Tournament PSPL XI: Groups Stage - Week 3

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Subject: Request for Rematch - Unfair Treatment of Pokemon in Recent Battle

Dear ironwater, Mitsuki and Swiffix

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to express my concerns regarding a recent battle that took place between myself and User ‘’RL’’ on 03-06-2023. I believe that the battle was conducted under unfair circumstances due to the disparity in the tier placement of our respective Pokémon.

During our battle, my trusted Pokémon companion Staraptor was used. However, upon closer examination of the tier placements, I discovered that Staraptor had been ‘’banned’’ in the Rarely Used (RU) tier at the time of our encounter. It is to my understanding that the RU tier is designed for Pokémon that are considered to be less powerful and less frequently used in competitive battles.

In contrast, I noted that other competitors had the privilege of using Regieleki, a Pokémon that has been widely recognized as too strong for the OverUsed (OU) metagame. This is particularly disheartening considering that Regieleki was permitted for use in battles during the same week, despite its reputation as a powerhouse in the OU tier.

I cannot help but feel that this discrepancy in tier placements greatly undermined the integrity of our battle. While Regieleki, a Pokémon deemed too strong for the OU metagame, was allowed to participate in OU, my Staraptor, which was classified as perfectly suitable for the RU tier, was unfairly ‘’banned’’. This imbalance inevitably skewed the outcome of the battle and left me with a sense of dissatisfaction and injustice.

I kindly request a rematch under fair conditions, where both parties are given an equal opportunity to compete. This would entail utilizing the appropriate tier placements for our respective Pokémon, ensuring that neither player possesses an unfair advantage or disadvantage due to arbitrary tier classification.

As an avid participant in the competitive Pokémon battling community, I believe it is essential to uphold fairness and sportsmanship. By rectifying this issue and providing the opportunity for a rematch, you would demonstrate a commitment to the principles of fairness and integrity that lie at the heart of competitive battles.

I kindly request your prompt consideration of my appeal for a rematch and a review of the tier placements in question. I eagerly await your response and look forward to a resolution that ensures a fair and equitable outcome.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Young Belegen (Goos)
RU player and Captain of the PSPL Sports Room team
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