Tournament PSPL IV Group Stages: Week 3

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First of all guys, I want to apologize for the delay. That's on me. This should have been posted almost a week ago, but the aforementioned unexpected computer issues scpinion mentioned in the past PSPL thread, coupled with him having a vacation around the same time, got in the way. Now with a usable computer, there's a LOT of things to look over regarding Week 2 results and standings, all of which are things that I plan to take the time to go over at my earliest convenience. Also, be on the lookout for a Replay Archive being set up very soon. Anyway, let's move on to getting week 3 rolling!

Welcome to the group stages of Pokemon Showdown Premier League IV!

The format is simple: there are eight groups of four teams, and within each group, round robin matches take place in which every team faces one another once. After three weeks, the teams will be ranked according to a point system - 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss. The top two from each group advance to the playoffs. Thereafter, the Top 16 Playoffs will be conducted in knockout format until a winner is decided in the finals, with the succession being top 16 -> quarterfinals -> semifinals -> finals.

Important reminders
  • Replays - To encourage competitive exposure to the tiers within the PS community, and so that everyone is on an even playing field, all matches now must have replays recorded. If neither player posts replays of the match by the end of the week, both players will suffer an automatic game loss.
  • Updated Policy on Ghosting - Acts of ghosting have been subject to more hardline punishments in recent times, and this event is by no means an exception. Any convicted acts of ghosting will result in an immediate disqualification of this tournament, as well as a ban in place from participating next year. This ban will extend to BLT events (and vice-versa, meaning that BLT's bans will apply here as well), as well as possibly across any other big PS! forum community tournaments. For those unaware of what constitutes ghosting, check here.
  • Random Battle is Best of 3.
All basic tournament rule apply. Please take a moment to read these, ESPECIALLY if you are new to forum tournaments.

  • Sportsmanship: don't be an ass. Not to your opponents, not to your team, not on PS, not on Smogon, not to me. The punishment for this could be a server ban (which means an instant loss for you), forum infraction, or disqualification. Think before you type, please.
  • Activity wins and scheduling: Contact your opponent as quickly as possible on their Smogon wall, and look out for them on PS too. Unfortunately, I'll have to make some activity calls - I'll be making these based on activity posts (make these detailed, please, and explain why you deserve an activity win) and VM conversations, so be active and schedule as early as you can with your opponent. Use VMs and you will be fine. No extensions, sorry. If they lack a Smogon account, be vigilant as far as contacting them on PS goes.
  • Disconnections and timer: a timer loss is a loss. No ifs, no buts. If you disconnect and your opponent's nice enough to replay that's fine, but they're free to take the win.
  • Substitutions: managers, you're free to sub in players for inactive ones at any stage. Subs are taken from the lineups that were sent to me and Dell, and can include any managers if necessary. I'll accept substitutions from the manager and any roomowner.

Wednesday, July 13th = Deadline
Red Group

Comp. Tutoring
(2) vs (6) Français

Managers: Eyan, MrAldo --

Luckstard. , Vinc2612

Ubers: Starmei vs. Gastrik
OU: Andromeda. vs. Unamed
Doubles: DaAwesomeDude1 vs. Vinc2612
UU: Cyndequil. vs. Fairy Peak
RU: Hairy Toenail vs. Scythe. (coinflip)
NU: Peli vs. Dlanyer
PU: Teddeh vs. Raspberry
LC: Eniigma vs. majaspic22

(1) vs (7) Overused

Managers: -Grim , Ban ponyta -- Reverb , Dread Arceus

Ubers: LucosDICampos vs. Sonired
OU: Blackoblivion vs. Lysergic
Doubles: BigBoy038 vs. Terrakion. (coinflip)
UU: RemcoAZ vs. Ajwf (activity)
RU: Eviolation vs. Team Pokepals
NU: Shadestep vs. Reverb
PU: -Grim vs. shartruce (activity)
LC: Michielleus vs. CZ.

