Project PU Battle Of the Week [Week 25: Urusius vs. PhantomHurious]


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Well that was...a series. Normally I post my thoughts and strategy going into a match with every replay, but just about every single strategy I came into the series with fell apart through some sort of hax or other shenanigans. I will still say some!

We decided on a bo5, with every single generation of PU showcased:

My team had 2 CB mons and then a bluff CB mon. Endgame Yanma. Was meant to obliterate balance and stall, but i 100% forgot about Shuckle.

Testing out new sample teams! Credit to GeneralAnnoyance for this one.

Another hopeful sample, but this one was built by me. Some might recognize it as my SpikeTurn team from the Squad Dump, but with a Zebstrika over the newly-banned Rotom-Frost.

I'm not sure why I have this team on every single computer I own, but thanks for it Taskr! Honestly a favorite at this point.

This team was not made by me, but by the man himself 2xTheTap. This team has so much heat on it that it burns my hands. I adore this team so much, and I wasn't sure if you wanted it revealed yet, but I only thought of that halfway through the match. Sorry! Still, credit where it is due.

Overall a very haxy series, but hey! You all got all 5 games out of us. and gg Aaronboyer

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