Tournament PSPL VIII Group Stages: Week 1

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art by Kaiju Bunny
Welcome to the group stages of Pokemon Showdown Premier League VIII!

The format is simple: there are eight groups of four teams, and within each group, round robin matches take place in which every team faces one another once. After three weeks, the teams will be ranked according to a point system - 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss. The top two from each group advance to the playoffs. Thereafter, the Top 16 Playoffs will be conducted in knockout format until a winner is decided in the finals, with the succession being top 16 -> quarterfinals -> semifinals -> finals. Replays are encouraged but not mandatory. For following weeks, if managers don't submit any changes to us, the lineups will stay the same throughout the tournament. All basic tournament rules apply. Please take a moment to read these, ESPECIALLY if you are new to forum tournaments.
  • Sportsmanship: Don't be an ass. Not to your opponents, not to your team, not on PS, not on Smogon, not to us hosts. This includes spectators in battles as well, using /modchat + as the player in a battle should stop such if it happens. The punishment for this could be a forum infraction or disqualification. Think before you type, please.
  • Activity wins and scheduling: Contact your opponent as quickly as possible on their Smogon wall, and look out for them on PS too. Unfortunately, We'll have to make some activity calls - We'll be making these based on activity posts (make these detailed, please, and explain why you deserve an activity win) and VM conversations, so be active and schedule as early as you can with your opponent. If neither party makes an activity post, we'll declare unplayed games as dead games. Use VMs and you will be fine. No extensions, sorry. If they lack a Smogon account, be vigilant as far as contacting them on PS goes.
  • Disconnections and timer: A timer loss is a loss. No ifs, no buts. If you disconnect and your opponent's nice enough to replay that's fine, but they're free to take the win.
  • Substitutions: Managers, you're free to sub in players for inactive ones for room auth or a non-auth if you have a slot available. Substitutions have to be made by a manager or a room owner.
Deadline: Sunday, May 17th 11:59PM EST.

Reminder: Random Battle follows a best-of-3 format and SS 1V1 follows a best-of-5 format
If there is an issue or an error please contact nui , Kalalokki , Teclis.

Kanto Group

:Eternatus: Ubers (2) vs. (5) ZeroUsed :Linoone-Galar:
Mangers: dream, Pohjis, SparksBlade -- 5gen, DurzaOffTopic
SS Ubers: ice-master-523 vs. 5gen
SS OU: Pohjis vs. teal6
SS UU: Mysterious M vs. z3ll1 (shwiftyshiftry)
SS RU: Enzo Gorlami Alkione vs. Feliburn
SS NU: Garay oak/USER] vs. Ho3nConfirm3d
SS Monotype: Skysolo vs. czim
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): SparksBlade vs. DurzaOffTopic (Pitches)
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): crucify vs. Aaronboyer
:Azelf: Scavenger+Survivor (2) vs. (6) Español :Wooper:
Mangers: Meicoo, Zyg -- KingSwordYT, Caspell
SS Ubers: Zyg vs. Viduf
SS OU: LittEleven vs. Lets In The Sun
SS UU: Abyssal Ruins (keeping it icy) vs. Mordecai & Rigby (Clorodulce)
SS RU: Cheese5555 (cheese555) vs. Forsendi
SS NU: SergioRules vs. Chokepic
SS Monotype: OM vs. Caspell
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Gimm1ck vs. AnyeloM
SS 1V1 (Best of 5): Felucia vs. juano (Xejuanox)