Team name | Points | Record (W/L/T)
Comp. Tutoring
| 2 | 1-2-0
Nederlands | 2 | 1-2-0
Francais | 4 | 2-0-0
Overused | 2 | 1-2-0

Blue Group

Espanol + Portugues
(6) vs (2) NeverUsed

Managers: xJoelituh , AndrewGoncel -- Sir Kay Raseri

Ubers: Viduf vs. Mr.378
OU: lockjaw vs. Evan.
Doubles: AccidentalGenius (WorldsBestKebab in PS) vs. Shaneghoul (activity)
UU: Mr. Highways vs. Manipulative
RU: xJoelituh vs. Orphic (coinflip)
NU: Ren-chon vs. Kiyo
PU: Erize (Nohr in PS) (Taiy on PS) vs. HJAD (activity)
LC: Luna Bakitso vs. Earth

(6) vs (2) Wi-Fi

Managers: Feliburn, Scyther NO Swiping -- Kalalokki, SpecsMegaBeedrill

ORAS Ubers - ZoroDark vs. Cranham
ORAS DOU - checkmater75 vs. jackhiggins138
ORAS OU - Always! vs. Blitzamirin
ORAS UU - Vapo vs. Death God Anubis
ORAS RU - TraceofLife vs. Hadak Ura
ORAS NU - rozes vs. Kalalokki
ORAS LC - Natalie. vs. Jk Howling
ORAS Randbats - DrReuniclus vs. Sondero

Team name | Points | Record (W/L/T)
| 4 | 1-0-2
Wi-Fi | 1 | 0-1-1
Tours | 5 | 2-0-1
Neverused | 2 | 1-2-0

Silver Group

(4) vs (4) Mafia

Managers: Zodiax, antemortem -- ajhockeystar, rssp1

ORAS Ubers: Vacate vs. Drookez
ORAS OU: Zodiax vs. Alphajores
ORAS Doubles: Joim vs. Huston
ORAS UU: grimAuxiliatrix vs. Microwavable
ORAS RU: nerd vs. ImmaFirinMahLazer
ORAS NU: ryan vs. superstarsrock
ORAS LC: antemortem vs. rssp1
ORAS PU: Teremiare (sub) vs. VeryPinkPancakes

(3) vs (5) Underused

Managers: Bon Dance Paradise~ -- Hikari, Sam

Ubers: ryyjyywyy vs. Euphonos
OU: deetah vs. Hogg
Doubles: thebagman vs. Pak
UU: OM room vs. Pearl
RU: Solgaleo (solgaleon on PS) vs. Killintime
NU: PenQuin vs. YABO
LC: wishes vs. r0ady
PU: p4ch3 (shoxi on PS) vs. King UU (activity)

Team name | Points | Record (W/L/T)
| 3 | 1-1-1
Underused | 4 | 2-1-0
Survivor | 0 | 0-2-0
Mafia | 5 | 2-0-1

Gold Group

(4) vs (4) Rate My Team

Managers: Acast Bondie -- Alkov Snowy.

Ubers: Eien vs. haxiom
OU: Balto vs. Clone
Doubles: Sae Sae vs. miltankmilk
UU: Wanka vs. Christo.
RU: all falls down vs. Jarii Ryoma Nagare (sub)
NU: iVid vs. DennisEG
PU: Acast vs. Koiro.
Randbats: Omega-Xis vs. Snowy.

(6) vs (2) Anime and Manga

Managers: ashiemore Painter Espeon -- Ayano's Red Scarf prem

Ubers: social netwerk vs. Nui (activity)
OU: Painter Espeon vs. Peary
Doubles: Manaphy286 vs. DjDrake8
UU: Abyssal Ruins (keeping it icy on PS) vs. cape smasher Ryoraz
RU: Ambi (Ambii on PS) vs. Willthemost
NU: Dylas vs. Segmr
PU: SergioRules vs. LifeisDANK
LC: PyoroLoli vs. tcr

Team name | Points | Record (W/L/T)
| 4 | 1-0-2
Rate My Team | 5 | 2-0-1
Scavengers | 2 | 1-0-2
Anime and Manga | 1 | 0-1-1

Crystal Group

(4) vs (4) Rarely Used

(4) vs (4) Deutsche

Managers: bobochan qtrx --Marshmallon CaPTiViTY

Ubers: EroyalBoy vs. Wings of Night
OU: JohnYiu vs. Liones
Doubles: @notmayhem vs. qwily
UU: minakamiyuki vs. Phil de Mon (activity)
RU: psychicmewtwo vs.@soTsoT
NU: NouZeroko vs. AlpoMalpo ShadowQuinn (sub) (activity)
LC: Sparkychild vs. CaPTiViTY
Randbats: truamerd vs. Rory Mercury

