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Note: Please read the whole RMT before suggesting any changes.

"Hey there! I'm Sobi! Welcome to my 2nd RMT , called "Psychokinesis", which is, as most of you would've guessed, a Psychic-type team. I had posted it on the forums of another server, but there were no replies, so I decided to post the original team here. The team is more on the offensive side, with 5 'attacking' mons, and 1 defensive mon, who is there to support the team."

(couldn't find a boy & girl sprite, so just pretend you're a girl if you aren't one! :3)

"Right. This seems very interesting! Can you tell me more about the teambuilding process? How did you choose the mons in your team? Why did you choose them? What are their roles? I'm keen to know!"

"Alright, alright. Keep your hair on. Allow me to explain how I got these mons. Sit back, relax, and read this next part carefully!"


Teambuilding Process

Like I mentioned before, this team of mine is offensive, but I wouldn't say it is overly offensive, as Deoxys-D plays a big part in maintaining the longevity of certain mons, such as Victini, as well setting up status and rocks. The rest of the Pokemon, however, are fast and/or bulky, and they cover a range of types, allowing my Pokemon to check different Pokemon that may pose as a threat for other members of the team.

I built this team around Gallade. This is because Gallade has a wide range of accessible moves such as Knock Off, Drain Punch, Trick and Zen Headbutt. This helps it take on different Pokemon, and can prove to be handy in certain situations, so it's important to keep Gallade alive, as you never know when you may need it. I don't want to go on too much about Gallade, as I will cover that in more detail with the movesets!

Alakazam is a monster due to its amazing Special Attack stat. Magic Guard makes it immune to any residual damage from Stealth Rock, status or Spikes, which can be very helpful. Alakazam is a good late-game sweeper, and its decent Speed stat means it can outspeed bulky but slow Pokemon that could hurt it.

Victini can help against Flying-types that will try to hurt Gallade, and Water-types that will attempt to set up on Victini, thinking that it will switch out. Across the house, it has fairly good stats, and like Gallade, has a wide range of moves.

I now chose Deoxys-Defence in my team. The reason for this is because it can switch into an attack that could otherwise KO one of my mons. It has access to status moves such as Taunt, Stealth Rock and Toxic, which can help cripple the foe, and prevent them from setting up on it.

Though I feel Metagross could be replaced by something *better*, I chose it to deal with Fairy-types, especially Choice Specs Sylveon. The chance to raise Attack with Meteor Mash is very useful, and can turn Metagross into a bulky attacker.
(RIP no animated BW style Hoopa sprite ;;)
Hoopa-U is my wall-breaker, and, like the others, has an extremely wide moveset, allowing it to potentially KO different Pokemon. It has very high Attack and Special Attack, and you can take advantage of this by giving it a choice item to make sure it really reaches its full potential.


"Right. I have a better understanding of your Pokemon now! Let's see the individual descriptions as well as movesets now. I can't wait!"

"Sure! Let's go! Oh, and I'm doing something different for this part. Instead of using the standard layout of the sets, I'm going to be using a different one. If you're more comfortable with the standard layout and/or want to use my team, I'll include an importable of it at the end of the RMT. No need to thank me!"


Individual Sets

Gallade @ Galladite
| Justified
Jolly | 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Speed
Swords Dance
| Knock Off
| Drain Punch
| Psycho Cut

This Gallade set is quite standard. Justified is a very useful ability, which takes advantage of any Dark-type moves used on it. It can also switch in on any Knock Off's that could be done, but what is worrying is whether or not Gallade will live the attack. Swords Dance allows Gallade to increases its Attack, but really, should only be used when the opponent is unable to attack, or if the player knows that the opposing Pokemon will be unable to attack effectively. The reason for this caution is because setting up SD may leave Gallade vulnerable to an attack that could leave it hanging, so it's best to make sure Gallade won't get hit hard by an attack before using the move. Knock Off helps against other Psychic-types, such as Light Clay Mesprit, and can foil the plans of Pokemon that rely on their item. Drain Punch can hit Ice- and Rock-types super-effectively, as well as other types neutrally. Most of the times, however, a neutral attack will do enough damage to knock out the foe in two turns. Psycho Cut is Gallade's main STAB move and has a high critical hit rate, meaning that Gallade may be able to hit Pokemon like Togekiss hard regardless of any stat increases.

