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Psave.net is a quick and easy tool that allows you to share your Pokemon teams (exports). You can store them on our website as many teams as you want. For each Teams uploaded, a download link will be generated. To do this, you simply need to register on the site and start putting your teams online!
If you choose to upload a team being anonymous, be sure to save your links. For reasons of convenience, we recommend that you register on the site (tab "Sign up") so that each teams you will be put online are saved on your profile page.
Moreover, if you put your teams being connected, only you determine if you share your team, or no and avoid the stealing.
Contrary to Pokemon showdown, your teams are stored in a mysql database and not in a cookies, so you can find them anywhere.
This is a beta version and new features will be added (such as upload by pokemon online file .tp)

Previously releases:
- Deleting, renaming and updating team
- New design
- English translation
- Remade source code from scratch with a php framework
- New server
- New domain name

Future releases:
- Upload .tp file (PO)

- Upload log (not guaranteed)

- New Design
- Displaying teams with gifs of the pokemons
- Other stuffs

Translations available:


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This is a good idea, and useful for those that use multiple computers.

PS: Signup is typo'ed as "Singup" at the top ;)

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