Johto Group

:Bonsly: Cap+OMs+Natl Dex (4) vs. (4) Português :Leafeon:
Mangers: Jho, Ransei -- woolf, Natan
SS Uber: Ransei vs. hs (Hydreigon Specs)
SS OU: Jordy vs. Ash KetchumGamer
SS UU: xavgb (Stresh) vs. lyd
SS RU: SectoniaServant vs. Natan (JustªRandomNick)
SS NU: Jrdn vs. lockjaw
SS Monotype: againa vs. Tico 21
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): berry (regirock) vs. Cocoon Evolution
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Jho vs. Scizor Boladão
:Cinderace: Sports (3) vs. (5) Nederlands :Sandygast:
Mangers: Arsenal, biggie -- Kipkluif, kingbaruk
SS Ubers: Themasterofdankweed vs. Alpha Ninja
SS OU: Adaire vs. kingbaruk
SS UU: Moutemoute vs. Wild_Duck_NL
SS RU: Prank (Jayi) vs. Kipkluif
SS NU: Abejas vs. Blue YM
SS Monotype: Ninjadog vs. Miss Novelist
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Patrick Marleau vs. smartiemartie7
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Arsenal vs. TheShadowClaw

Hoeen Group

:Silvally: PU (7) vs. (1) Mafia :Honchkrow:
Mangers: Megazard, Akir, 2xTheTap -- Sir Mister, Schiavetto
SS Ubers: Megazard vs. ClaireC
SS OU: Rexus vs. NeoNaruto
SS UU: Xiri (Snow jiniri) vs. RB220
SS RU: termi (termiii) vs. EeveeLution Army
SS NU: tlenit1 vs. micromorphic
SS Monotype: TJ (Tjay) vs. Schiavetto
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): LordST vs. Commander Awesome
SS 1V1 (Best of 5): yogi Toy Time King vs. Sir Mister
:Garbodor-Gmax: Lobby (6) vs. (2) UnderUsed :Cobalion:
Mangers: fart, grimAuxiliatrix -- Accelgor, Juuno
SS Ubers: Bidoferz vs. Accelgor
SS OU: SacredLatias (Namielle) vs. CBU
SS UU: PinkDragonTamer vs. Twilight
SS RU: barton vs. Juuno
SS NU: Mariannabelle vs. Estarossa
SS Monotype: Tenshi vs. explodingdaisies
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): fart vs. Killintime
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): AuraLuna vs. Lilburr

Sinnoh Group

:Vullaby: Little Cup (6) vs. (2) NFE :Machoke:
Mangers: Coconut Serene Grace -- vooper SBPC
SS Ubers: Joltage vs. Thimo
SS OU: Luthier vs. Fruitdealer
SS UU: LilyAC vs. Shing'n Streets
SS RU: Serene Grace vs. Quagg (Guagsgone)
SS NU: Plas vs. SBPC
SS Monotype: Corporal Levi vs. vooper
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Merritt vs. Tack :]
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Antgeezy vs. WMAR
:Unown: Help+Scholastic (2) vs. (6) Monotype :Mantyke:
Mangers: Robyn GMars SteelEdges -- Decem Perish Song
SS Ubers: Annika vs. Havens
SS OU: Jukain vs. Chaitanya
SS UU: Dawn of ares vs. Sabella
SS RU: KennedyLFC vs. MetaRiolu7
SS NU: quziel vs. Kev
SS Monotype: MicktheSpud. vs. Conflux
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Kris vs. Zap
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Robyn vs. LuckyPiper

Unova Group

:Dragonite: Tournaments (6) vs. (2) Game Corner :Jirachi:
Mangers: Roseybear GXS -- Elgino10 ptoad
SS Ubers: EternalSnowman vs. Emboar02
SS OU: frisoeva vs. So Noisy
SS UU: 100%GXE vs. Elgino10
SS RU: Hamhamhamhamham vs. WeepingDevil
SS NU: OminousDraco vs. ptoad
SS Monotype: trace vs. Floss
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): MJ vs. Lucas2543
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Poison Adhesive vs. Andy Snype (Andrew)
:Yveltal: Anything Goes (2) vs. (6) Italiano :Machamp:
Mangers: Pigeons pichus -- Aethernum Alpha
SS Ubers: cromagnet42 (cromagnet) vs. Terracotta (TerraTheCreator)
SS OU: BaconEatinAssassin vs. Quaze
SS UU: pichus vs. Lopunny Kicks
SS RU: Cam vs. Averardo
SS NU: Ktütverde vs. poh
SS Monotype: 64 Squares vs. Kebab mlml
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Pigeons vs. duck
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Quantum Tesseract vs. AltCauseImInsecure

