Tournament PSPL V Group Stages: Week 2

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Activity Calls

Ubers vs. YouTube:
LC: zf vs Alore
Random Battle (best of 3): SparksBlade vs. DpxYT

UnderUsed vs. The Studio/The Happy Place:
OU: Sam vs. AnishSomani (xanish)

Wi-Fi vs. PU:
OU: Le-Hydra (Der-Hydras) vs. The Jungle Fox (Jungle Fox)

Português vs. Little Cup:
Ubers: Klefkwi vs. Vileman -- not much could be seen from their VM conversation, but I've received logs of them scheduling elsewhere, which clearly showed that Klefkwi did indeed miss the scheduled time and had the other issues that Vileman specified. I'll gladly clarify if Português managers would like to contest this decision (they did try to sub someone in, but the grounds for activity still stood).

Dead Games
UnderUsed vs The Studio/The Happy Place:
Random Battle (best of 3): Hikari vs. Sigilyph -- no indication of scheduling from either side.

The final results of week 1 after activity calls are reflected in the week 1 thread now. The above calls have also been updated into post no. 4 that Kala reserved earlier for easy reference.

Finally, we've included the current standings within each group below the matchups so you guys will know how many games you have to win for the next 2 weeks in order to advance. This will be updated next week as well. Remember, for those not familiar with these tournaments, the 2 teams with the highest points will advance. Win differential will come into play if two teams tie in the number of points. Following a tie in win differential as well, head-to-head matchup results will be taken into account.
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