery to solve.

As for least favorite part of being an Admin, it has to be demotes. Telling someone that they are being demoted for a shortcoming or mistake they made is always tough, especially if they're a friend or someone with whom you're on good terms.

Alright! And in that spirit, what would you say to someone who wants to contribute to PS?

Never force yourself to do things that you're not interested in. Find your niche and make it yours. Remember that this is a Pokemon sim on the internet and should never take priority over real life; rather it should be a side hobby you do for fun.

That's understandable. We have been going on for a while now, so is there anything you would like to say to conclude this interview?

Stick to what you believe in and enjoy - don't simply follow other people because it's easier. Also it's still not my birthday (ಠ_ಠ). Don't believe their lies.

Okay! Well thanks again for accepting this interview. Have a nice day otherwise!



Hey OM! How are you?

I'm good, how are you?

Fine, thanks! Glad to be with you today. For those of the readers who may not know you, could you please introduce yourself in a couple sentences?

Hullo, I'm OM~! I'm uhh not jared, am 19, I did learn how to read. I'm currently going through university for psychology and my hobbies are sculpting, Ace Attorney and Pokémon.

Oh, Ace Attorney is good taste. About Pokémon, how did you discover our beloved licence?

So like I was in grade 5 or 6 and I met one of my best friends through my grandparents and we really got along (rhyming names, similar interests, it was dope). He introduced me to a lot of Pokémon, including Showdown, and is the reason I actually found Survivor & OMs, the two rooms I really enjoy.

That's cool. What has been your first Pokémon game then?

My first game was White 2, and is probably my favourite one just for the memories it gave me of like, being my first Pokémon game. The game was enjoyable and the fact that it threw legends at me when I was never ready really made me frustrated because I could never catch them :( That being said, Colress (partly because of his theme) is one of my favourite Pokémon character.

BW2 may not be my favourite ones but I can objectively say that in terms of content and depth they are at the top of the main series pyramid. You said one of your hobbie was sculpting, mind elaborating on that?

Oh yeah, every so often when I'm stressed I kinda just do a mini clay figurine. Here's a Scizor I made recently and this is a Serperior I did a while back. I'm currently working on a Mega Charizard Y but the wings are really annoying to like, keep in position, so I'm procrastinating it.

You told us a friend introduced you to PS. What did you first do on the sim? Laddering like most, chatting in rooms?

Yeah so like uhhh 2014ish they introduced me to it. My first thing was like laddering nheritance and other OMs and challenging him with shenanigan teams but I eventually moved onto rooms and just enjoyed what the sim had to offer.

What caused you to start by OMs first instead of more conventional tiers like OverUsed ou Random Battle?

Unironically got bored with OverUsed. It's like there so many possibilities of how a Pokémon I like could be good, why would I go to the base form and use its boring form?

Eh that's a fair point. And what is your favorite OM right now?

Between Inverse or Mix and Mega. Mix and Mega is an easy tier to understand and play, and you can throw together a bunch of different Pokémon and Mega Stones combinations and see what works. Inverse is something I got into in gen6 because it was kinda dead and I figured it'd be fun to play ith/, and now that it has made the transition to gen8 it's one of the few metagames I'm like, actually finding fun to play.

Alright! Where does your username come from by the way?

Beforehand i used a buncha edgy names my friends suggested (see: corruptedflame) until I settled on OM Room because it had a good colour and a lil punch to it but then I decided "hey maybe i should go for OM" and got told by Zarel no more OM Room and I was sad.

Oh I did not know there was such a backstory between your name change. Switching topics, how and when did you start climbing up through PS various ranks? What encouraged you to contribute to the sim?

Grade 9 for me so like 4+ years ago after I had been enjoying Survivor and OMs a fair bit I apparently was good enough for them to Voice me. I decided to continue contributing because I really enjoyed the rooms and the people there, and, like, I'm a teen being accepted and it makes you feel good y'know. I just kept going on so people would think better of me, not gonna lie.

