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PSPL VI Group Stage: Week 2

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A reminder once again to send in changes in lineup before the deadline. Receiving them after the new thread gets posted causes a ton of inconvenience.

Also, for the record, the bracket for the top 16 and onwards and how your seeding affects it is in the OP of the thread, so use that to see who your next opponent will be if you advance to the next stage. Doing this early so there should be 0 reasons for teams to not be able to submit their lineups on time next week.


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Calling act on kingler. I vm’d him to no reply, we had a brief conversation to the tune of “I’ll find you online and we’ll play” but I literally haven’t spotted him online since and I don’t really have time to play games today.
calling act on bhris. posted on his wall and was prepared to play during the night. i told him i could play sunday noon as well but seeing how he hasnt replied to that either yet, i dont wanna schedule my day around it, as ill be pretty busy today.
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