Tournament PSPL XII - Quarterfinals [Tiebreakers @ Post 50]


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Follow all rules listed here and here.​
  • Schedule via Smogon VMs. It's easier for me to make decisions for activity calls when I can actually see what went down with scheduling.
  • If you are unable to schedule with your opponent, please let your managers know ASAP so they can communicate that to me or the other team's managers for a potential substitute.
  • Substitutions may be made after a week has started. When making a substitution, please tag myself, the managers of the opposing team, and all of the players affected by the substitute to ensure that everyone is made aware. Players who have already played in the week or were subbed out in the same week cannot be subbed back in.
  • If a match remains incomplete by the time of the deadline, it will be subject to an activity call.
  • Replays are mandatory. Not only are they useful for confirming wins, they contribute to usage stats and allow the people who couldn't watch the games live to watch them later.
  • Managers: Please send me your lineups in the same format that I used to post pairings. It makes it much easier to post future rounds more quickly.

:drifloon: Italiano + Japanese (4) vs (4) Hindi :medicham-mega:
Managers: -Howkings, Mada vs sundays, Arsenal
SV Random Battle: LoSconosciuto vs USN
SV OU: procorphish vs JJ09LIE
SV Ubers: entrocefalo vs Lana
SV UU: udongirl vs Dj Breloominati♬
SV RU: Thiago Nunes vs TDR
SV LC: Mada vs King Leo V
SV Monotype: Mihowk vs Rhmsitb
SV DOU: waffle2O2O vs sundays

:leafeon: Português (1) vs (7) OverUsed :dragapult:
Managers: TDNT, Tico vs Srn, Shaymin Sky
SV Random Battle: PokeChess vs pokevin03dragonite
SV OU: Vorulito vs Srn
SV Ubers: Luigi vs Fusien
SV UU: Coffy vs Finchinator
SV RU: Natan vs Shaymin Sky
SV LC: TDNT vs Sp0oN1oRd
SV Monotype: Leafium Z vs Scarfire
SV DOU: Grillo vs tyo

:rayquaza-mega: Chinese (2) vs (6) Monotype :mantyke:
Managers: neycwang, Separation vs ken, Neko
SV Random Battle: lza vs RoyalReloaded
SV OU: Separation vs Attribute
SV Ubers: KanzakiHAria vs DAHLI
SV UU: 691 vs Floss
SV RU: Metallica126 vs Cielau
SV LC: Nashrock vs DugZa
SV Monotype: cscl vs Trichotomy
SV DOU: xqiht vs Akaru Kokuyo

:wooper: Español + Eventos (4) vs (4) Cap + 1v1 :breezi:
Managers: TheJesucristoOsAma, Elian vs spoo, rumia
SV Random Battle: Lets In The Sun vs Rage.Spam.Quit.
SV OU: Fakee vs Potatochan
SV Ubers: Elian vs Vertigo
SV UU: Wonter vs dex
SV RU: Guille vs SHSP
SV LC: Exi0022 vs DripLegend
SV Monotype: Tarre25 vs Sificon
SV DOU: Tenzai vs eragon

Reminder that SV Random Battles are best of three.
Replays are mandatory!
The deadline for this round is Sunday, June 2nd at 11:59 PM GMT -4.
Thanks to everyone who played against me in the PSPL and thanks to the Portuguese room for allowing me to play the tournament, it was a cool and fun experience! I hope we can win more editions of the PSPL (yes, we won the PSPL III!).

Thanks also to everyone who supported me and believed in me. I wish good luck to all the participants who are still in the running, especially Finchinator (though not against Coffy, of course), JJ09LIE, pokevin03dragonite, teresbahji, and Thiago Nunes. Congratulations to all the rooms that took part too, this event would have been nothing without all of you. :sphearical:

Room Random Battle, a special hug to all of you! I hope you guys get further next time. I was rooting for you (for real!), although my main support was for the Portuguese room, of course.

And last but not least, thank you to the organizers and those responsible for running the event!

Next stop (team tournament)... World Cup of Randbats! GO TEAM BRAZIL!


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