Project PU Battle Of the Week [Week 18: Dibs vs Jmash]


the mighty nuaguunibi
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"Dibs the Dreamer: LordST: Aaronboyer: LordST: @ galbia: Darkinium: @ galbia: LordST: @ galbia: LordST: @ galbia: london13: Dibs the Dreamer: LordST: @ galbia: LordST: @ galbia: ☆Haund: @ galbia: @ galbia: LordST: LordST: Well no more! I'm making a stand to get equal rights not just for me, but all yogibears."
I am very mad. I came all the way to Showdown to play for PU BotW, get stuck in web traffic and wasted my favorite time of the day against this retarded ass Eevee team. Kept setting up and wouldn't stop trashtalking, I really cannot think straight right now. I offered yogibears a very good deal, maybe the best deal ever to re-play the match and I even added my Global Moderator position on Pokemon Showdown to it. Nope. I think I would have dealt with it more quickly if I knew how to fucking DDoS this guy like g does. But he didn't even give me the time to do it. Bullshit, just straight up bullshit. Probably will never enter a tournament that gay ass yogibears is in ever again. This definitely ruined my day.

i won in 3 vs my friend yogibears. u cant outmeme me edit: actually the mono fire was Taskr the zu Xayah and the c+ team galbia so w/e still fun games

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