PSPL VI Group Stage: Week 3

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Art by: LifeisDANK

Welcome to the group stages of Pokemon Showdown Premier League VI!

The format is simple: there are eight groups of four teams, and within each group, round robin matches take place in which every team faces one another once. After three weeks, the teams will be ranked according to a point system - 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss. The top two from each group advance to the playoffs. Thereafter, the Top 16 Playoffs will be conducted in knockout format until a winner is decided in the finals, with the succession being top 16 -> quarterfinals -> semifinals -> finals. Replays are encouraged but not mandatory. For following weeks, if managers don't submit any changes to us, the lineups will stay the same throughout the tournament. All basic tournament rules apply. Please take a moment to read these, ESPECIALLY if you are new to forum tournaments.
  • Sportsmanship: Don't be an ass. Not to your opponents, not to your team, not on PS, not on Smogon, not to us hosts. This includes spectators in battles as well, using /modchat + as the player in a battle should stop such if it happens. The punishment for this could be a forum infraction or disqualification. Think before you type, please.
  • Activity wins and scheduling: Contact your opponent as quickly as possible on their Smogon wall, and look out for them on PS too. Unfortunately, We'll have to make some activity calls - We'll be making these based on activity posts (make these detailed, please, and explain why you deserve an activity win) and VM conversations, so be active and schedule as early as you can with your opponent. If neither party makes an activity post, we'll declare unplayed games as dead games. Use VMs and you will be fine. No extensions, sorry. If they lack a Smogon account, be vigilant as far as contacting them on PS goes.
  • Disconnections and timer: A timer loss is a loss. No ifs, no buts. If you disconnect and your opponent's nice enough to replay that's fine, but they're free to take the win.
  • Substitutions: Managers, you're free to sub in players for inactive ones for room auth or a non-auth if you have a slot available. Substitutions have to be made by a manager or a room owner.
Deadline: Sunday, May 20th 11:59PM EST (GMT-4)

Reminder: Random Battle follows a best-of-three format
If there is an issue or an error please contact Kalalokki, nui, or myself. Thanks

Kanto Group
Français (5) vs. (3) Monotype

Managers: Cicada + Unamed -- Moosical
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): Unamed vs. Decemm
USM OU: Cdumas vs. Eien
USM UU: Sacri' vs. Freeroamer
USM RU: Pepeduce vs. roman
USM NU: 0NI vs. lax
USM Ubers: KyogreF4N vs. Clearly
USM Little Cup: Maomiraeniya (rainha satori) vs. Moosical (torkool)
USM Monotype: RedEmption vs. Paleo
CAP (4) vs. (4) The Studio

Managers: cbrevan DetroitLolcat -- Brandon~ Arrested
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): MacChaeger vs. Rageeeee
USM OU: reachzero vs. LL (littlelucario)
USM UU: DetroitLolcat vs. vivalospride
USM RU: Jho (offler) vs. 1Surgeon
USM NU: EpicUmbreon29 (EpicUmbreon) vs. yogi
USM Ubers: Heaven Jay vs. Brandon~
USM Little Cup: Hys (xhys) vs. CloudyNatu
USM Monotype: Airwind vs. StarBlim
Team name | Record [W-L-T (points)] | Win Differential
Français |
1-0-1 (3) | +3
CAP | 0-1-1 (2) | -6
The Studio | 1-1-0 (3) | -1
Monotype | 1-1-0 (2) | +2

Johto Group

Neverused (3) vs. (1) Mafia

Managers: Kiyo + shiloh -- Snaquaza + HoeenHero
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): Stan Soojung (krystaal) vs. negusplease (fairyjigglypuff)
USM OU: FLCL vs. Wob
USM UU: Lycans vs. Drookez
USM RU: Nat (Natalie) vs. DurzaOffTopic
USM NU: Hootie vs. Silverwhiteblue
USM Ubers: shiloh (shyloh) vs. EeveeLution Army
USM Little Cup: Eternally vs. rssp1
USM Monotype: Kiyo vs. tonithetourguide (Toni XY)
Rate My Team/Wi-Fi
(4) vs. (4) Overused

Managers: TPP + Anish -- KlefkiHolder + Pish
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): Sondero vs. Leo
USM OU: Charmflash vs. Eternam
USM UU: Snowy vs. explodingdaisies
USM RU: Mehlord vs. Eclipse
USM NU: derter22 vs. Finchinator
USM Ubers: perry vs. Jytcampbell
USM Little Cup: Anish vs. Noveliss
USM Monotype: double switches vs. FMG
Team name | Record [W-L-T (points)] | Win Differential
NeverUsed |
0-1-1 (1) | -2
Rate My Team/Wi-Fi | 2-0-0 (4) | +7
OverUsed | 1-0-1 (3) | +2
Mafia | 0-2-0 (0) | -7