Kalos Group

:Medicham-Mega: Hindi (3) vs. (5) Deutsche :Staraptor:
Mangers: Aelita PrAiSe GrOuDoNiSm -- Tobste Emre Mor 9
SS Uber: Rhmsitb vs. Fogbound Lake
SS OU: PrAiSe GrOuDoNiSm vs. vanisherrr
SS UU: SANJAY vs. mind gaming
SS RU: Osh vs. Descending (decode)
SS NU: Assassin Rogue vs. Sificon
SS Monotype: DugZa vs. Emre Mor 9
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Crow Music vs. MGenius (MG)
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): PartChandelure (PartMan) vs. SacredKunoCV (SacredCV)
:Golem: Ruins of Alph (6) vs. (2) Anime and Manga :Trubbish:
Mangers: FriendOfMrGolem120 kjdaas -- Peary Segmr
SS Ubers: mc56556 vs. -Sun (Mustay)
SS OU: Alumn vs. Rory Mercury
SS UU: TC (THUNDERCEBRA) vs. Gota Love Yaoi
SS RU: Makkususu (Cherryb0ng) vs. Hippopotas
SS NU: Typhlito vs. BocchiHitori (ClinicalAlexis)
SS Monotype: El químico del pueblucho (Damm u captcha) vs. Snez
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Austin vs. Vexen4th
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Arai vs. Peary

Alola Group

:Uxie: Trivia (3) vs. (5) 1v1 :Durant:
Mangers: Seraphus Garrett16 -- Rosa Boat
SS Ubers: Ryota Mitarai vs. Freddy Kyogre
SS OU: Aegiislash (Aegii) vs. ima
SS UU: Grimm Nightmare vs. LittleRunnerXC (LRXC)
SS RU: DanDaMan99 vs. Waylaid
SS NU: lucario1582 vs. Boat (phiwings99)
SS Monotype: Alivepokemonrules (Hokatsuki) vs. Yami
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Salamanders vs. Alakazam (The Dark Alakazam)
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Notater (Notater517) vs. Le Creme Brule
:Togekiss: Français (7) vs. (1) VideoGames+Pokemon Games :Dragonair:
Mangers: Lionyx Dragonillis -- Gweebis inactive
SS Ubers: KabilaPok vs. jsmith1315
SS OU: Sageau vs. Archer Kirby (Primal Unova)
SS UU: basaninho vs. ShadowKyle (Devilshinra)
SS RU: Yggdrasil60 vs. Spook
SS NU: Union Caboche vs. Gweebis
SS Monotype: Brumirage vs. 6Roggenrolas
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): SFG (SaltyFrenchGuy) vs. Alfa610
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): LaBalladeDesCieux vs. inactive

Galar Group

:Toxtricity: The Studio+THP (2) vs. (6) Random Battles :Zacian:
Mangers: Brandon Pirate Princess -- sagar0027 Rach
SS Ubers: Kaiju Bunny vs. Thiago Nunes (TNunes)
SS OU: sniperr (Sniper) vs. Typhlosion48 (Typhlosion08)
SS UU: Thimblebony (Thimb) vs. A Cake Wearing A Hat
SS RU: DianaNicole vs. Odd Della Robbia
SS NU: StarBlim vs. i want a lamp
SS Monotype: andyschrijvers (Absolites) vs. martha
SS Random Battle (Battle of 3): Pirate Princess vs. pokeblade101
SS 1v1 (Battle of 5): Baleblaze vs. sagar0027 (Frostyicelad)

:Rayquaza-Mega: Chinese (4) vs. (4) NeverUsed :Ducklett:
Mangers: bobochan neycwang -- Eternally Finchinator
SS Ubers: sanv vs. rozes
SS OU: Vusty. vs. FLCL
SS UU: pokeisfun vs. Finchinator
SS RU: cscl vs. Nat
SS NU: DYWY vs. lax
SS Monotype: Harpp vs. banks
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): sigmatecture vs. Kiyo Rabia
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): My Last Serenade vs. Sjneider
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