Tournament PSPL X Playoffs: Finals [won by Tournaments]


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Hello sharpclaw & RSB, POAT is still waiting for Michael and we would like to know if he could already schedule at a time poat is available too? Poat has been left without a response recently. If he can't manage to schedule because of personal reasons, you can always sub someone in
Michael ended up in the hospital yesterday with covid but the battle should happen some time today.


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Congratulations! Although I've only ever been able to enjoy it as a host, PSPL remains one of my favorite tournaments around there. Like for real, where else would you so that kind of bracket, those kinds of matches?

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible, managers, players and fellow hosts alike. Special mention to Mitsuki who, although he had little public facing posts, did a lot (if not most of) the behind the scene preparation and scores' editing. Until next time!


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congrats and vggs to Tours! y'all played a hell of a series(s) and it was a nail-biter down to the very end. well played and we'll see you next year :swole:

big thanks to our illustrious hosts for running PSPL X so smoothly, and shoutouts to everyone on the Rands squad; I won't ping everyone but we had a whole village of players, teambuilders, managers-emeritus, and cheerleaders who took us all the way to a thrilling tiebreaker finals. special mention has to go to my coman ride-or-die RSB for having never touched LC until 9 weeks ago, you'll find a team for growlithe yet buddy


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