PU PU Fall Seasonal: Round 2 (POST / PM REPLAYS)

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Get your bitch a cannon. Bitches love cannons.
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Activity wins:

Rick Blaine vs haru.
Akashi vs CB Weedle


vs Marshkip

proof: http://prntscr.com/h8iyk3

Contact your new opponents now.

zugubu royale vs Jason Genova
Lugia Proto vs Boomalacka
Wamr vs haru.
LzzzR vs Acsel
Akir vs Eternally
Akashi vs Raiza
Rick Blaine vs Alpha-Harpreet
bdov vs Insert Old Meme
Yoshiblaze vs Earlio
JeromeSeiko vs Rapture
Marshkip vs KevinELF

if you were hilighted and already made contact with your opponent, feel free to ignore this. Just tagging everyone to make sure they at least try to make contact for matches to happen.
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