Project PU Battle of the Week [Week 5: sleid vs. UberSkitty]


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Welcome to PU Battle of the Week! Every other week, the community will have the opportunity to decide a matchup between two players for everyone to enjoy!

What is the purpose of this thread?

This thread is a great way for newcomers to hone their skills and be watched by everyone outside of common tournament settings. It’s also a space to showcase some of the already established talent of PU across the generations. Creative teambuilding, new faces, effective game knowledge and more, decided by the community for the community.

So how does it work?

There are technically two phases to this project: Phase 1 consists of a vote; anyone can vote for 3 individual competitors, these can be literally any member of the community, new or well known. At the end of the week, the 2 competitors with the highest vote count get to face each other.
Phase 2 consists of the match between the two competitors. As a competitor you will be given a full week to get your games done against your opponent. You’re able to decide your rules for the games, though if there isn’t a preferred set of rules, SV BO3 is usually the best. If you’re knowledgeable in old gens, you can also opt to play one or multiple ones. This is a fairly flexible “rule”, just have fun and showcase your love for the PU tiers in whichever way you prefer and settle on it with your opponent.

  • You’re not allowed to vote for the two previous competitors. This thread is meant to showcase a varied cast of personalities, so seeing one or two of the same people go at it against each other is just kinda sillycoded.
  • Please do not vote for yourself, silly!
  • Replays are mandatory!
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she'll come back as fire and burn all the liars
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Considering we're pretty much done with this voting phase, I'll announce the matchup of this week!

fish anemometer vs. Melt Gibson

If you two are able to get your games done this weekend, we can move onto week 2 starting Monday, but if you need next week to get your games done, that's understandable. Remember you can settle on rules for your series however you like. Hf both and thank you to everyone who voted!

Melt Gibson

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gonna dump my teams since it's fun and also since it's a new meta :) had a lot of fun playing these matches, gg and wp to fish

:electrode: :poliwrath: :swanna: :volbeat: :weezing: :perrserker:
Poliwrath Rain

This was mostly just an experiment to see if I could replicate something similar to BWUU rain teams with what was available here, and it did kinda work out! Electrode and Volbeat are the rain setters, providing Electric coverage and utility, respectively. They're both also able to pivot, helping to get the most out of my rain turns. Poliwrath is just a repeat of the old SS Choice Band set, with Knock Off in place of Darkest Lariat. I chose Swanna over Golduck here primarily for its access to Hurricane, which is more effective against the large variety of Grass- and Fighting-types available in the tier right now. Weezing... is Weezing, I don't think it really needs much explanation aside from providing some physical bulk. And lastly, I added Perrserker for a hazard setter and pivot that benefitted from the decreased Fire damage in rain.

:basculin-blue-striped: :pyroar: :braviary: :appletun: :sableye: :gurdurr:
Flame Charge Pyroar Balance

Flame Charge is probably my favorite last move to slot on Pyroar, it functions super effectively at beating scarfers and the like and getting in the free hit is often easier than you'd think! Basculin is here for extra speed control and firepower, while Sableye and Appletun hold up the back end and use Encore, Apple Acid, and other such moves to help generate free turns for the rest of the team to get to work. Gurdurr functions as a wincon with access to Knock in case Sableye can't get the job done, and Braviary simply pivots around and blows holes in the enemy team. Sheer Force Body Slam does 52% to Alolan Persian! (Also, of course the game I won is the one where I forgot a rocker, go figure.)

:appletun: :weezing: :medicham: :swanna: :sandslash: :komala:
Poison Apple Balance

Appletun and Weezing are probably the single best defensive core in SV PU right now. This team utilizes their ability to sponge hits and Swanna's power as an offensive pivot to make room for Medicham to come in, click CC 1 to 6 times, and close up the game. Sandslash functions as a Volt blocker and a hazard setter with some physical bulk, as well as a supplemental Knock Off user for things like Gurdurr. Komala is here to spin, but also to click Knock Off and the occasional U-Turn to help get things like Appletun, Weezing, and Medicham in safely.

can't wait to see who ends up playing next week!

fish anemometer

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won ggs Melt, you were a fun opponent and i loved talking with you and reading your posts about the newly shaping meta. - game 1 - game 3
I didn't save game 2 out of habit:smogduck: so lets look at it thru the team matchups!

Game 1
:trevenant: :thwackey: :farigiraf: :klawf: :weezing: :morpeko:
Grassy Terrain HO
Even though :Farigiraf: is an upgrade to :Wyrdeer: thanks to its broken ability, the grassy terrain style, and other forms of HO cheese are definitely not as viable as they were last month. This is because of :Articuno: and :cryogonal: dropping back down, with high spdef stats and haze, cheesing through them is extremely difficult. Without them, I have no doubt Farigiraf would be broken. More ways of stopping cheese like prankster encore, and clear smog :weezing: dropped, and this is what this Farigiraf really takes advantage of with tera steel and armor tail. This team is extremely hard to lose with... until you run into cuno, which is what other members try to chip down... CB grassy glide :trevenant: is so much fun too.
The game was a fairly simple farigiraf goobing, as there was no articuno in sight.

:braviary: :cryogonal: :weezing: :sandslash: :samurott: :persian-alola:
Sub BU Braviary
I noticed the meta had a lot of :weezing: :naclstack: and low power moves from slowish mons, sub bu :braviary: seemed like the perfect choice to take advantage of that, with tera dark to prevent encores and status from the likes of :sableye:-another meta threat. Braviary is pretty cool, Melt had a sheer force brav that did a ton of damage with its attacks, I've also seen scarf put in work. Great versatile mon. I could've positioned for the sweep better in game, but I played my cards wrong, not taking advantage of tera and overall sloppy play. Melt Gibson didn't use any mon with Stealth Rock, which I think is interesting, because I find all the mons with SR in the tier to be underwhelming, and no rocks comps seem totally legit, albeit they dont take as much advantage from the ever present knock off. If i farigirafd again I just won btw.

:tauros: :morpeko: :weezing: :sandslash: :charizard: :articuno:
:Weezing:+:Articuno: looks to be the standard for balance in this new meta, together they are hard to break and virtually uncheesable, especially when paired with speed control or something like a :sableye:. :Morpeko: is a monster, I really love its power with tera dark, as well as being able to spin and scare away ghosts. My favorite set atm is scarf, outspeeding a lot of important mons from the get go with this amount of power and even volt to pivot is so great. Farig again won on preview btw...

I expect to see a lot of these weezing+cuno/special wall balances in the upcoming SCL+SSNL week, Morpeko and Medicham are also a bit too good to pass up. As well as some stall, as it's definitely on the rise with this shift, I feel at least 1 in SCL but maybe im crazy. Havent tested with anyone yet so I'm not leaking, just be prepped for stall, pink blobs and ghost dogs and the like :blobthumbsup: HO like the farigiraf team are a very risky load for a high stakes environment, though I wouldn't count it out, we have a lot of new strong attackers.

Here's to the next Battle of the Week fighters cooking up some nice teams and games! And thnx for voting me for the first edition :3
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Congrats to fish on winning the first set of PU BOTW and thank you both for your teams and little thought pieces, I'm sure everyone can learn lots from them. With that, we can move onto Week 2, so feel free to vote! Deadline for votes will be Sunday night!

my votes:

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