Eventually when I earned Survivor RO I was like "damn okay, I have actual responsibilities" and tried to do the best I could to help the room grow alongside my other Room Owners. Then I got Global Driver and was like "ok I got two spare periods I might as well just do help tickets as I enjoy them" and now we're like, here.

That's an honest reply. And having done all that, what would you say are the best and hardest part of being a staff member?

The best part is absolutely the friends I've made along the way. You're not always going to get along with everyone of course, but being able to meet and work with such varied, talented and amazing people has been one of the few things I treasure to this day. On the flip side, the hardest part is probably, like, the actual moderation for the trolls and stuff, because man I don't wanna see the shit people do on this sim it's disgusting sometimes oh god get it out of here

Ok! Also, what is your favorite room on PS and why?

survivor fuck yeah goated room:
  • Everyone in survivor? awesome
  • passive dice games to pass the time? balling
  • A great atmosphere and time? always

That was the Survivor minute :P And which piece of essential advice would you give to newcomers wanting to contribute?

Immerse yourself first. Don't feel the need to contribute super heavily once you get there, just meet the people, enjoy the room(s) and then once you feel you have a handle on things try and help out where you can. "Don't be fake about it and you'll be recognized for your efforts" is the best I can tell you.

Alright, we have been going on for quite a while now, so is there anything you would like to say to conclude?

Enjoy your life guys! Don't saddle yourself down to the point where it feels like you need to be on the sim, all the time, because it's not good for your mental health. You're the most important thing in the world and you should show yourself a little love sometimes.

And that's me!

Aight! Well thanks for having accepted this interview, and have a nice day!

You as well, see ya!

Once again, feel free to ask them any question you would have after reading their interviews here!
also please don't ask to be interviewed here, those are only for PS! global staff and I'll delete your post if you do :c
Aeonic, I seriously want to know when your birthday is. Am I gonna stop wishing you happy birthday every time I see you on the sim? nah.
But it'd be nice to know when I'm joking and when its actually your birthday.

btw, Happy Birthday!
PS! Staff Interviews: Round 3

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Staff Interviews' third round! This week we will be interviewing PS Drivers Blaz and Boat. Have a nice read! :toast:


Hey Blaz! Thanks for joining us today.

No problem, it's a pleasure for me to be here

Let's start by the basics: how would you introduce yourself in a couple sentences?

Well... I think that i'm a guy with a big imagination ig, I remember using Wikia (now called FANDOM) a lot years ago, most times just to "create" videogames that I would had liked to see then, specially a Super Smash Bros. with my preferred characters. Nowadays I enjoy writing some novels or poems, I'd like to publish one tbh.

Oh really? That looks great. Mind giving me the plot of one of your novels?

I have one of mind where the protagonist is writing a story and one day he enters into his fictious world, then the protagonist start to change the world and its habitants by writing a story based on his own wills. It's mainly a psychological novel where we see how the human changes when they have a complete controll of all.

Interesting :O And how long are those novels usually?

tbh my goal is to write like 200 pages or more, but once I start writing one i'm too lazy to continue, I'll try to work on it tho

Alright! Apart from that, could you tell us a little bit about your history with Pokémon, when and how you discovered the franchise?

I got a Nintendo DS Lite when I was a kid (10 years old iirc) with some games to it, one day I checked one of the games; "Pokémon Pearl" and I started playing it, I enjoyed it a lot and I started to get interested on the franchise, the Sinnoh anime was also too good at then

Alright! So Pearl remains your favorite Pokémon version to this date?

Yeah, mostly because of the time I dedicated to it

Ok! By the way, a question I have not been asking much until then: whats your favorite Pokémon and why?

Carbink. When I was playing Pokémon XY one of the things I liked was to trade shinies with online people; when Diancie was revealed I started asking for a shiny Carbink but I never got one. That Pokémon represents to me my moments playing Pokémon Y (the only game in which I completed the Pokédex) and it doesn't have a bad design either.

