PS's Ultimate Gaming Month 3 (UGM)


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Start date: December 11th
End date: January 8th
Yo everybody! The 3rd edition of Ultimate Gaming Month is here! This edition of UGM is brought to you by myself, Swirlyder, UGM 3's organizer, and by Arcadium , UGM 3's co-organizer, and UGM 3's room leaders.

What is UGM and how does it work?
UGM A.K.A "Ultimate Gaming Month” is an event across 6 game rooms where players can earn points in any room that contributes to one leader-board. The player(s) with the most points win!

Which rooms are participating in UGM where players can earn points and how do they earn them?
The rooms participating in UGM consist of:
Each room has 1 leader and 1-2 co-leaders. These are the users who organize UGM 3 for their rooms.
- Battle Dome
Leader: Pancake
Co-leaders: Taistelu, Aelita

- Game Corner
Leader: Ceteris Paribus
Co-leaders: Zyg, CloudyNatu

- Mafia
Leader: Snaquaza
Co-leader: ajhockeystar

- Scavengers
Leader: Meicoo
Co-leaders: GoodMorningEspeon, Dylas

- Survivor
Leader: OM Room
Co-leaders: Cheese, Hawkie

- Trivia
Leader: Ninjadog13
Co-leaders: beej, MickTheSpud

Earning points: Each room has their own way of handing out points and these rooms will let you know what these ways are. Players earn points by winning, hosting or simply by participating in games that these rooms have to offer. Details on how and how much points each room will hand out are here. For more info on any room's points, you can ask a staff of that room. There are also events that each room will host as a bonus way to earn points. Event Schedule

Room Spotlights
Each weekend, 3 different rooms will get a "Room Spotlight." The spotlight lasts for 24 hours. (One room will be the spotlight on Friday, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday.) A room under the effect of a spotlight will give out 50% (1.5x) more points! Note that the spotlight bonus does not apply to points given by room events.

UGM 3 Rules
1. Follow PS's global rules.
2. Follow each rooms' rules.
3. Being banned from any 1 of the UGM game rooms may disqualify you from UGM 3 based on UGM organizer's discretion.
4. Any of the participating game room staff may report you to UGM organizers for bad sportsmanship. Multiple reports of this kind may disqualify you from UGM 3.
5. Any attempts at cheating will be met with a disqualification from UGM 3. Example: losing on purpose to earn someone else points.
6. Any other bad behavior situations by any player(s) that has not been stated above and disrupts UGM 3 may also be punishable by UGM organizers.

UGM Room
This year, we have the UGM room for users from all 6 rooms to come on over, ask questions converse, chill and etc. Feel free to just use this as a hub connecting all the 6 UGM rooms and maybe make a few new friends.

1st place:
  • $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • PS Custom avatar
  • Smogon Custom title
  • gif as Smogon avatar
  • Art made by Spieky
  • Private singing performance from Swirlyder
  • a choice of 3 out of a selection of Steam Keys
2nd place:
  • Custom title
  • gif as Smogon Avatar
  • Private singing performance from Swirlyder
  • selection of 2 out of the remaining steam keys
3rd place
  • Custom Title
  • gif as Smogon Avatar
  • Private singing performance from Swirlyder
  • selection of 1 out of the remaining steam keys
4th + 5th place
  • Choice of a custom title or gif as Smogon Avatar
  • selection of 1 out of the remaining steam keys
  • Private singing performance from Swirlyder
Former UGM Champions

UGM 1: Shade of Elysia

UGM 2: adiass

UGM 3: (You??)
That's about all there is to know about UGM 3, gl hf everybody!
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Writing again in a Smogon forum for UGM, just want to highlight the spotlight for Battle Dome, my personal favorite Showdown game. It is a fun mix of strategic play and rolls of the dice. If you, too, want to start playing BD, PM an auth as soon as possible!
Well, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in UGM and made it amazing! On behalf of Swirlyder and myself, and all the UGM leaders, we wish you all the best in 2018! Keep having fun in our awesome game rooms!

Congratulations to our first place winner: ScorrchingTheaph!

Second: SunGodVolcarona

Third: LordNwahs6

Fourth: gallants pear

Fifth: lovemathboy

Runner-ups: pokemonvortex, cseel, Devoxys, chupps, WhirlwindBulbasaur

Special thankyous
sirDonovan for the ever-useful UGM bot!
Game room auth (Trivia, Survivor, Scavengers, Mafia, Game Corner, Battledome) for helping everything run smoothly!
And most of all: Everyone who participated!

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