Project PU Battle Of the Week [Week 18: Dibs vs Jmash]


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Well it finally happened. Do not think that I am forgiving any of you for voting for me btw. Megazard and I decided to do the botw in the Bo3 format, since I wasn't able to join due to TOing it.

Game 1:

Actually got this team from 2xTheTap cuz I threw out about a dozen potential teams over the course of a week. Immediately knew that a healthy Eel would mean trouble for me one way or another, and if I was going to win it would probably be because Gurdurr went down, Eel went below 70%, and I swept with ScarfApe. Zard played really well though and kept the Eel healthy, so by the endgame I had no effective way of breaking it without also giving up my wincon. Ended in a loss with an embarrassing Me First play by me, so I guess I don't have much to say. Solid match though, worth a watch.

Game 2:

This one I did build, for Drud and one other person still in the tournament. This team is a part of my new wave of teambuilding processes for BW and I must admit that I am very happy with the results. This team is Dodrio Voltturn with Spikestack thrown in the mix and it is wonderful. Immediate thoughts going into this match was that if I could just get my hazards up and pressure Bronzor enough (easy to do) then Dodrio can split the team open like an egg. Also highlighted my new "innovation" of Volt Switch Klang (why you ask? Klang's main problem is losing momentum, so Volt Switch patches) and the fact that Natu is underrated. Zard forfeited early unfortunately, as I really genuinely wanted to test this team more. Still worth a watch if you are interested in BW. Sample when HJAD?

Game 3:

I did have a team prepared that wasn't the team I brought, but the team that Taskr gave me for Xmas of 2016 is still a personal favorite so I went with that for fun. Thoughts going into this match was that Chatot can win pretty easily if I only get Mr. Mime out of the way and got Golem below 50%. Unfortunately I got my wish and crit the crap out of poor Zard and KOed the Mr. Mime. Even with the crit, the game was still a great one with a lot of good plays and interesting sets. Still worth a watch, but imagine how good it would have been sans crit.

So yeah I won 2-1. gg Megazard, sorry for being a pain to schedule with but that's what full-time jobs do to you...

Also, welcome Darkinium to my "I'm always voting for you" Hall of Fame!

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