Alakazam @ Focus Sash
| Magic Guard
Timid | 252 SpAtk / 4 Def / 252 Speed
| Focus Blast
| Shadow Ball
| Hidden Power Ice

On Alakazam, Focus Sash and Magic Guard work together properly, because entry hazards nor statuses will be able to nullify the effect of Focus Sash, making sure that 'Zam is able to live any attack that would otherwise OHKO it, and then revenge kill from there. 252 SpA ensures that Alakazam's attacks are able to hit hard, and severely damage defensive foes such as Chansey with Focus Blast. Psychic is a strong STAB move that can easily 2HKO weakened foes, if not OHKO them. Shadow Ball deals with Psychic-types that may set up on Alakazam, and Ghost-types that would try and sweep my team. Hidden Power Ice wasn't a move I was so sure about, and I am thinking about getting it replaced with something else, but until now, it's been working quite well.

Victini @ Choice Scarf
| Victory Star
Adamant | 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Speed
| Bolt Strike
| Zen Headbutt
| U-Turn

Victini is a fast 'mon, and Choice Scarf, and the 252 Speed investment makes sure it is able to outspeed common Life Orb users. V-Create is a ridiculously powerful move that can instantly KO Trevenant, and 2HKO Thick Fat Mega-Venusaur, at the cost of some stats, which can prove to be fatal in the long run. Bolt Strike is there to deal with Water-type, such as Starmie, and can KO them, before they get a chance to take Victini out. Zen Headbutt is a handy coverage move, that can be used against Poison-types, such as Muk, and it has a chance to flinch, which can be very helpful. U-Turn is a move that I don't really use that often, especially on Scarfed Victini. However, it allows Victini a safe exit out (and it won't get outsped thanks to the Scarf) and provides momentum for the team.

Deoxys Defence @ Leftovers
| Pressure
Bold | 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Def
| Toxic
| Stealth Rock
| Seismic Toss

Deoxys was one of the mons on my team I wasn't too sure about, seeing as it didn't fit in with the rest of the team, and the offensive theme my team had. However, it proved to be helpful in most battles, crippling foes with Toxic, and setting up rocks to damage pivots such as Lanturn and Rotom. I wasn't so sure about Taunt, since Deoxys moved last in most of the battles, but it was useful when the opponent was switching into a set-up Pokemon such as Ferrothorn, as they would have to switch back out, helping me predict their next move, and move into a good check. Seismic Toss allows Deoxys to actually deal some damage, and this, alongside the increasing health depletion from Toxic, helps to slowly decrease the opponents health.

Metagross @ Assault Vest
| Clear Body
Adamant | 252 Atk / 160 HP / 96 SpD
| Meteor Mash
| Bullet Punch
| Earthquake

Metagross is my bulky attacker, and with EVs distributed in HP, Atk and Special Defense, it is able to take a hit, and counter with a much stronger one. Pursuit helps against fellow Psychic-types that'll try and switch into a check to Metagross. Meteor Mash and Bullet Punch are both STAB moves - the former has high Base Power, and has a chance to raise Attack by one stage. Bullet Punch is a priority move, that can finish off weakened foes. Earthquake deals with Fire-types that will attempt to take out Metagross. Assault Vest makes 'Gross a bulky tank, so it is able to withstand a few super-effective attacks.

Hoopa-U @ Choice Scarf
| Magician
Serious | 252 Atk / 4 HP / 252 Speed
Gunk Shot
| Hyperspace Fury
| Ice Punch
| Psychic

Hoopa-Unbound is my late-game sweeper, and with Choice Scarf, can outspeed Life Orb Weavile. I gave it 252 Atk to make sure it can hit bulky Pokemon with a lot of power. Hoopa-U has access to lots of different moves, which can all be useful in their own situation. However, I chose four standard ones, that seem to more or less cover the weaknesses of Hoopa. Gunk Shot deals with Fairy-types like Sylveon, and instantly KOs them. Hyperspace Fury is Hoopa's main STAB move which can deal a lot of damage. On the other hand, it causes stat decrease, which forces Hoopa to have to switch out, and then switch back in. Ice Punch is a handy coverage move that deals with Flying-types such as Banded Staraptor that can obviously cause a lot of damage to Hoopa. Psychic is another main STAB move, which usually takes out neutral foes.​


"Wow, I now have a better in-depth understanding of your team! But, what about threats to your team? I'm sure you've lost some battles with this team because of a Pokemon you couldn't get rid of."

"You got that right. There are lots of threats to my team, but I'll just name a few.
Gengar is one of the many threats to my team. With high Special Attack and Speed, it can outspeed my non-scarfed Pokemon, and can take them out, if they don't manage to hang in there.

Staraptor and bulky Flying-types; because my Pokemon are, more or less, offensive, and don't have high Defense / Special Defense, quicker and stronger attackers are able to take them out. This leaves me no option but to give my Pokemon a Choice Scarf, which limits their ability to attack different Pokemon, as they can only use one move.