Team name | Points | Record (W/L/T)
PU (1st seed tiebreaker win)
| 5 | 2-0-1
Rarely Used (2nd seed) | 5 | 2-0-1
Chinese | 1 | 0-2-1
Deutsche | 1 | 0-2-1

Emerald Group

(8) vs (0) The Studio+THP

Managers: Sweep --Albert. , Sigilyph

Ubers: Pohjis vs. @Don’t Lose
OU: Level 56 vs. MrMagicbuzz
UU: Lord Outrage vs. Cerberax
RU: Aberforth vs. phil
NU: Fireburn vs. Brandon~ (Brrandon) (activity)
Doubles: Haruno vs. Beta.
LC: absdaddy vs. Albert. (coinflip)
Randbats: SparksBlade vs. Sigilyph

(8) vs (0) MMO/TCG&Tabletop

Managers: Mambo Coconut. -- Berserking Now MochaMint

Ubers: Mambo vs. Berserking Now
OU: ZoroarkForever vs. Ary (activity)
UU: Star. vs. ajemisOn (BasedAaron on ps) (activity)
RU: mad0ka vs. The Lucky Absol (AIMW on PS)
NU: Cased vs. Meteordash
Doubles: Rumor vs. XK_Zuko (Raineko on PS)
LC: Heysup vs. MochaMint
Randbats: Vileman vs. Swirlyder

Team name | Points | Record (W/L/T)
| 5 | 2-0-1
The Studio+THP | 2 | 1-1-0
LC | 5 | 2-0-1
MMO/TCG&Tabletop | 0 | 0-2-0

Ruby Group

Battle Spot (6) vs (2) Game Corner

Other Metas
(4) vs (4) Doubles

Team name | Points | Record (W/L/T)
Battle Spot
| 0 | 0-2-0
GC | 0 | 0-2-0
Other Metas | 5 | 2-0-1
Doubles | 5 | 2-0-1

Sapphire Group

(7) vs (1) Cafe le Wow/Sun and Moon

Managers: Haund duck -- biggie HYDRO IMPACT

Ubers: Darkdevil vs kizzo212
OU: silver97 @Lange (sub) vs HYDRO IMPACT
Doubles OU: v0lca vs Kim il Saturn
UU: -Lone vs Abso (activity)
RU: fran17 vs BrockMasterBoss (activity)
NU: vakatalesau vs Conni gave me replay as i was working on the activity/cflip post
LC: r0spe vs Crubat
Randbats: duck vs @biggie

Pro Wrestling
(4) vs (4) Scholastic

Managers: Peef Rimgar Ruby. -- SteelEdges

Ubers: Lady Gaga (KILL OPTIC KILL) vs z0mOG
OU: Peef Rimgar vs jacob
UU: Bhris Brown vs RedzoneX (activity)
RU: Rattled Snakes vs jeffrawr
NU: ShackulTheShuckle vs MFahim (coinflip)
DOU: Ruby. vs Not Canadian (coinflip)
PU: gasquakee vs. Crimson Chin (coinflip)
LC: Quote vs john (coinflip)

Team name | Points | Record (W/L/T)
| 6 | 3-0-0
Cafe le Wow/Sun and Moon | 2 | 1-1-0
Pro Wrestling | 3 | 1-1-1
Scholastic | 1 | 0-2-1
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Contacted but opponent hasn't been on since June 27 so expecting activitaco


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GOOOO my Salamence Frogs, let's keep this first seed

Also deadline on Sunday July 13th, I guess you mean Wednesday 13th? Or do you plan to get back to the original schedule with a Sunday 10th deadline? Or deadline in 2025?

Also contacted


majestic pride.
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GOOOO my Salamence Frogs, let's keep this first seed

Also deadline on Sunday July 13th, I guess you mean Wednesday 13th? Or do you plan to get back to the original schedule with a Sunday 10th deadline? Or deadline in 2025?

Also contacted
typo lol, fixed it to say Wednesday 13th.

also apparently the tags didn't work with some people, specifically: don't lose soTsoT absdaddy Aberforth (also known as PoMMan) and Nui
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