Hoenn Group

Game Corner (2) vs. (5) UnderUsed

Managers: Zyg + Henka -- Shiba + Killintime
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): Blue Maple vs. Adaam
: Zyg (Zyg10) vs. Shiba
USM UU: WeepingDevil vs. Kink (King UU)
USM RU: Elgino10 vs. Sage (Sage of the 6)
USM NU: Ryota Mitarai vs. Amane Misa
USM Ubers: Henka vs. bebo7788
USM Little Cup: ptoad vs. Bushtush
USM Monotype: lkapkd1 vs. Pak
RandomBattles/The Cafe
(3) vs. (4) TV & Books & Films

Managers: martha + babsus -- kamranlaker + Saburo
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): pokeblade101 vs. Saburo
USM OU: martha vs. Yackback
USM UU: Raidx vs. Alyvia
USM RU: A Cake Wearing A Hat vs. ryyjyywyy
USM NU: Parting vs. Nailec
USM Ubers: sagar0027 vs. kamranlaker
USM Little Cup: Conni vs. London13
USM Monotype: Almighty Meloetta vs. czim
Team name | Record [W-L-T (points)] | Win Differential
Game Corner |
1-1-0 (2) | -2
Random Battles/The Cafe | 0-2-0 (0) | -8
TV & Books & Films | 1-1-0 (2) | +0
UnderUsed | 2-0-0 (4) |+10

Sinnoh Group

Battle Dome/Scavengers (5) vs. (3) Espanol

Managers: Concuss + CheeseMuffin -- KingSwordYT + Toxic Flips
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): Meicoo vs. Blazask
USM OU: Abyssal Ruins (Keeping it Icy) vs. Axel (Axel10)
USM UU: 3.14dgeot-Mega vs. Akaru Kokuyo
USM RU: raf (rafooa11) vs. SMB (SableyeMyBae)
USM NU: SergioRules vs. Chokepic
USM Ubers: DeltaRuby (acir) vs. Luciela Sourcream
USM Little Cup: Sparkychild vs. Altariel von Sweep
USM Monotype: Kilan vs. TheAveng92R
(4) vs. (3) Portugues

Managers: Haund + Anty -- The Deceiver + Ford Focus.
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): Anty vs. AndrewGoncel (Andy)
USM OU: Taskr vs. CaCaTuA
USM UU: HJAD vs. Randomnick (JustRandomNick)
USM RU: Robert Alfons vs. Ren-chon
USM NU: Teddeh vs. Askov
USM Ubers: LordST vs. Akiamara
USM Little Cup: Aaronboyer vs. lockjaw (l0ckjaw)
USM Monotype: TJ vs. Ippidow
Team name | Record [W-L-T (points)] | Win Differential
Battle Dome/Scavengers |
0-1-1 (1) | -2
PU | 1-0-1 (3) | +2
Portugues | 0-1-1 (1) | -4
Espanol | 1-0-1 (3) | +4

Unova Group

Little Cup (2) vs. (6) Deutsche

Managers: Coconut + OP -- silver99 + wertzu
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): Kingler12345 vs. Rory Mercury
USM OU: dcae vs. mind gaming
USM UU: fatty vs. Serpi (Serpi n_n)
: Serene Grace vs. soTsoT
USM NU: Dundies vs. wertzu (irritated)
USM Ubers
: tko vs. ShadowQuinn
USM Little Cup: Heysup vs. therealslap
USM Monotype: Nineage vs. Emre Mor 9
Pro Wrestling/Anime & Manga
(3) vs. (3) Ubers

Managers: Quote + Bhris Brown -- SparksBlade + Haruno
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): Bhris Brown vs. dream
USM OU: RyanX (Aporetic) vs. Level 56
USM UU: YouthBerry vs. Lord Outrage
USM RU: DjDrake8 vs. Exiline
USM NU: neomon vs. Garay oak
USM Ubers: Liam Buttz vs. The Trap God
USM Little Cup: Quote vs. Terracotta (terracotta zygod)
USM Monotype: Baloor vs. Joyverse
Team name | Record [W-L-T (points)] | Win Differential
Little Cup |
1-1-0 (2) | +3
Pro Wrestling/Anime & Manga | 0-2-0 (0) | -11
Ubers | 1-1-0 (2) | +0
Deutsche | 2-0-0 (4) | +8

