Tournament PSPL X Playoffs: Finals [won by Tournaments]


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Congrats on the win and I hope all participating teams and players had a fun time. It's really one of the most interesting and biggest team tour on this site. I played in PSPL III, managed in IV, and has helped host in some way since V, but I had decided early on that this was gonna be my last. I don't do much PS anymore and I only really helped out with the organizing in the beginning and with some judgment calls this year, so all props to Teclis and Mitsuki for running this smoothly. You'll do great on your own if you decide to continue as hosts and keep perfecting the unique formula that is PSPL. Cheers and thanks for having me!
Well, we did it! We went from being afraid of losing out from the first phase because every team prior to finals were all well known and strong teams to coming out to the top, I’m very proud of us.

First and foremost ty trace for sticking around in this room for so long, you’re a awesome owner and manager. And ty and congratulations to Daki for first time managing a team along with winning at that, you’re both great.

mj - I’ve known you for a bit before as staff and you’re a pretty chill guy. You’ve always had faith in the room when it came to our success such as when it came to room policy and competitive. Fyi, you’re a different breed when it comes to randbats lmao, ty.

PrinceOfAllTacos - you’ve come a long way for this room, as a friend and fellow teammate/staff I’m very happy that you’ve found your groove this year and hope to see more from you in the future mono goat.

EternalSnowman - similar to mj you’ve always had us in your mind when it came to pspl so ty still sticking around for us. You’re a great player overall and i hope the best for you in future team tours you’re in.

Jordy004 - glad to see you with us to the end ;; You’re a epic user on the site and I’m proud to have been with you this pspl, you’ve also grown a lot as a player rather quickly which I found very surprising, a welcomed surprise. Gj in getting in other competitive team tours as well which I’m looking forward to hear from in the future.

Stareal - when the new year came by pspl came to my mind, and I knew the first person I wanted to recruit in our team was you. Thank you for sticking with us even after all those months of me contacting you, another ca to your collection! You’re a great player and I always knew I would expect amazing things from you, good luck in future tours. You truly are the best and gl in blt.

GXE - oml you’re built different, you did amazingly this pspl as you’ve always had. Thank you for putting your trust in me during tiebreak as well. You’re a good person to talk to and are a great player so I expect to see more of you in the future. :toast:

RaJ.Shoot - my RO (former), you were placed in the cursed slot but always had high hopes that we’d do good and even yourself. You really pulled through that last week there which I’m thankful for. Ty for being with us as well and as well as being an amazing RO for our community, you brought us together as friends.

PA - you’re a cool lad, I’m glad we had you on our side as idk what we would do without someone having knowledge of the meta you’ve been in. I don’t see you much on the site but I do wish we could more, you’re a great person to be around. Ty for this year and all the years prior :>.

saba - undefeated goat, we did it Saba we won! I’m thankful to at least have friends from the room help support us and everything, I’ll see you around the room and gl in blt o/

Limpy Lucario, Banbadoro, Frixel, London13, Sificon - ty for every ounce of support this pspl, y’all are awesome. I wish we could’ve slotted you in more but hopefully next year it will be more different. You’re all great and I’m glad to have y’all in the team with us. :dragonite:

Ty to tours discord for giving us support along with active members of the room, we truly appreciate it.

Ty to the hosts for sticking around and helping for this tour, and gj rands room for making it this far. Hopefully next year we can once again play one another (finals again perhaps)

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