PU PU Fall Seasonal: Round 1 (POST / PM REPLAYS)

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Contacted Akir. Said he was good for sunday but i haven't heard back from him since tuesday. I've been on all day waiting for him and need to head out soon. Do i get an activity win or is there some sort of extension that needs to be given?


Get your bitch a cannon. Bitches love cannons.
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Elise VS RazorLeafVGC
Gaerys VS Sultan of Skook
VS Fina Tey
Acsel VS Marshkip
mxdetmer VS Twix
Senpai D.M
VS Alextg02
Plas VS Sopheon
Drud VS Little Jirachi.


Mix VS Eclipse
OminousDraco VS snagaa

proof: http://prntscr.com/h6qtkf


Yoshiblaze VS Wamr
Gunner Rohan VS Insert Old Meme
Akashi VS CB Weedle
Atoom VS Lugia Proto
zugubu royale VS Rapture
Rick Blaine VS haru.
Akir VS MRcoolGUY886

If you have any issues with activity wins or extensions, feel free to VM or DM me on Discord.
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