Project PU Battle Of the Week [Week 18: Dibs vs Jmash]


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Battle Of The Week

It's back! Welcome to the PU Battle of the Week! Every week, you, the community, will have the opportunity to vote for and watch well known PU competitors battle it out for everyone to enjoy. Make it happen right here!

What is this for?

This project is a great way for newcomers to the PU Metagame to get involved, as these people can vote for their favorite battlers and witness the best minds of our community and top strategies at work. Veterans will have an opportunity to showcase their battling skills, as well as their creativity with teambuilding. Who knows, you may see a future top threat being used in one of these battles!

How does it work?

There used to be a much longer process, but essentially people will vote for 3 PU players to fight it out every so often. Rather than holding set dates, this will continue after the last pair has played or a week or so if they are having scheduling difficulties.

Rules and Miscellaneous Info
  • The two competitors from the previous week's battle can't be nominated for the following week. We are having a lot of issues with this, please check your votes For example, if Megazard and Galbia battled in Week 2, they can't be nominated for Week 3. This is in place to try and keep the battles from getting too stale and having the same competitors over and over again.
  • Do not nominate or vote for yourself. This is a community-driven battle; if the community wants to see you in a battle, they'll vote for you. Everyone will have their opportunity to battle sooner or later.
  • Don't annoy me to keep it going by posting here, if I fall behind schedule by a couple of days you can shoot me a vm or pm on Smogon or PS! but do not clutter the thread because my internet went down

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