Ok! And how did you discover PS after that?

I was on a Wikia chat when a user sent something like "who wanna play Pokémon Showdown?", I get interested so I asked for the link and I registered an account. When I battled the user I was defeated. I remember that Latios-Mega and Latias-Mega didn't had been released then.

That's cool! Also where does your username come from?

My first username was Echron (just a nickname I did quickly, so no big meanings with it). I then used Blazask (because I wanted a better color), which comes from "Blazed Mask". I was inspired by the Ace Attorney character, Mask DeMasque, and from there came "Blaz".

Oh another Ace Attorney fan!

Zvarri! :^)

Do you (still) play competitively by the way? And if so, which tiers do/did you enjoy?

I only play Random formats atm, I tried RarelyUsed time ago but the tier had changed a lot since then

Aight! Onto staffing on PS now. You have been part of the spanish staff for years, what why and how did you start contributing to the room?

I started participating in the (then hidden) Eventos room on September of 2015, where I earned Driver on December of 2015. I liked a lot the minigames of that room, thanks to my time in that room I met a lot of people and that motivated me to start talking on Español...

I finally earned + on February of 2016. I got # of Eventos on 2017, the year where I contributed the most but I resigned my staff ranks on 2018 for IRL reasons. I ended up joining back though and here I am! Staffing Español and Eventos is one of my most beloved experiences here, especially for the people that I have met.

Alright! So those two would be your favorite rooms on site?

I really like all the rooms where I participate, but I have a big nostalgic feeling on those two, so I'd say yes.

Cool. You have been a global staff member for 2ish months now; how does it feel compared to staffing "normal" rooms?

It's really different, the fact that locked users can talk with you or that you must be sure that you're not leaving a room staff-less at the moment of loging out is something that gives more responsability...
But at the same time, it feels good to help a user or a room when an extra hand or global help is needed, and the "thanks" when closing a ticket is something nice.

That's fair; and which piece of essential advice would you give to newcomers wanting to contribute?

Do your best and don't push yourself, remember that PS is just a hobby in the end. Anyway, we're always glad to receive new contributors and I hope you enjoy that as well.

Top! Time is almost up so do you have anything you'd like to say to the people reading this, or is there anyone you'd like to shoutout at this time?

Just to remember people that Super Staff Bros. 4 is coming soon and my Pokémon is the best there uwu

That's right! I'll also be in so may the best win. Thank you very much for your time and have a nice day!

You too! It was a nice experience


Hey phiwings99! Nice to be with you today.

Nice to be here, thanks for having me!

So let's start by a burning question: how should I call you? phiwings99? Boat? Where do those even come from?

Definitely Boat. Boat is the name I use everywhere else on the internet. It comes from an inside joke with my sister. phiwings99 was a name I made when I was like 8, because I thought the idea of "ph" making the "f" sound was wild. I only use it on PS because I can't claim the Boat name yet.

Ok, good to know. Apart from that, can you please introduce you in a couple sentences?

Sure. I'm Boat, I'm 21, I'm currently studying Computer Science at university, and my hobbies are mostly competitive SSB and fencing.

Oh I did two years of fencing what I was younger as well. What do you like in it?

It's really tactical. So much thought goes into what happened earlier in the bout that influences the future, and there's a lot of decision-making to do with regards to how you approach your opponent. I also really enjoy that it's an individual sport, not a team one.

There's a disturbing amount of similarities between Smash and fencing honestly. A lot of it comes down to mentality.

I agree with that. About Pokémon, how and when did you discover the franchise?

My first video game ever was Pokemon Blue on the original game boy when I was pretty young (idr the exact age). I played all the main line games as they released, along with side games like Ranger and Mystery Dungeon. I also collected the TCG cards when I was still in elementary school.

I asked Blaz so might as well ask you: what is your favorite Pokémon and why?