Cofagrigus and other bulky Ghost-types. Gallade and Victini are both physical attackers, and Cofagrigus's ability, Mummy, activates, nullifying both of their original abilities. Also, it can take time for both of them to get rid of bulky mons, as they keep on recovering their health.

Statuses; Burn and Toxic are both incredibly annoying statuses, and can really make a difference. Gallade's Attack stat is decreased with burn, making his attacks slightly weaker, and Victini / Hoopa can be slowly taken out by Toxic, with no means of getting rid of it.



"I really hope you enjoyed reading my RMT. I put way more effort into this one, than my previous RMT, and I tried to make it as engaging and as entertaining as possible. I'd really appreciate any suggestions or comments on my team and/or RMT. Also, I'm looking for a Pokemon that would replace Metagross. I don't feel it fits well in my team, but I didn't want to make a drastic change, so I'm open to any recommendations! Thank you!"


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Hey Sobi! Nice team you have here,I like how it's non generic psychic. But I think I have an answer to replace Metagross for you and this Pokemon would really benefit Gallade as well. I'd opt Scarf Gardevoir>Metagross because Gardevoir can handle annoying mons that Gallade mega can't such as Mandibuzz and Sableye, and Sableye Mega. Also, about your Deoxys Set, instead of Toxic and Seismic Toss, maybe you could make it faster(like a + speed nature) and give it Spikes and Thunder wave. This set can help your pokemons offensive theme by laying down hazard stack so they can do more damage in the Long run. A mental herb is recommended to prevent taunters and lay down a hazard or two. You could also opt for a Deoxys Speed to lay down hazards as well, just replace mental herb with sash (skill swap could be on both Deoxys instead of toxic/thunder wave to set up on mega Sableye)

Also, if you are looking for Pokemon to check physical attackers such as Staraptor, a slowbro would fit your team as it helps with the physical side of Pokemon and has access to scald for burn spam, twave to cripple, and slack off for recovery.

A Pokemon that would help your gengar and special attacking Pokemon problem at the same time would be Assault Vest Meloetta. It boasts immunity to ghost moves, and with a high spe.def stat and a high spa stat it can handle specially offensive mons for a time.

Nice team man(wrote this on mobile sorry if it's shit)


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http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/sprites/xyani/hoopa-unbound.gif need this?

Anyway, my only reason for replying was, since Gengar is such a threat, why not simply go Knock Off > Seismic Toss on Deo-D? Once you do that, Gengar cannot safely switch into a single member of your team. It also helps to cripple bulky ghosts like cofag and jellicent rather than not being able to do direct damage to them, and even remove the lefties of bulky flying types. It seems like that improves the matchup versus most of your threatlist, you'll get off less immediate damage but the utility should be more worth, especially on a team which definitely doesn't have revenge killing issues. Also, maybe it's just me, but mega gallade feels really weak and I'd definitely give some serious thought to Close Combat and Zen Headbutt, certainly the former. Anyway, cool team.


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Hey, dude! Your team seems pretty offensive so I'd change some of the sets.
First of all, a really nice set for straight up offensive psychic on Deo-D would to make it max speed and max HP. This allows it to get up its hazards quickly and still be bulky enough. An attack is honestly not a necessity on hazard stack so I'd abuse stacking to its full potential with Spikes>Seismic Toss just so your team benefits from hazards even more. I'd also recommend changing Thunder Wave>Toxic because crippling offensive mons is more helpful in the long run. Lastly, I would run Mental Herb on Deoxys because many types have suicide leads to try and prevent hazards so you can break through and t wave then proceed to stack.
And if you're that scared of Ghost types (which I think are a huge issue) I'd go ahead and replace Metagross with Meloetta, as an assault vest mon to chew hits or a specs user. Hyper Voice and Psyshock for stab, focus blast and sball for coverage.
On Alakazam, HP Ice is not a necessity imo. There are many other moves you can run and since you have a huge bisharp weakness, I'd recommend Encore/Calm Mind>HP Ice because it allows you to play mindgames if your sash is gone. It's also just helpful because you can encore walls into moves or set up on them.
Finally, I'd change Focus Blast>Ice Punch because fighting coverage is very useful for hoopa, allowing you to hit many steel types hard and mons like ttar which would otherwise switch in very well and pursuit.
Deoxys-Defense @ Mental Herb
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Thunder Wave
- Taunt
- Spikes

Meloetta @ Assault Vest
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpD / 252 Spa
Modest Nature
- Psyshock
- Focus Blast
- Shadow Ball
- Hyper Voice

Alakazam @ Focus Sash
Ability: Magic Guard
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Psychic
- Encore
- Focus Blast
- Shadow Ball

Hoopa-Unbound @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Magician
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Spa / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- Hyperspace Fury
- Focus Blast
- Psychic
- Gunk Shot

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