Kalos Group

Trivia (2) vs. (6) Anything Goes

Managers: Ninjadog13 + BigPimpin12 -- Megazard + Pigeons
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): SunGodVolcarona vs. GRNBLN
USM OU: PikachuSean vs. Zesty43
USM UU: BigPimpin12 vs. Chloe
USM RU: Bunguin87 vs. Megazard
USM NU: ElbowSkinn vs. Fardin
USM Ubers: Darthikyu vs. Catalystic
USM Little Cup: Ninjadog13 vs. bdov
USM Monotype: ShayyminSkyy vs. Cam
Battle Spot
(4) vs. (2) Competitive Tutoring

Managers: Psynergy + cant say -- MrAldo + Kreme
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): chemcoop vs. Peli
USM OU: Jmal98 vs. Cynde
USM UU: Psynergy vs. Kreme
USM RU: Sam I Yam vs. MrAldo
USM NU: Darkinium vs. quziel
USM Ubers: Lord Sodium vs. CKW
USM Little Cup: Jhon (Jhonethan) vs. HT
USM Monotype: Misaka Mikoto vs. Sabella
Team name | Record [W-L-T (points)] | Win Differential
Trivia |
0-2-0 (0) | -8
Battle Spot | 1-0-1 (3) | +2
Competitive Tutoring | 1-1-0 (2) | +4
Anything Goes | 1-0-1 (3) | +2

Alola Group

Chess (5) vs. (1) Writing/Canalave Library

Managers: blalib + Ango -- GotR + megacrazyhand
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): blalib vs. Floette
USM OU: Reverb vs. GotR (Coat of Clouds)
USM UU: Clefable (Mengy) vs. Yung (Gym Leader Yung)
USM RU: Knuckstrike (Fireeee) vs. megacrazyhand (megacrazy)
USM NU: Yveltal321 (Umbra Aura) vs. Selenio
USM Ubers: Gyslexic Duy vs. ftwhero
USM Little Cup: PenQuin vs. Kolonel Kipkluif (Kipkluif)
USM Monotype: ToadNorton vs. Alphawolf12 (Writing Wolf)

(2) vs. (5) RarelyUsed

Managers: Ceteris Paribus + Scyther NO Swiping -- Phanton + The Leprechaun
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): jasprose vs. passion
USM OU: MJ vs. lighthouses
USM UU: yeezyknows vs. EviGaro
USM RU: Feliburn vs. Ajna
USM NU: lightning1870 vs. Jarii
USM Ubers: EternalSnowman vs. eifo
USM Little Cup: Plas vs. Trace
USM Monotype: Xiri vs. Arifeen
Team name | Record [W-L-T (points)] | Win Differential
Chess |
1-1-0 (2) | +2
Tournaments | 2-0-0 (4) | +6
RarelyUsed | 1-1-0 (2) | -3
Writing/Canalave Library | 0-2-0 (0) | -5

Orre Group

Other Metas (3) vs. (5) Lobby

Managers: The Immortal + E4 Flint -- LifeisDANK
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): E4 Flint vs. brownisaur
USM OU: Teremiare vs. robjr
USM UU: Jrdn vs. PinkDragonTamer
USM RU: OM room vs. King Wynaut
USM NU: ScarfWynaut vs. Host Joe
USM Ubers: Hamhamhamham vs. Alkius
USM Little Cup: Kaori vs. Hawkie
USM Monotype: GL Volkner vs. Mighty Rising Ace
Ruins of Alph (1) vs. (6) Smogon Doubles

Managers: CZ. + Drud -- talkingtree + MajorBowman
USM Random Battle (Best of 3): Lutra vs. Memoric
USM OU: CZ. vs. miltankmilk
USM UU: xJoelituh vs. MajorBowman
USM RU: dom (dom dom $ign) vs. cb jose altuve corvettes
USM NU: Roseybear vs. qsns
USM Ubers: Ransei vs. n10sit
USM Little Cup: tjdaas vs. talkingtree
USM Monotype: Dj Breloominati♬ (Spitfire Arcanine) vs. Croven
Team name | Record [W-L-T (points)] | Win Differential
Other Metas |
1-1-0 (2) | +4
Ruins of Alph | 2-0-0 (4) | +6
Smogon Doubles | 0-2-0 (0) | -10
Lobby | 1-1-0 (2) | +0

Below is how your placement in the group will affect your seeding in the playoffs stage:

god i really hope i didn't screw it up this time
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Activity Calls for Week 2:
Nat vs. Sonired
Kingler12345 vs. dream
vs. Lord Outrage
tko vs. The Trap God
Bhris Brown vs. ShadowQuinn
vs. TheWall
PenQuin vs. Trace
vs. GotR
OM Room vs. cb jose altuve corvettes
CZ. vs. robjr

Dead Games:
majaspic22 vs. CloudyNatu - insufficient visible scheduling (majaspic claimed CloudyNatu missed a scheduled time but CloudyNatu said he knew he'd be busy and would just try to make it)
derter22 vs. Silverwhiteblue
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