Design wise, Froslass. I think it just looks really cool. Favorite Pokemon to use is Zapdos. I made a really neat Zapdos set in SM 1v1 that is mad fun to use, as well as one of my favorites to use when I play ADV.

Zapdos is one of the all-time greats as far as competitive Pokémon goes, but Froslass has its charm. Apart from playing the mainline games, how did you discover PS/Smogon?

I discovered PS around late 2013. I played it super lightly, never really got invested, and quit shortly after. I rediscovered it around early 2019 when a friend showed me Elo Bandit's YouTube channel, which got me interested in 1v1. So I rejoined PS to play 1v1, met the room, and eventually made a Smogon account so I could make a Viability Ranking nom.

So you are call yourself a 1v1 main? What do you prefer in this tier?

Yea I also play SS and ADV OU but 1v1 is definitely my main tier. I really enjoy the fast paced games. I have a pretty short attention span, so that was a pretty appealing aspect. Building in the tier is pretty cool too. There's so much potential for heat and creativity, as well as getting to use moves that wouldn't be good anywhere else like Imprison and recharge moves.

Within 1v1, my best gen is definitely SM, but I enjoy SS and DPP as well.

Looks cool! And how/why did you start contributing to its community afterwards?

I'm a pretty experienced TO in Smash, and I really enjoy running tournaments, so hosting on Smogon appealed to me pretty immediately. My first tournament in 1v1 was a really small scale team tour that was pretty popular and went really well. I kept hosting stuff, along with talking a lot in room since a lot of the community revolves around the room.

Alright! You (semi-)recently got promoted to Global Driver; how does it feel compared to your classic roomstaff experience?

It's different, but I've been enjoying it. Having to do punishments in room is somewhat of an anomaly, but obviously it's a lot more common on a global level. Tickets are an experience to be sure, never know what to expect when you get it one.

I think the biggest difference is that you're not dealing with people that you're familiar with, the way you are with room regs.

With that in mind, what would you say are the best and worst parts of the pokéjob?

The best part is definitely the friends I've made in Staff. Everyone I've met so far has been really great to be around, and super helpful to me as a new staff member. The worst part has to be dealing with bad faith arguers.

Okay! And which piece of essential advice would you give to newcomers wanting to contribute?

Don't try to contribute for the sake of contributing. You'll burn out too fast and it won't be fun. Find something you enjoy, and contributing will be a much more enjoyable experience.

Great! Time is almost up so do you have anything you'd like to say to the people reading this, or is there anyone you'd like to shoutout at this time?

All I have to say is show love to the tournament hosts in your community, they make the world go round. Shoutouts to Felucia, kjdaas, Waylaid, dogknees, and Nalei for being awesome people that make this site special for me.

Well thank you for your time and have a great day otherwise!

You too, was good fun, thanks for having me!

That's all for today! Hope you enjoyed, feel free to ask them any question you would have and I'll see you next week for two other staff interviews! :toast:
Blaz, did you change your name for any other reason than to shorten it?

Also, what's your favorite food, your least favorite pokemon, and your least favorite pokemon game?


'cause now we're singing different songs ♫
is a Battle Simulator Moderator Alumnus
Blaz, did you change your name for any other reason than to shorten it?

Also, what's your favorite food, your least favorite pokemon, and your least favorite pokemon game?
I was thinking for months on shorting my username, I thought that "Blaz" looked good and in the end it was a nickname that many users called me by.

1. Sushi or Pastel de choclo
2. idk, maybe Unown because of the waste GF did with it
3. Pokémon Dash if we're talking about "all" Pokémon games, if we're talking about mainline games then Ruby/Sapphire.

PS! Staff Interviews: Round 4

Hey everyone! Thanks for joining us in this fourth round of PS! Staff Interviews, in which we talk with various PS! global staff members to learn more about their Pokémon experience. As last week, we have got two Global Drivers under the spotlight in A Quag To The Past and Raineko (yuki on PS!). Enjoy the read! :toast:

%A Quag To The Past

Hello there!

Hi! Thank you for having me today!

Same here! So the first question I want to ask you is really just: where does this fine username come from?

This is a question I get from a lot of people; I actually have had three different people message me with custom sprites they made that were inspired by my name, believe it or not. When I was little I had The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the GBA, and despite playing it often I had absolutely no clue what to do. It intrigued me, and those memories of running around Hyrule castle stuck with me, so I used it as well as my favorite Pokémon as inspiration for my username.

Oh that's a cool story. And apart from that, how would you introduce yourself in a couple sentences?

I'm Quag. I'm a high school student and an avid Nintendo and Pokemon fan, and I enjoy swimming and running.

(Hi Quag!) Apart from Pokémon (and Zelda), what other Nintendo games do you like?

The Super Mario franchise is definitely my favorite. I got a family friend's old Nintendo 64 for Christmas when I was 4, along with some games, including Super Mario 64. I didn't want to play it because "it looked dumb" but my mom convinced me to play it and I loved it. Since then Mario's always been number one for me.

Super Mario 64's popularity will never stop to amaze me. Onto your Pokémon adventure now: when and how did you discover the franchise?

I was born in the 2000s, so I never got to experience the very first Poke-craze, but my cousins did. When they grew out of Pokemon, I inherited all of their Pokemon cards, plushies and other merchandise. We used to baby sit a kid who was also into Pokemon, so we would trade cards and watch the anime with each other.

That's great! And how moving forward, how did you end up on Showdown?

I had seen some people on YouTube playing on the sim, and I wanted to as well, but I didn't know what the site was called (apparently I didn't know how to check video titles/descriptions). Eventually in late 2013, after XY had come out, I stumbled across the name in a shofu video, and was finally able to check it out.

Do you play competitively? And if so, which tiers?

I've dabbled a bit with VGC, but when it comes to competitive I actually prefer the TCG. I'm on a bit of a hiatus right now because keeping up with it is quite costly, but I've been attending tournaments since 2011, and I consider the start of my "competitive career" to be 2014.

Oh I can get behind that. TCG cards look great and all but I'm not sure I have enough money to actually play the best decks so I have never actually tried to get into it. And apart from that, from checking Showdown to becoming a Room Owner and Global Driver there is quite a large gap. How did you start contributing to the sim?

Admittedly I was a bit of a troll back between 2013-2015, but when 2016 brought the hype for Sun and Moon I joined the Sun Moon room, which is now Pokemon Games. I started chatting with people about the new games, and while there were still some bumps in the road, I had finally made my first friends on PS!. I got room voice in 2017, and eventually became the owner of the room.

Eh thats a nice character arc. And how has been your global staff experience so far?

It's different, that's for sure. The jump from room staff to global staff is a large one, but once I got a hang of what I was doing I found it really enjoyable.

I'm glad to here that. Now an interesting question I have not asked much until now: if you could change one thing about PS/Smogon what would it be?

An interesting question for sure! I think if I could change one thing I'd remove a lot of toxicity from the site. Many users in the past have rubbed me the wrong way with their overall demeanor and I'm not a fan of the way they're negative chat presences while still toeing the line when it comes to punishing them or not. I'd just prefer it if everyone was nice to each other, y'know? Since that's people-related though and never going to realistically happen, a TCG simulator on Showdown would also be pretty cool!

Haha, the first part is not what I was expecting but it comes from the heart. I think there is already an official TCG sim unless I'm mistaken? Or maybe you can only play cards you get as in-game rewards and such instead of having all of them.

Correct, you can't use a card unless you own it and enough copies of it in your collection. I'd see it the same way as Showdown is to the main series games; you have to train up Pokemon in the main series in order to use them, but on Showdown you can whip a team up in minutes. Another site like that does exist, but I think a PS! TCG sim would introduce a lot of people to the game.

That would indeed be practical. Now what is your favorite room on PS and why is it Pokémon Games?

I love the community we have in the Pokemon Games room. We've built a very friendly userbase over the years, and it's a community I'm proud to be a part of. I think our room events that we hold highlight what I love most about it; during our community playthroughs everyone is sharing their experiences in their playthroughs, and it's overall just a really positive place to be.

Sounds attractive enough. Would you say PS has influenced your personal life so far?

For sure! I've made a lot of friends on the site and it's a place I really enjoy visiting. I spend a lot of time on the site, maybe even too much. It's also been a large contributor to my unorthodox sleep schedule, so there are definitely positives and negatives to it.

Alright! Quagsire of the pool, what is your wisdom? Could you give one piece of essential advice for newcomers wanting to contribute?

Don't be shy! It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, if you're passionate about something and would like to contribute, do it. Contributing towards something you're passionate about can make it feel less like a chore and more like a fun activity. Definitely don't force yourself to do anything you don't want to do.

Sounds about right. Time is almost up, so is there anything you would like to say to conclude?

I'd like to shoutout Hightide Inkling (Azlef), Minoth (ffsMxhon), UberSkitty and Aeonic for being my first friends on the sim. Thanks for hanging around. Also big shoutout to the Pokemon Games and Video Games staff teams, as well as anyone else I've met since I first joined the site. You're all the reason this site is so special to me.

Well thanks for your time, it was great talking with you. Have a nice day otherwise! :]

Likewise, thank you for having me!


Hello yuki! How are you?

Hey Teclis! I'm doing great, glad to be involved in one of these!

Glad to be with you today as well. Could you start by introducing yourself in a couple sentences?

Well, I'm yuki. I've been a staff member here on showdown for the best part of 4 years now, I own the Video Games room and I competitively play VGC.

Oh great, I think you are the first VGC player we have on camera. Where does your username come from by the way? That's quite a multifaceted one.

So, yuki is simply the Japanese word for snow. Just a name that I eventually settled on and ended up liking.

Its core meaning then. Fair enough! Apart from playing Pokémon, do you have other hobbies IRL?

I play probably too many video games in my spare time, but other than those I program small things occasionally and I play music.

Oh? What kind of music do you play?

For a while, I was in a alternative metal band as a bassist. I also play guitar and violin.

That's great! Back to Pokémon now: mind telling us how you discovered the franchise?

Must have been when I was about 7-8, my sister let me play her copy of Pokémon Emerald and later I would go on to get hooked with the Trading Card Game.

The golden generation. What would be your favorite Pokémon game and why?

In terms of the main series, I love Pokémon Black and White. They had the first story that I was properly invested in, and the games were very fun to play.

That looks cool! And what is your favorite Pokémon after all those years?

Has to be Ninetales, especially its Alolan forme. Just one of my absolute favourite designs, and a Pokémon I have used lots in my time playing the game.

stares at yuki's portrait
Sounds about right! You said earlier that you were a VGC player. How did you start getting into the wonderful world of competitive Pokémon exactly?

So, I started competitive Pokémon in the TCG back when I was in Juniors and Seniors, playing fairly well at the Cities and Regional level. It would be 2017 where I made the full switch to VGC in Masters Division because I was enjoying the format in Sun and Moon.

And did you discover Showdown at the same time?

I discovered Showdown around the same time I started playing the TCG, which would have been around September 2013.

How did you hear about it? That's not exactly a TCG simulator.

In our group at my Local Games Store, we had a few people who used this simulator. I ended up joining, and finding a home in the TCG and Video Games rooms.

As a VGC player, how do you feel about the current metagame and the generation at large?

In general, I love regional formats. It inspires players to come up with new things rather than relying on what used to work. The recent shake-up with the Series 6 bans caused a lot of changes, and I think it was fun figuring new things out there too. I think Dynamax has been a generally balanced mechanic, it's been interesting to see how we use the boosts and effects that Dynamax moves can give you for advantage.

As for this generation, I think Nintendo have taken a good stance with the current games. They are willing to work on this one region and its mechanics, and I can't wait to see what they do in the Crown Tundra.

Great! I'm not a Doubles player myself so I don't know much about those. What would you say make them interesting compared to the classic Solo featured in the main games' adventures?

I think it's the constant importance of every single turn. Moves like Protect, Fake Out and Follow Me are very good for example, because they can all influence where damage goes in that one turn. There's a strategy to dealing with a 2v2, like if you double target one Pokemon.

Looks cool! Back onto Showdown, what's the story behind your ascension to Video Games Room Owner and PS Global Driver ?

It was probably around the time that I was getting trusted in with staff and voice ranks in a few rooms. I enjoyed my time in those rooms, and just felt like the extra responsiblity was easy to handle alongside being in those rooms.

And how about the sim Driver responsibility? What are the best and worst parts of the pokéjob?

Being a sim Driver has honestly been really fun, I've got to meet a lot of people who I've made good friends with. The best part, therefore, just has to be the amount of opportunities I have had to connect with everyone on the site

I would say the worst part of this is just the amount of bad users we have to deal with. This is a place that we should all get to enjoy, it's just a shame that some users feel the need to disrupt that experience for others.

Yeah that sucks but that's hello why we are here for: preventing troublesome folks from being overly disruptive. If you could change one thing about PS/Smogon, what would it be?

I would love to see a friends list here on the sim. It's always nice to make connections with people, and I think it would really help users with common interests stay in touch - especially when you consider lots of people meet in the chaos of the Lobby.

Oh well that one has already been coded by Maxalexandra - I actually got to test it last week - and might be closer than you would think after all those years.

That's brilliant news! Definitely something that I will be making full use of.

Top! As a PS staff member, which piece of essential advice would you give to newcomers wanting to contribute?

I would say to find a room on the sim that you are interested in, and do your best to become a part of that community. Follow rules, and help others in the room out and eventually you can climb to roomstaff positions. From there, it gets a lot easier to climb higher on the server.

Top! That's all I wanted to ask, so is there anything you would like to say to conclude this interview?

Just a thank you to all the users I've met here over my 7 years on the sim. It's been thanks to all of my friends here that I've enjoyed my experience her so much.

^_^ - On those nice words, thanks for your time and have a nice day!

Thanks for having me, have a great day too!

As usual, feel free to ask them any question you might have! On a slightly sadder note, there won't be any new round of interviews during the next three weeks as I work through my midterms. Another staff member may want to take over for that time though, so stay tuned just in case. Cheers!​
Quag, if you were to get a custom avatar based on your name, would you get Link with a Quagsire, a Quagsire dressed as link, or something else? Also, what's your least favorite pokemon game?

Yuki, what are your favorite and least favorite seasons? Also, what is your favorite video game?


Huh? Me? Not this time...
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Quag, if you were to get a custom avatar based on your name, would you get Link with a Quagsire, a Quagsire dressed as link, or something else? Also, what's your least favorite pokemon game?

Yuki, what are your favorite and least favorite seasons? Also, what is your favorite video game?
Gleeboop My favourite season is Autumn, tends to have some of the nicest weather and the food associated with Autumn just makes me very happy. My favourite video game is The World Ends With You. Just the best amalgamation of soundtrack, gameplay, art and story I have been able to play.

A Quag To The Past

You're gonna carry that weight.
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Quag, if you were to get a custom avatar based on your name, would you get Link with a Quagsire, a Quagsire dressed as link, or something else? Also, what's your least favorite pokemon game?
Gleeboop I'd like my custom avatar to be Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop leaning against a Quagsire, I just need to find a sprite artist and commission it. As for my least favorite game, it may be a somewhat controversial opinion but I believe HGSS are the worst main series games. Presentation wise they are very beautiful and have a lot of effort put into the smaller details, but it's hard for me to enjoy them when the games have such glaring issues such as the level curve in the main game.

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